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How to Heal Cancer

Today, I wanted to talk about a very important topic - the topic of what causes Cancer and how you can heal the root causes through detoxification! To discuss what causes cancer, I wanted to share a case with all of you today because it has become a running theme the past few weeks in many of the clients I am working with. Sadly, so many people are being given the diagnosis of cancer on a daily basis. You or someone you may know may have been given this diagnosis, but I’m here to tell you today that you have the power to fully heal. In my experience, cancer is nothing but what happens to a cell when the body has reached a level of toxicity too great for the cells to handle.

What is Cancer?

The burn of acidosis and obstructions is real - and this is what damages cells and mutates them. What is acidosis and where does it come from? Acidosis mostly comes from poor diets and the body’s inability to remove acidic metabolitic wastes that damages the health of the tissues, organs, and glands. For the most part, acidosis exists outside of the cell - bathing them with destructive chemistry. Now, all cells have a protective lipid bi-layer as part of the cell wall, and it often takes years of destruction from acidic wastes in order to permeate the cell. However, once acids break through and the cell becomes damaged from the inside out - well, this is what is known as a cancerous cell. There are two types of cancer - the one that is congestive (formation of tumors) and the one that is the degenerative type (or appears to be “auto-immune”). For most people on the planet, avoiding acids and toxins is something that must become a conscious act to in order to maintain health to the physical body.

Toxic Exposures

From the day we were born, our bodies have unfortunately been in constant contact with thousands of acidic factors that cause damage to cells or create great congestion to the lymphatic system. These acidic factors include: a congestive and acidic diet (filled with dairy, animal products, processed foods, grains, etc.), environmental toxins and chemical exposures, constant stress, physical and emotional traumas, poor oxygen/stagnation living indoors, radiation from cell phones/laptops/medical scans/etc., chemical toxicity from body care and cleaning products, the culmination of antibiotics, sulfur drugs, and medications in the body, pesticides and insecticides, and more! These types of exposures have been consistently seen in the individuals that come to me to heal cancer. Thankfully, most of these acidic situations or exposures can be controlled or completely eliminated when one embarks on their health journey - and they must be eliminated in order for the body to have the best chance in healing. This is what one must do in order to bring health and vitality to the human body again in order to reverse dis-ease.


What it Takes to Heal Cancer

Cancer is nothing to be feared, but everything to be understood. The way to heal cancer is not by fighting fire with fire - or otherwise known as chemotherapy, radiation, immuno suppressive drugs (which are lymphatic suppressants by the way) and/or surgery - all of which are extremely damaging to tissues and cells. The true solution is to combat this raging fire of acidosis within the body with - deep hydration and alkalinity from a high fruit raw food diet. This repairs all weakened areas of which have been closed off of the flow of the lymph system and immune system. When the lymphatic system is pumping and strong, when the immune system is strong, and when all the channels of elimination are open and purging out wastes on a daily basis, then cancer (mutated/damaged cells) cannot exist. Astringent fruits are the most powerful foods on the planet that not only deeply hydrate the cells, but also pull on the lymphatic system and eliminate congestion/mucus to rid the body of damaged cells.

Astringent fruits are the most powerful foods on the planet that not only deeply hydrate the cells, but also pull on the lymphatic system and eliminate congestion/mucus to rid the body of damaged cells. The only way to reverse conditions of tumors or cancer is to undo what has been done to the body. The body is capable of healing itself under the right conditions. One must take responsibility for their health in order to come out victoirious! Always remember, that you and your body are on the same team - one must simply learn to read the signs of ill health in the body. This is what I do each day as a detox specialist/iridologist. I read all the signs that the body reveals to us in its symptomology, in its signs as seen in the iris, in one’s complete health history and exposures to toxicity, as well as genetic family history. Using all of this information, I create a specific diet and herbal protocol to completely heal the body of all of its health issues. With the power of fruits, raw foods, herbs, fasting, and specific detoxification tools, we have had much success throughout the years with draining tumors and detoxing cancers as well as healing all other chronic and degenerative health conditions. ⁣⁣⁣

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Iridology and Cancer

I feel so strongly in helping humanity heal. The truth to heal has sadly been hidden from the masses. I feel it is up to me to continously share this life-saving and life-giving information in order for those that are suffering or in fear to finally heal themselves. The past few weeks have been filled with analyzing cases and working with many beautiful people that have been given the diagnosis of cancer. Through helping so many people come out of this congestive and degenerative illness, I can say that I have noticed many common signs in the eyes that these individuals often share. It is within these signs that we can find the true root causes of cancer and how to heal. In this particular cancer case whose irises are shown below, we see how several gland weaknesses have impaired the elimination of wastes (both cellular and environmental) out of the body. To understand how cancer is created in the body, we must first understand the channels of elimination.

Cancer Case Irises

Iridology reveals all! Even after years of working with thousands of people in reversing their health issues through true detoxification, it always amazes me how all root causes of disease are revealed upon examining the eyes in iridology. This is just an example of the intelligence of the

divine and how our bodies reveal to us when there is something wrong within so that we may empower ourselves to heal as nature intended. ⁣Pictured in these irises are various weaknesses in the organs, systems and glands that have contributed to the creation of cancer in this body.

The Channels of Elimination

The main channels of elimination in the body are the lungs, skin, kidneys, and colon channels. Sadly, in this day in age, due to the passing down of genetic weaknesses from generation to generation, many people are in fact born with several inherent weaknesses in these very channels of elimination. Even in those that are not born with genetic weaknesses in the skin, kidneys, lungs, or colon, it is still very common for these areas to become weak on their own overtime due to other organ and gland weaknesses that negatively impact these channels of elimination. ⁣⁣⁣⁣


Cellular Respiration

Today we will speak about one channel of elimination that is so often overlooked - they are the lungs and all systems pertaining to getting proper respiration in the body. In this individual’s case, we see a classic example of what I come across very often in my practice as a detox specialist/iridologist - that is a weakness in the medulla/brainstem corresponding with a weakness in the lungs and chest region. This weakness can be seen coming from the colon (the center of the iris) and reaching up towards the top of the iris (into the brain region). One of the major complaints that this client had expressed was of great difficulty taking a deep breath, or often even forgetting to breathe! This client also greatly complained of low energy and fatigue so great that they couldn’t do anything and had to leave their line of work at one point. I have found that this phenomenon can occur when there is a medulla weakness in the brainstem of the iris. This brainstem in humans is considered the most primative region, as its main function is focused on maintaining the breath. It has been coined as the “chest/brain”. When the medulla/brainstem is weak, nerve flow to the lungs is impaired. I often see several nerve rings in the iris in these types of cases - pointing to a weakened autonomic nervous system and consistent stress in the body. Years of impaired nerve flow to the lungs comes with a lower capacity to fill and expand the lungs with oxygen. This then creates a chain reaction in the ever shrinking vitality and cellular energy in the human body.

How The Body Copes

This has resulted in several other symptoms in this case as the body has been trying to bring more oxygenation to the cells. A classic sign of this is a speeding heart rate, like this client has expressed. The body will kick up thyroid function in order to speed up the pumping of the heart to get oxygen to the cells faster. You see, all symptoms one can experience always points to weaknesses and root causes of disease in the body. Unfortunately, the medical system does not spend any time trying to understand symptoms in order to truly heal the body - they however, waste no time in suppressing symptoms and making the condition within the body worse. When assessing someone’s case, I always look for every causative factor of disease and the strongest remedy in order to reverse the condition. Now, how does this brain stem and nervous system weakness relate to cancer? Well, when cells are deprived of oxygen, cells begin to weaken. Weakened cells cannot properly run metabolic functions and as a result fermentation easily occurs within a cell. From fermentation comes auto-intoxication within a cell resulting in decay and death. Now, when the body is in a constant state of oveacidity and inflammation due to the build up of cellular toxicity in this way, the immune system has to continuously respond - but as a result becomes overworked. One of the main ways the immune system responds is with mucus discharge. This often occurs in those whose diets are filled with mucus forming foods such as animal products, grains, starches, dairy products and/or processed foods. Constant inflammation and irritation of the mucosa lining creates constant mucus and suffocation of the cells, creating more cell death. This vicious and silent cycle is the door way to how cancer is created in the body. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


The Lymphatic/Immune System

While we are on the topic of the immune system, it is a good idea to bring up the thymus gland. The thymus gland is a major part of the body’s immune/lymphatic system. The lymphatic system runs and flows throughout the entire body, even reaching areas that the circulatory system does not have access to.

This system is considered the body’s main immune system because it is responsible for carrying away and eliminating all foreign matter, acidic wastes, proteins, and damaged cells or cancer cells. I have noticed in my years as a healer that the thymus gland is often down when looking into the eyes of those with tumors, cancer or cases of chronic congestion or obstructions in the lymph system. It is within the thymus gland that t cells are produced. T cells are main immune cells known as natural killer cells that are responsible for consuming or eating up mutated or damaged cells within the body. In a state of overacidity or cancer, the immune system unfortunately becomes hypoactive overtime. Thus, with a weakened immune system and lymphatic system, the body has trouble eliminating these mutated or degenerative cells known as cancer cells. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Healing Cancer Through Detoxification

Upon looking at some of the weaknesses in this particular case, a few things come to mind that this person must include in their diet and herbal protocol, as well as life-style changes. To address the lungs in this case, and in those that have weaknesses in the medulla and/or several brain lesions, it is essential to include the brain and nerve formula, as well as the upper circulation formula, to encourage blood, nerve, and lymph flow to the brain as the body is healing with the raw food diet. This strengthens the central and autonomic nervous system which then strengthens breathing and energy and vitality to the cells to function properly.

**It is important to note that when we are dealing with cases of tumors in the head/brain specifically, the circulation formula should be avoided until the head region has been significantly drained of mucus and lymphatic congestion. This is why it is crucial to get one’s health analyzed by an experienced and knowledgable detox specialist in order to be on the correct path towards healing with a specific diet and herbal protocol tailored to reversing your health issues. The 3 lung formula (containing pleurisy root, mullien leaf and fenugreek seed) helps to dissolve impactions, swelling in the lymph nodes, and congestive tumors.

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣A thyroid/thymus gland formula is also essential in this person’s case to strengthen the lymph and immune system action in healing cancer. Addressing the thyroid gland as well will pick up the sweating action to eliminate more cellular debris under the skin. Utilizing the skin as a channel of elimination is imperative in cancer cases. Going to a dry sauna (not infrared) will also encourage proper sweating of acids. Another essential tool for this individual to include is a practice of daily deep breathing outside in nature in order to expand their weakened lung capacity. Since the lungs have never been given the chance to increase their oxygen capacity - consciously breathing is a vital part of detoxification to gain energy and regenerate the cells and tissues in the body. This action of deep breathing also pumps the lymph system in the chest and lungs - pushing mucus and obstructions out of the body! Being outside in nature will also strengthen the nervous system as contact is made with the earth, the flowers, the plants, all abundant in high electromagnetic frequencies. This is especially important because the energy potential of the cells of the human body is measured in electromagnetic frequencies. The specific diet for this type of person should be abundant in astringent fruits to pull on all lymphatic pressure and acidosis in the head and chest region. The top fruits for pulling congestion and healing weaknesses in the brain/head/sinuses and lungs are citrus fruits, lemons/limes, and grapes and their raw juices. Notice the pulling effect that these fruits have on the body as they clean all obstructions out! Notice how much stronger the nervous system becomes, how much easier it is to breathe, how much clearer the head becomes in its mental clarity and agility. This shows us how the fruits are truly the doorways to complete healing and regeneration of the human body. It is only in an alkaline and cellularly hydrated environment that brain lesions can heal and the central and autonomic nervous system can be rebuilt.

Although there are many other signs that can be seen in this case and iris contributing to this person’s health issues - the focus of this article was to shed light on cellular respiration, the lungs/brain connection, the immune system, and the role that weaknesses in these regions play in the cause of cancer and damaged cells, especially seen in the eyes through iridology. I would love to do a Part 2 discussing the other root causes of cancer and how to heal. So much more can be said on this huge topic of Cancer, but remember - you have the power to heal - you hold the key to transforming your life and creating the future you want through detoxification!

If you have been giving the diagnosis of cancer, or suspect that you have cancer, then it is time to detox! As a detox specialist, I can see what your healing protocol should look like through the signs your body exhibits with your symptoms, health history, and the signs in your areas. This is imperative in knowing which of these areas need the most support on your healing journey in order for you to completely heal. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

I hope this article has helped you understand the cause of cancer and how all your body's systems play a huge role in keeping your body healthy. I also hope that with this information, you have seen just how important it is for you to detox your body in order for you to heal and also to prevent any future dis-eases. It is especially important to detox if you are currently seeing any health issues - especially within your lymph system. Through detoxification with powerful fruits, raw foods, specific cancer detox tools, and an herbal protocol specific to your body’s weaknesses, you can heal and completely reverse any dis-ease!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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