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How to Heal Anxiety, Fear and Phobia!

In today's article, I wanted to share my findings on a client's case that I have recently worked with on their detox journey. I have found that many of my clients come to me in desperate need of healing from all sorts of fears, anxiety, and phobias. I know all too well how debilitating living with these can be as I once suffered with them myself! Thankfully, human beings can finally find their true remedy through detoxification. As a detox specialist and iridologist, I can see exactly where the root cause of of all health issues are coming from through analyzing the irises, symptoms and someone’s health history. The eyes reveal the current condition of your organs, glands, and systems in your body. Using this information, I am able to create the perfect diet and herbal protocol in order to truly heal the body from pain, degeneration, inflammation, congestion, weakness, toxicity, and poor vitality.

I often say, detoxification along with iridology is the perfect combination of how all those that are currently suffering with health issues will finally find their remedy! By going after your specific weaknesses as revealed in your eyes, and changing your lifestyle habits that have created your disease condition in the first place, you will be able to clean all the toxicity you currently have in your body from past and even current exposures, and in turn will eliminate your health issues once and for all! But first, a diet and herbal protocol specific to you must be set in place.⁣⁣


You can see all the weaknesses that this client is currently working on during their detox journey by the signs shown in their irises above. It is important to point out that the dark brown and black lines (or lesions as they are known in iridology) that are on the iris reveal current chronic weaknesses in their body, genetic weaknesses, and areas of lymphatic stagnation in their different glands and organs. Today, we will discuss the true causes of this person’s health issues. In this article we will discuss Phobias, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, PTSD, Water Fasting, Loose Stools, Poor digestion, Digestive Flare Ups, Weak Bladder, and Prolapses.

Iridology, The Brain, and the Hypothalamus Gland

In this iris, we see an Ego Pressure weakness and a Reality/Obs/Add Region weakness located in the upper portion of the iris. This is the brain region. Those with a weakness in one or both of these areas often exhibit different phobias, fears, and anxiety. The types of fears vary from person to person, but a weakness in either of these 2 areas ultimately points to a weakness in the Hypothalamus gland! To heal this gland, draining the head region lymphatically, as well as cleaning up the bowels deeply to drain the head, and taking a strong hypothalamus formula to encourage the gland to remember how to function again is a must! When one is healing from weak conditions in the head region, one can see a lot of mucus elimination from all openings in the head: the nose, throat, ears, eyes. Furthermore, in the cleaning of the colon through detoxification, one will always and must see elimination of mucus in the stools. Cold and flu-like symptoms are very common detox symptoms but should be welcomed in order for the body to purge occlusions the head and brain that are hindering gland function such is the case for the hypothalamus gland. You will be able to see next how this gland affects us on a psychological level and can even impede our healing journey if we are not aware!

A weakness in the Ego pressure region (the Hypothalamus Gland), can show itself as a strong drive and motivation in individuals, and this can be a positive characteristic, but it can also show itself in negative ways if the person is too hard on themselves and pushes themselves too much.

I personally used to suffer with this at extreme levels on a day to day basis so I can recognize this in clients when I see it and have much empathy for those that are stuck in this perfectionist cycle. How this translates negatively on someone’s healing journey is that I often see this to be the case in clients that set a goal with a certain number of days for themselves when it comes to fasting. Whether that is fruit fasting, juice fasting, or water fasting, these individuals tend to over do it and push themselves to the limit without taking the time to check in with themselves to see if they are okay each day during their fast. With people that have this hypothalamus gland weakness - balance and not being hard on yourself is an important trait to learn during healing.

The eyes reveal many things like toxicity, organ weaknesses, gland weaknesses, areas of congestion, the health of the lymph nodes, the health of the colon and more! This is the great tool that I use in order to build the perfect healing protocol to help detox the body and heal from dis-ease. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced detox specialist to guide you on your detox journey. I have seen so many people struggle for years with trying to heal their health issues on their own. I have also seen many people waste a lot of time and money by going to specialists that do not have the experience and correct approach needed to help someone out of their health issues. A lot of time can also be wasted when trying to detox on your own! When you are healing from a serious disease especially, accuracy in your herbal formulas and diet plan - is of the essence! If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: and book an appointment!

Warning on Water Fasting

In this specific case, this client came to me after doing 21 days of water fasting following Loren Lockman’s program. They lost a lot hair, and burned out their glands, because their body was not prepared for a water fast that long. This is why I do not recommend long water fasts in attempt to rush the body into healing because in reality - most people are not ready for it. This is also why one should not strive to achieve a certain number of days during a fast. Fasting is not a one size fits all modality. Fasting is something that should be taken a day at a time.

While water fasts can be beneficial for some individuals (Really only strong constitution types that do not have gland burnout or extreme malabsorption issues), water fasts can also bring on a whole other host of health issues if one does not break the water fast properly - it takes an incredible amount of self discipline to slowly move into introducing foods back into the body - most people do not have this discipline. I would say water fasting is not necessary to heal the body. The reality is, if balance is not achieved during detox, one can burn out their glands - especially the adrenal and thyroid glands and cause more harm than good. This is why I do not recommend long fasts or water fasts to these clients without first spending time detoxing with a raw food diet first and strengthening their glands with the herbs. It is also important to note that individuals with malabsorption issues, deficiencies, and excessive skinniness should not put themselves through long water fasts. Fruit fasting, mono fruit fasting, and fruit juice fasting (in smaller increments), is much more beneficial to the body and can be done with ease after someone has cleaned their bowels and healed their glands with the raw food diet and herbs first.

I tell this to all of you today in order to inform people that have these weaknesses to think twice about doing a long water fast because so many of the people that come to me have made the mistake of doing long fasts before with painful consequences. In the protocols I create for people, I promote mono fruit fasts and fruit and green juice fasts in increments while rebuilding the body with raw foods in between fasts. This is how good detoxification is accomplished! I also teach people how to recognize the signs of when to stop a mono fruit fast or juice fasts and how to break these fruit/juice fasts properly.

Phobias, Fears, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Another health issue this individual used to have was feeling extreme anxiety over the different sensations she felt in her body - often having to visit the ER and regularly getting scans to see if she had something serious. This fear also translated onto fearing for her children and family members health as well. Past traumas were definitely at play here and her healing protocol is finally addressing these. She was afraid of all diseases and the “C word” - cancer. To ease her anxiety, she took ashwaghanda and that helped her a lot during her detox to keep anxiety at bay while healing her body and dealing with emotional detox symptoms.

Trauma from the past as well as several gland weaknesses in the adrenal glands, thyroid gland and hypothalamus gland had created this phobia of diseases and it was completely ruling her life. With the detoxification protocol I designed for her, she has seen amazing improvements in her mood and emotional health in just the first 2 months! Her fear has gone away from constantly scanning her body and visiting the ER when she felt something. She has stopped living in her head with constant anxiety and being hyper aware of all the sensations in her body, and is now experiencing so much peace and happiness.

Here are some of the strange sensations she felt before. In her left eye - that corresponds to the left side of her body we can see weaknesses in her left kidney, left lumbar spine, and left ovary. In her right eye - that corresponds to the right side of her body, we can see weaknesses in her right bladder, right uterus, right pelvis, liver/gallbladder, and right ovary. All these sensations have completely gone away during her detox with her protocol.

Digestive Issues

This person also had many digestive issues when they first came to me. A pancreas and liver/gallbladder weakness had created many issues with digestion, showing different colors in the stools and undigested matter of fruits, fats, and greens in the stools for them. This was indicating that they were not properly digesting the foods they were consuming and therefore were not able to get the maximum nutrition from their foods. The pancreas breaks down carbohydrates, fats and proteins and this person had been struggling to do so. Cleaning the colon was and is essential to drain lymphatic wastes from both the pancreas and liver/gallbladder so that they may regenerate! Along with a chronic liver and gallbladder weakness as seen in their eyes, the sclera (or the whites of the eyes) showed yellowing which indicated liver or bile toxicity in the body. A liver cleansing protocol was put into place.

In individuals who have trouble digesting foods, including small, easy to digest meals often throughout the day is best during detox as to prevent fermentation from undigested matter piling up in the body that creates further fungal issues. Fruit Juices and Fruit smoothies are fantastic in these cases in order to increase absorption of nutrients. This is also a great diet plan for people that have malabsorption issues.

Emotional and Mental Stress

It is also important to note that Emotional and Mental stress can create loose stools and diarrhea in the body, which they had. These flare ups can be caused by mental and emotional distress. This is very common in people that have Hypothalamus weakness and Adrenal weakness. People that also are currently dealing with traumas and high stress situations can also create these conditions in their bowels - influencing their stools due to a weakness in their central and autonomic nervous system.

Different therapies can be used during detox to calm the mind and nervous system, but ultimately the complete healing of these types of cases requires the strengthening of glands with an herbal protocol and unlearning the habits and thought patterns that we have held onto for years - often times since we were kids!

Detox gives us the opportunity to finally bring these limiting beliefs to light and rewire our thinking. It takes bravery to come face to face with your insecurities and emotions during detox, but the only way that true healing can occur is through a breakdown in a sense. Breakdowns inspire much needed truth, realization and ultimately breakthroughs!

Blood Work and Man-Made Isolates

Blood work in this person's case also improved significantly without needing to supplement with isolates! Vitamin d went up 12 points and T3 is finally in range - indicating a better functioning thyroid! I almost never recommend man-made isolates to my clients. One must always strive to get nutrition from a whole food, alkaline form - whether that is from an herb, a seed, a plant, a fruit, a seaweed, etc. Nature provides all. Isolated compounds in their unbalanced ratios are not recognized by the body and cause acidosis, inflammation, and the leeching of essential minerals from the bones and structure in the body - actually weakening it!

Bladder Weakness, Prolapsing, and Rebuilding Tissue

This individual also came to me with issues holding her bladder - only able to barely hold 1 cup of urine at a time. This improved significantly on the raw food/fruit diet. We can see in the iris that they have lymphatic stagnation in the bladder as well as prolapsing in the transverse colon that was putting pressure on the uterus, vagina and bladder. The vagina itself is prolapsed. A parathyroid weakness is causing poor calcium utilization in this individual and causing a weakness in the connective tissue in their body. Cleaning and strengthening the parathyroid gland is essential with their diet plan and herbal protocol I created based on the weaknesses I have seen in their eyes.

I am proud of all the progress this client has accomplished thus far in just 2 months with their detox protocol! True healing can be accomplished with the right detoxification approach! It takes great experience and knowledge to heal the body from many chronic health issues. Having vast knowledge on how the body works, while approaching detox with experience, empathy, and recognizing that each individual is different - this is what it takes to truly heal the body! Healing and detox is not a one size fits all modality. This is why detox guidance is absolutely needed in order to heal your health issues!

It is imperative to know which areas of your body need the most support on your healing journey in order for you to completely heal. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

I hope this detox article has helped you understand the importance of the hypothalamus gland, how stress and emotions affect the body, how the body is interconnected and to take all fasting with caution based on your gland and digestive weaknesses. I also hope that with this information, you have seen just how important it is for you to detox your body in order for you to heal and also to prevent any future dis-eases. It is especially important to detox in this day and age with the massive amounts of toxicity and stress we are exposed to on a daily basis as human beings living in this society. Through detoxification with powerful fruits, raw foods, specific lymph draining detox tools, and an herbal protocol specific to your body’s weaknesses, you can heal and completely reverse any dis-ease!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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