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My Healing Journey - From Bed Ridden to Thriving!

I am free. I am free of pain, I am free of suffering, I am free of all the physical limitations that my body used to suffer from day in and day out. I am healed - forever. For years now I have not experienced any of the body pains I used to have and I am so grateful to say that I am thriving in this life. Through detoxing and healing myself and helping others heal too for many years now, I have gained so much invaluable experience. My time being chronically ill seems like another life to be honest, like I never even lived it. It feels so long ago in the past. With each year of being healed, I am honestly impressed with how I survived those pain-riddled years. My heart is continuously humbled each day with the people I help heal through detoxification. It really is all about finding out what your weaknesses are - what exactly is causing you all of your health issues, and then going after them to achieve vibrant and unwavering health as a result. No disease can ever stand a chance with this way of healing. Detoxification is truly the deepest healing known to the world in this very second. If you have plateaued and have not reached complete healing of your body yet with your current diet or protocol you are following, it is because you have not truly dug deep enough yet to rid your body of all obstructions and reached the levels of regeneration necessary to reverse diseases.

A few years back, I too lived in a body that was broken. It felt like I was a voodoo doll that was constantly being poked, prodded, and punished. Many times I even thought that I had been cursed by someone to be feeling the insane amount of pain in my body that I did. From joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, uterus pain, stomach pains, colon pains, neck and back pains, and even vaginal pains, I lived and breathed in PAIN. It even hurt to breathe. From one day to the next, I had become disabled. When I say that I actually wanted to transition from this body and this life in hopes of getting a new body in another lifetime - I don’t say that lightly. I was living in a bubble each day to survive. A bubble that was as trigger free as possible. Think of your complete life coming to a halt. I had a fatigue so great that it felt like mountains on every inch of my body. A skin so sensitive that l felt every touch as if I had no skin at all protecting me. Everything burned me. All my clothes hurt my body. Pajamas were hardly bearable. I was extremely sensitive to all lights, the tiniest of sounds and every single smell. Just think about how harsh coming into this world must feel to a new born infant. Well, this was my every second of life. I barely felt like I was surviving what with being in bed all day, with the curtains closed back, to be in as much darkness as possible. Even indirect sunlight burned my eyes. Boredom was ever present and my brain was so foggy I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t even muster the mental energy to read one paragraph of a book. I had become a completely different person when this disease came into my life. The only way to describe it is having your body and life robbed from you - having your dreams stomped on - and having everyone think you were lying about it.

At 23 years of age - I felt that I had the body of an elderly person about to kick the bucket. I had what was known as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had about a thousand different symptoms with this terrible disease and I’ll name just a few of them right now - crushing body fatigue, extreme brain fog, constant body pains, electric shock pains all over my body at any moments notice, pains that felt like I was being stuck with a huge invisible syringe, freezing but burning at the same time all over my body, extreme back and neck pains that would send me into spasms and not being able to move for days at a time, constant feeling of being sick, feverish, cold and flu, an extreme depression of having my life robbed from me, at least 3 full blown panic attacks a week, major anxiety, developing phobias of not wanting to leave the house or travel on my own, extreme migraines, major insomnia, extreme constipation lasting weeks, chest pains that felt like heart attacks, even constant pain in my eyes, things like blinking even hurt, I was allergic to everything - nuts, dogs, cats, dust, body care products. I would develop burning and itching of my skin and allergies like hay fever. I could go on. I consistently experienced pain - at a level 10. During times of major flares - that 10 which was my base line would go over to a 15 (the level of wishing for death to escape the pain). I had lost everything: all my future plans, my friends, my hobbies, my job, even family members thought I was faking my illness because they couldn’t physically see it. The pain was always there - with every smile, with every tear, with every day, it lingered. I couldn’t escape it. I remember crying for about 4 hours straight most days until I had exhausted myself to sleep. I remember self harming by punching the walls until my fists were red. I was angry at life. I felt unheard and invisible.

Each day I was faced with the fact that I would be this way for the rest of my life - because fibromyalgia was labeled as incurable - or so I thought it was incurable. I get emotional thinking back to all the suffering I’ve had to go through in this life - and even more emotional knowing there are people out there right now experiencing these very things. It hurts even more because I know that they don’t have to suffer anymore, that there is a way to completely heal from the hell that is this chronic disease. My personal healing journey took me to trying many different avenues in attempt to cure myself of fibromyalgia. Some of these just helped alleviate the symptoms a little bit, or temporarily but soon enough the pains would come back with a full blown vengeance. I thought to myself each day - why me? Why would someone as ambitious as me be dealt the unlucky card. What’s worse is that those with fibromyalgia have to deal with people consistently telling them that “the disease is all in your head.”

My journey took me to going to every specialist in the book (gastroenterologist, gynecologist, rheumatologist, urologist, psychologist, etc) in hopes of healing. These medical specialists could never find an answer. What I had didn’t come up in blood work or MRIs. I eventually went the natural route when the medical system failed me horribly, trying Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, scheduled physical therapy, many sessions of chiropractic adjustments, Acupuncture, going to a medicine man in Ecuador, changing to a paleo diet, then changing to a plant-based diet and more. I even had huge shopping bag fulls of supplements I took all the time just to feel a little bit better, just to get by each day - things like turmeric, magnesium calm, fish oil, 5 HTP, melatonin, MSM, enzymes, probiotics, etc. Still, my symptoms persisted. With some of these methods I felt a little better, but I was never completely healed, until I found detoxification. It took a deep understanding of the human body in order for me to come out fully healed on the other side.

It took unshakable faith and trust in this method to stick with it and I’m glad I did. I had never experienced such a powerful transformation in the way I physically felt - as well as mentally and emotionally than I did those first few days of truly detoxing my body for the first time in my life. In those first few days my pain levels dropped dramatically, I became more emotionally strong, everything started becoming clear. I knew I had found the right path through detox. It was a long journey to completely healing myself but I did it. With focus, an open heart, and dedication - I found the meaning of self-love and healing - I found it with raw foods and herbs.

Time and time again, without fail, I see in all of my clients, that detoxification is the only true way to everyone healing from chronic and degenerative illness. It is the most powerful healing diet and protocol in existence. I take people coming from all types of diets - vegan diet, paleo diet, Standard-American diet, and even the raw vegan diet and I help them understand the true cause of where their illness and pain is stemming from. No other protocol goes as deeply as detoxification does, no other protocol uses the laws of natural chemistry and the physiology of the human body as detox does. No other protocol has been powerful enough to get paralyzed people out of wheelchairs and walking again. Even though those around me saw the diet I was eating as an extreme - eating mostly fruit and all raw foods, I didn’t pay mind to these people. After all, they weren’t living in my body - they didn’t have to experience my pain day in and day out. To me, my healing approach was either life or death. I said to myself “I’m either going to heal myself of this illness, or I’m going to die trying.” I didn’t mess around - I became a raw vegan over night and that is when my life forever changed. I was amazed at the variety of delicious fruits that were available to humans. It made so much sense that healing the body required the most cleansing foods of all. After all, in order to heal a disease, you must take a drastically different approach then the life you were living to create the disease - and raw foods was it. My eyes were opened.

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Today humans consume animal products, meat, dairy, processed foods, chemicals, white sugar, drugs and alcohol in excess amounts and wonder why they get ill. It was during this transformative period that I realized. “Wow, I have never, for the many years I have lived on this planet, given my digestive system a break.” Healing comes from within. The body is self-healing, you just have to help it heal by consuming the most cleansing foods - raw foods, primarily fruits and herbs specific to the weaknesses in your body. It has been in my experience that chronic cases cannot fully heal without the help of the herbs. A blend of specific powerful herbal formulas strong enough to clear the body of all mucus, acids, pathogens, viral loads, chemical deposits and more cleanse the body of all causes of disease. Herbs strengthen the glands and organs and help the regeneration process take place.

Herbs are needed because as a human species we have worked ourselves into the very disease conditions we are in right now. If having an inflamed GI tract runs in your family and now you are suffering from it too, you have to realize that this condition was created from generation upon generation of your parents and their parents and their parents eating the wrong foods - grains, proteins, animal products and more. And it is this current generation, with these weak passed down genetics that are now suffering. This is also why older people tend to have stronger genes and thus do not tend to suffer with many diseases until much later on in life. People with strong genes (the strongest I have witnessed was from a 78 year old client in my line of work), are able to eat relatively poorly (meat, dairy, fried foods, processed foods, smoking, drinking) and not experience many symptoms and illness up until very old age - the same cannot be said however for today’s generation - predominately those that are under the age of 30. Those that are under the age of 45 have these weak genes too, but often not as bad as 20 something year olds have it. Statistically speaking, 45 percent of people living in America are suffering from at least 1 chronic illness. This continues to rise each year. This statistic is a scary reality, but it truly shows the mess that we are in today as a human species.

Tissue breakdown causing disease, created from years of eating acidic foods, are being passed down genetically. I observe these weaknesses in my clients all the time. I have seen thousands of irises and cases and this is what I have observed. Dark and deep lacunas and lesions in the eyes pointing to deep genetic weaknesses - and you can trace it back to the members of their family with their family history. It is these very weaknesses, genetic or created in this life-time otherwise, that leads to specific diseases. Diseases are really just a set of symptoms, which are really just signs of certain organs and glands being down. Now, this is the root cause of disease - do you know what organs and glands are not functioning in your body? Once you know this information, then you can begin healing with nature’s most powerful and effective medicine - herbs. This is what I do. I have become so well-versed in the science and art of detoxification, that I can tell you what someone's organs and glands are failing just by looking at them.

The body shows clear signs of ill health through symptoms. Symptoms are not things to be destroyed, they are messages letting us know what is going on within. I’ll give you an example - someone that has skin issues, whether they suffer from skin rashes, acne, eczema or cysts - these symptoms automatically point to that person having major weakness in the kidneys as well as subcutaneous lymphatic stagnation right under the skin. Another physical sign of kidney weakness can be under-eye circles, mid to lower back pain, sciatica, etc. The kidneys are responsible for filtering all the acidic wastes that all the cells produce in your body. The lymphatic system is tied to the kidneys and is the system responsible for cleaning the body of these acidic wastes. If the kidneys and lymph system cannot accomplish this task - the body then starts to expel said acidic wastes out through the skin - causing many skin issues and irritations. On top of this, a person can have several glands down that are causing kidney weakness. It could be an adrenal gland weakness (since the adrenal glands are the doorways to the kidneys - controlling their filtration) or it could be a pituitary weakness (the master gland of the body that controls all the other glands). In the same way, different types of organ and gland weaknesses directly affect why someone is suffering with a certain illness.

As a detox specialist I consider every symptom, sign and weakness in the body, and put all the puzzle pieces together to create the exact healing protocol that a person needs to reverse their health issues 100%. I love doing this. I love helping people finally heal and break free from their pain and suffering. I was once there and I healed. It is the most amazing feeling talking to my clients. Explaining everything that I saw in their health assessment, how it connects to their health issues, what I saw in their eyes through iridology and what they must do to completely heal themselves forever.

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Detox works - it is not a “oh I feel a little better” type of healing modality. It is the real deal. We go after the true health of all the cells, tissues, glands and organs of the body and in turn, everyone heals their body, of even the toughest diseases to heal. Detox is very specific to each person. What works for one person will not work for you exactly because of the different weaknesses each person is dealing with. Each case is different and some cases require a slower approach to detoxification at first, while others may not have time to lose and have to go full force starting out. Some people may have a weaker constitution while others may have a stronger constitution. This dictates how strong the body is at fending off illness and ultimately how quickly a person can heal from their said illness. Everything is considered when I build a specific healing protocol for a client. And oh boy does it work. Every fibromyalgia case I have worked with has completely healed themselves to where the person can confidently say - “I don’t have fibromyalgia anymore”. All diseases that the medical establishment has deemed incurable are 100 percent curable through detoxification. Addressing the actual root cause of disease is what the medical system has not figured out yet and why so many people are lost unfortunately, suffering for many years and even entire lifetimes.

That being said, it is tough to go on this detoxification journey alone. Detox is a full time job. The human body is a vast and complex system and detoxification is not something that medical and even most naturopathic doctors know how to guide people in. It takes a special type of person to be a detox specialist - a true healer. Someone with experience that has detoxed and healed themselves - that knows what it takes. Someone that has helped many people with various diseases heal completely. I am beyond blessed and grateful to be one of those people. It is what I was meant to do. To help those out of suffering that are ready to break free of being a prisoner in their own body. I finally meet these beautiful souls that have had a life full of unimaginable rejection, abuse, suffering, and I empower them with the complete truth. I give them the power and knowledge to heal themselves. Getting the worst of cases with chronic and degenerative illnesses and turning the body completely around to total health and vitality - where diseases simply cannot exist. That is another level of healing altogether than from what the masses in today’s world have been taught.

Change is happening though. During this time we must each be the light-bearer and lead by example to help healing spread around the world. I so strongly believe in detoxification because I have seen its power. Each person that has truly deeply detoxed - reaching levels of eating fruits, fasting and taking the correct herbs for all their weaknesses has felt it too. Nature does not lie, the human body is your ally, and you have the power to heal. This path that I have been on as a true healer for years now has been an incredible blessing. The unshakable empathy that I feel for each of my clients would not have been possible if I hadn’t experienced the pain and burning fire of disease first hand myself. The experience and knowledge I have gained would not have been possible if I hadn’t fully immersed myself into the healing waterfall that is detoxication to put that fire out once and for all. I love you all. I will continue spreading this healing message for all those that have not healed themselves yet. I do this for you.

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Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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