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How to Heal Breast Cancer and Tumors Naturally with Detoxification!

I am seeing breast cancer “awareness” everywhere and it is sickening. Signs saying to get your breasts checked today with mammograms are everywhere! Seeing this unawareness makes me very mad. To think that the cure is already available through detoxification but this knowledge is incredibly suppressed by the government, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry makes my blood boil. So many are turning to the wrong “experts” to try and heal their disease but what happens? They end up suffering for so many years and dying from the medical treatments of cancer. It doesn’t have to be this way. These so called “experts” do not know what the cause of cancer is, so how would they know how to “fight” it and cure it? I guess you could say breast cancer runs in my family “genetically speaking”. My great grandmother died from breast cancer, my great aunt is currently plagued with many diseases as well as breast cancer, and my mom has fibrocystic breasts. You can bet that I too started getting lumps in my breast with pain associated with it a few years ago (thankfully I have detoxed this all out). If you feel a lump in your breast, you should move fast to detoxify it! Don’t let these type of things get any bigger or stay in your body for too long! We are continuously seeing the genetic degeneration of cells passed on to the present younger generations. This means that the same diseases the parents and grandparents got when they were older are now affecting their offspring at a much younger age. We are seeing the consciousness and awareness of each and every cell being passed down. Each generation of cells gets its information from the past. Years of eating high protein diets have weakened the expression of all the cells in the body. This is why we are seeing a cancer epidemic with this generation, especially in the younger children (20 years and under). With the knowledge that I know about healing the body of every disease, this mass unawareness is difficult to see day in and day out. As a detox specialist and as a lover of humanity, it hurts my heart. It kills me to see family members suffering in the hospital, seeing them get worse because they do not know any better and have complete trust in their “doctors”. It pains me to see clients that come to me after years of chemotherapy and radiation sessions only to have their cancer come back even more aggressively. I see the end result of what years of medical based treatments will do to the body - completely burn it and destroy it! When you mess with the laws of nature, you are going to get burned! Detox specialists are constantly having to clean up the mess of what medical doctors have done to these people. It is hard work on both parties; for myself and my clients - but if the will to live is there and the detox protocol is followed, these people have a 96 % chance of curing it! This is more than I can say for Chemo and Radiation to which whoever receives these types of treatments for cancer sadly only have a 2 % chance of survival. I am very passionate about helping people return to the true health side again. I really can’t bear to see people suffer anymore. If one person learns the truth from this post, then I will have done my job. Today’s post is going to be all about what causes breast cancer and how to finally heal from it the correct way so that it does not ever return! There are too many beautiful people suffering for so many years - decades even - with this disease that are just searching for a glimmer of hope. The cure is already here! Detoxification is more than hope - it is the true healer of all the diseases that bring the body down!


Breast Cancer is sadly the most common cancer that affects women - especially in America. According to statistics - 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. These numbers are on the rise each year. So, it begs to be asked, just what causes cancer? There are a few parts to address when answering this question. First, we will start with diet - the most obvious. The chemistry you ingest every day from the foods you eat has the largest impact on the health of the cells of your body. It is becoming more and more common knowledge that diet has a direct correlation to the diseases we get and how we feel in our bodies. The evidence is undeniable even though most medical doctors still think otherwise! If someone tells you diet has nothing to do with your disease - run the other way! Do not get any health advice from this person. The reality is that doctors get just 1 nutrition class in their many years of schooling and they do not even learn about what the proper healthy diet for humans should look like. I am here to tell you today that a proper diet is definitely one of the most crucial things to good health and healing diseases. So, what does a healthy diet look like? Simply put a healthy diet is one that promotes the movement of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a system rarely spoken about, even though it constitutes 80 percent of the fluid around all the cells of your body (blood only makes up 20 % of this fluid) and yet that is all that is focused on in today’s world - the blood - the kitchen. Even lymphologists have little understanding of the lymphatic system and its connection to diseases. It is never spoken of and yet it is from this system that all cancers truly originate! It is quite sickening how this knowledge is constantly suppressed. The lymphatic system is what you can call the sewer system of the body. It’s responsibility is to get rid of all the acidic wastes that your body produces - all the wastes the cells produce, all the foreign matter, all the mucus congestion, viral loads, acidic chemistry from the foods we eat, and more! All wastes in the body are acidic in nature and cause destruction to all our glands, organs, tissues, and systems. These wastes and the inability of the body to remove them is the main cause of all disease and symptoms.

The Cause of Cancer

When someone’s lymph system becomes stagnant in a certain area - with breast cancer for example - and it stays this way for many years, the acids and wastes burn up the tissues and deteriorate all the surroundings - affecting many surrounding organs as well. This is the perfect environment where the person may get cancer if enough of the cells die during this time. Cancer = Dead Cells. The lymphatic system truly is the missing link to healing the body of diseases. With each new generation being born, we see weaker and more stagnant lymphatic systems than ever before. This is why cancer is on the rise. The constant use of pharmaceuticals also weakens the lymphatic system from keeping the body safe from acidic chemistry. Lastly, who could forget the chemical storm that has made up what most of America eats day in and day out: processed foods and animal products - meat and dairy being the worst offenders!

The only way to undo this extreme level of acidosis is to get the lymphatic system moving and draining again and creating an alkaline environment in the body. Humans thrive in a mostly alkaline body. Alkalinity = smoothness, hydration, healing. Acidosis = burning, destruction, and death. How do we heal the body of Cancer - the most feared disease in this society? A change in diet is absolutely essential! The foods that promote healing and cleansing of all obstructions in the body are fruits and raw foods! Especially raw fruit juices are among the most healing of all the foods humans can consume. In fact, a fruit diet is the natural diet to homosapiens. Fruits and Raw foods have the power to heal through their ultimate hydration with nutrients and elements in their perfect whole form found in nature, their astringent properties to powerfully pull on the lymphatic system, and their cleansing power to push out all destructive foreign matter out of the body. Raw Grapes and lemons (organic of course) are the strongest fruits of all to pull on the lymphatic system and is what I would recommend if you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. A fast of grapes, or grape juice with lemon squeezed into it, is what everyone with cancer should immediately go on if they are going to have any chance at healing! When you fast on solely these highly alkalizing and astringent fruits, you give the body the energy to go into detoxification and healing mode head on! With any cancers, the movement of the lymph system, the health of the lymph nodes, and the removal of acidic wastes via the kidneys should be the number one focus. The ideal cancer healing diet and protocol should have its foods and herbs accomplishing these very important goals. For many cases, it may not be enough to just go on a raw diet. Some people depending on their constitution and genetic weaknesses can heal their cancer with just a raw diet, but I say - don’t take a chance. With cancer, you always want to be aggressive in your approach. A good example showing this is one person with cancer can heal following a paleo diet for instance, while someone else with cancer would not heal with a paleo diet because it is not strong enough for their body to clean the lymph system and get the kidneys to filter. Both of these people however would heal doing a grape juice fast though since it is the most powerful level of healing! As with healing any illness with detox, prepare for many detox symptoms as the body releases all the years of acidosis and obstructions that are within.

To maintain vibrant health everyone should be focusing on how their body can eliminate wastes in today’s toxic world. Ideally, with a natural diet of fruits and raw foods, this is something that does not have to be thought about. However, we as humans have become so advanced in our destructive diseases and genetic weaknesses that for most people, just changing their diet is not enough to heal disease - especially cancers. The approach that must be taken therefore is a holistic one. This is the job of a detox specialist - to look at the body of the person as a whole to see what glands and organs may be down that are contributing to this person’s illness. I see that many people with cancer have extremely weak kidneys and adrenal glands almost every time. This is directly tied to the cause of their health issues because it is the responsibility of the kidneys to filter out acidic wastes in the body through the lymph system. Very often I see a lymphatic rosary formed around the iris of the person indicating swollen lymph nodes and lymphatic stagnation all throughout the body. Even more common are extremely dark areas in the iris (for blue-eyed people there will be many areas of grey/black representing degeneration in cancer cases. In brown-eyed people we see more of the same - either darker brown areas or black lacunas and lesions in specific areas of the body). For chronic and degenerative areas such as these, the right herbs for this person’s weaknesses coupled with a specific raw food diet will be the only thing to bring them back into the healthy and vibrant body they were meant to have. The body is completely connected to every single other part of itself. When one system, organ or gland fails, it creates a domino effect in the entire body until several glands, organs and systems are down - and this is when we see the development of chronic and degenerative illnesses. A skilled detox specialist is able to put all these pieces together to fully see the specific causes of a person’s disease(s). Each person’s case is different in all these aspects: their genetic family history, their organ/gland weaknesses, the diet they have followed up until this point, the medications they have taken, the treatments and surgeries they have had, their symptoms they experience; therefore each detox healing protocol will look different from person to person. This is why it is essential to fully go into your detox with the right knowledge on what all of your body’s weaknesses are. You do not want to waste any time when dealing with acidic and corrosive chemistry that should have been out of your body a long time ago! Working with a skilled detox specialist during your healing journey will set you up for success in your healing!

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Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms and Conventional Treatments

Women are all taught to give themselves self-examination in the shower and what signs and symptoms to watch out for when it comes to breast cancer. If they encounter anything out of the ordinary they are told to go to the doctor where they either diagnose them with a mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy. People blindly accept these diagnostic tools that actually harm the tissue of the breast and actually cause cancer or make it worse. Why? Because of fear - because they have instilled fear of cancer in every person with marketing and false information. No person should die from cancer and that is a fact. It is one of the easiest things to heal when you know what the true cause is! There really is no need for these diagnostic tools. If your breast suddenly looks and feels different, you should not need the label of cancer to propel you into taking immediate action in cleansing your body. If you see any of these symptoms then you are in trouble no question and should take action with detoxifying your body immediately. You do not need a diagnosis to take action. Here are what the symptoms of breast cancer mean in true science and detoxification terms: A lump in the breast or arm pit - (a pocket of lymph and dead cells has formed into what you would call a tumor. The body encases it to protect surrounding cells), Swollen lymph nodes - (the Lymphatic system is backing up and the kidneys aren’t filtering - with no way to filter the wastes out this is what causes the swelling of the lymph nodes), bloody nipple discharge (lymph and blood is making its way out of every opening of the body in hopes of being expelled. It is using the opening of the nipple to come out. This fluid discharge is often 80 percent lymph and 20 percent blood. Just like when you pop a pimple or cyst, this is lymph waste trying to leave the body), Inverted nipple (acidic chemistry causing the mutation of cells and changing of tissue structure), rash on the breast or nipple (acids coming out onto the skin because of weak kidneys and stagnant lymph). If you see any of these signs, start detoxing your body asap! Mammograms in particular cause so much damage to breast tissue it literally kills cells. And what is cancer? - dead cells. If you don’t have breast cancer, then your chance of getting it goes through the roof with these routine checkups. I know people just don’t know any better and they feel that their health is in the hands of their doctors, but nothing good comes of this. If you do get cancer, what do doctors offer you to heal you? Nothing good that’s for sure - your choices are chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. None of which heals the root of the problem and actually causes even more damage to your body and more cancer cells! In fact, there is only a 2 percent chance that you will survive when using chemotherapy. With detoxification, there is a 96 percent chance of healing the cancer completely. What side would you rather be on? This is true healing taking place - the thing that doctors know nothing about. The is the sad truth - medical doctors never heal anyone of anything. Take it from me, I've seen countless people put their trust in doctors to only get worse and even killed in the process. It makes me extremely sad and angry that most often, people find out about natural healing through detoxification too late in their journey - already having gone through so many years of radiation and chemotherapy. These are the true killers that cause more cell damage. Stay away from them and turn to detoxification to heal!

Chemotherapy and Radiation

The sad reality is that most people diagnosed with cancer will die from the treatment of cancer, not the cancer itself. People can in fact live years and years with tumors in their body, but the fact is that many people die from treating cancer by going the medical route. Chemotherapy and radiation are the most acidic forms of chemistry that have been given to humans discussed as a remedy. Once undergoes chemo or radiation, so much damage has been done to the cells of the body. Unfortunately this type of acidic chemistry stays in the body for many years, affecting the health of the cells and tissues. Chemo and radiation both have what is called a residual kick. A residual kick is Radiation has a residual kick of up to 20 years according to most oncologists. I have known of people who have gotten breast cancer again after 26 years of their last radiation session. Chemotherapy has a quick kick though - within a few months to a few years. Some people with strong constitutions can handle many sessions of these killer treatments and they are incredibly lucky to have strong genes to survive it. Many people do not. It is crazy how the medical doctors responsible for recommending up to 30 rounds of radiation are not held accountable for destroying a human body. This should be criminal. A human should not EVER take an acid that is 10 to 50 times hotter than the acids that damaged the cells in the first place to create cancer. Acids are what cause a regular cell to become a cancer cell. You should not EVER take an acid that is 10 to 50 times hotter and expect you are going to live from it. 3 pH is enough to break down the cells of your body (this is what causes cancer), and expect any remedy from this type of chemistry. This is equivalent to recommending someone drink Draino.


It is becoming more and more of the norm to get breast removal surgery for fear of breast cancer. Surgery is not the cure all for cancer. It in fact creates so much damage to the surrounding tissues of the breast (and really any body part being cut open) that it can quite literally make matters worse. Even if surgeons are able to remove the breast tumor, you are still left with the same acidic environment and lymphatic stagnation in the body that caused the cancer in the first place. Why is it that people who have had surgery get re-diagnosed with cancer again and again after a few months or a few years?? Because they never solved the root of the problem - and acidic environment is the perfect environment for cancer to thrive in! Hydration, alkalinity, astringency, and detoxification is the answer. Please do not remove your lymph nodes! It is increasingly harder for the body to detox and remove the dead cancer cells when the very sites that will destroy the cancer (the lymph nodes) are removed. The same goes for the tonsils and adenoids. Detoxification does not work as well when these lymph nodes are removed. These are lymph node sites as well. Doctors like to cut these important nodes out because they do not understand the vital role they play in getting the body well again. Many breast cancer clients have come to me after having gone through mastectomies, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and the several removal of their lymph nodes. So not only do these individuals have to detox the cancer out of their body, but then they also have to detox the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, radiation, acidosis created during surgery, gland weaknesses created through all this emotional trauma, and more. This can be too much for the body to handle, especially when the cancer is at an advanced stage. When the body has gone through so much destruction by the hands of the medical establishment, it becomes increasingly harder to heal through detoxification. Detoxification works best when you have your lymphatic system intact! The lymphatic system consists of lymph fluid, lymph vessels, and the lymph nodes. The surgical removal or harm of any one of these components is the greatest disservice to the human that receives it. Keep all your organs and detox to make the body well again!

Detoxification Tools

All diseases are caused by genetic weaknesses, toxicity, and/or over acidity - Acidosis! If you address each one of these with detoxification and regeneration, there is no reason for your body not to heal! There are many detox habits that if people knew about them, they would try to implement them every single day. When you understand the power of detoxification in reversal of diseases and prevention of them too, then you will begin to see why these are so vital in incorporating into your daily routine in today’s toxic world. Dry skin brushing is an amazing detoxification tool. Dry skin brushing helps to move a stagnant lymph system and at the same time clears away old dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which leads to a better ability to detox by sweating and respiration through the skin. This is vital along with the diet to keep your body free from obstructions that cause disease. Another tool that is equally as important is the sauna. Sweating should be encouraged by the body every day to remove acids and cellular wastes. Some people have trouble sweating due to low thyroid function and this is where a sauna becomes life-changing at removing acid wastes. 9 times out of 10 the eye photos that clients send me of themselves have skin rings (As seen by a dark circle around the circumference of the iris)! This is lymph congestion of the skin and is what develops when the kidneys (the main channels of elimination) stop filtering the acidic wastes. Until kidney filtration is achieved again, sweating will be the best form of elimination by the body and should not be overlooked! Go to a sauna today, so many local gyms have them. Sign up for the gym just to use the sauna during your detox! You will cut your detox journey time in half, healing faster and you will be glad you did! You’re welcome! :)

Cancer and Tumor Busting Herbs!

The Black Salve is the most powerful and natural form of corrosive chemistry you will ever want to touch if you are trying to get rid of a cancer tumor. However, you must be very careful using it because bloodroot, its main ingredient, is incredibly strong. Black Salve is recommended for advanced cases of tumors. It should only ever be used under the guidance of a detox specialist. Black salve has incredible drawing power that can pull tumors out of the body! If you are having trouble dissolving a tumor with detoxification because you can’t get your kidneys to filter, and the tumor is around the size of 1 - 1.5 inches, I ​​would recommend the black salve in this case to get that tumor out. This is a much better option than having a lumpectomy to remove the tumor (because those doctors also love to take your lymph nodes out with it!) With using the black salve, the skin will start to separate to pop the tumor out. The problem becomes when the person only uses black salve and does not change their diet to a detoxifying raw foods diet. You need to do both otherwise, the skin can remain open where the black salve was applied in order to drain that entire area out of all the wastes, which can take some time to do this and then the skin to close and heal. You will still want to focus on getting your kidneys to filter and opening up all of your body’s elimination channels while using the black salve. In this way, the area does not remain open for a long time and will heal and close up fast. People have been pulling things like warts and moles off of them for a while now with this salve. Even basal cell carcinoma. This is a much better option than surgery where many complications can ensue and to be quite honest - surgeons cut a lot more out than they need to all the time. You don’t have to cut off your breasts and lose them forever, there is a better way with detoxification and herbal tools such as the black salve. With detoxification we are focused completely on the health of the human body and its cells. This is where we find true healing.

Healing Herbal Protocol and The Elimination Channels

The herbs that I often see breast cancer clients need are lymphatic herbs. The lymph system is tied to all the channels of elimination of the body, this is why it is crucial to focus on the pumping of the lymph system to move all toxins and acidic chemistry out! Both the diet and herbal formulas should be focused on opening up all the channels of elimination. If any of these systems are weak, this is when we see disease come about in the body. The only way to truly heal is to ensure that these systems are open to detoxing the body and are free of obstructions. The 4 channels of elimination in the body are: the Integumentary System, The Intestinal System, The Urinary System and the Respiratory System. Often times there are obstructions in one or several of these systems in the body that caused the formation of tumors or cancer in the first place. This can be clearly seen by the signs in the iris and the symptoms a person is showing. There are particular signs a detox specialist looks out for in order to determine what type of herbal protocol the person should be on in order to heal from cancer. For example, major obstructions in the skin can show themselves as: eczema, psoriasis, skin dryness, rashes, cysts, dandruff, and more. Obstructions in the Intestinal System are liver or gallstones, malabsorption (mucus in the gi tract), Constipation (old stools), Diarrhea (major acidity and toxicity in the colon), stomach ulcers, polyps in the colon, etc. Symptoms of obstructions present in the Urinary System can look like pain and weakness in the lower back (kidneys), burning upon urination (acidosis), kidney stones, high diastolic number (over 70), bladder infections, sciatica and more. These are signs of losing kidney function. Symptoms of respiratory obstructions look like bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD, Asthma, dry cough, hard time taking a deep breath, etc. The basis of every detox protocol should include herbal formulas that support the cleansing of each of these systems, especially when healing breast cancer. The lymphatic system is tied directly to all of these systems. The following are the herbal formulas that are a must. Keep in mind that these are general formulas and one should seek the immediate guidance of a detox specialist to create a healing protocol that is suited to them at the stage of detoxification they are in. I recommend Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas as they have the most incredible combination of herbs to heal the body I have ever encountered. These herbs have healed thousands coupled with the raw healing diet. 🌿 Herbal Formulas - kidney and bladder tincture, kidney capsules, lymphatic tincture, lymph node tincture, lymphatic capsules, lungs formula or 3 lung tea, skin or thyroid formula, stomach and bowel formula, the GI Broom. These formulas all work synergistically to expel everything out of the body that causes disease. In addition to these, depending on the person’s medical history, I would add the chem/metal detox tincture and the No-Glo tincture if they have gone through rounds of chemo and radiation. 👀👉This herbal protocol is general so it is highly recommend to work with a detox specialist to see what your exact weaknesses are so they can be addressed in your healing protocol.

Protect Yourself from Carcinogens

One must also be very aware of the products they use on their skin and hair. It is estimated that the average human ingests about 120 pounds of chemicals each year, many of these being pesticides and heavy metals! Detox is all about cleaning up one’s entire life and reducing exposure to harmful chemistry. It is just as important to ensure that what you are putting on your body is as clean as what you are putting in your body. The skin absorbs everything. Our body comes into contact with the outside world daily and harmful substances can be a direct cause of many diseases like cancer. What you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin has to be as clean as possible when you are healing from a chronic or degenerative disease. You do not want to be putting toxins on your body while at the same time trying to get rid of them through diet; this is counterproductive. Here are the main body care products that you should switch from conventional to natural and organic when detoxing, as well as for general good health and well-being. It is of upmost importance to make sure you are using a natural deodorant that is NOT an anti-perspirant. You want a deodorant that will smell nice but not stop your ability to sweat! The reason behind this is because right under the arm pits is where a cluster of lymph nodes are located. These lymph nodes are also all around the breast area and are the very sites that destroy foreign proteins, damaged cells and cancer cells. The sweat glands carry these toxins out of the body through sweating and the lymphatic system drains the rest down to the kidneys to be eliminated by the urine. Overtime when using a chemical laden deodorant, the lymph becomes stagnant in the breast area. Chemicals then get trapped in this weakened tissue - chemicals like sulfur, aluminum, fluoride, mercury and more! Make sure to switch out all of these products to natural and organic products: shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothpaste, oral care, deodorant, make-up, and feminine hygiene products. The smaller and more simple the ingredient list, the better! The healthiest things to put on the skin that will not cause harm will always be herbs, fruits and oils. Look for these when choosing natural body care products and avoid those that have ingredients you can hardly pronounce.

Detox Signs to Be Aware Of

You must also watch your urine. If I had cancer, I would make sure that my kidneys were filtering! Without kidney filtration, most acids and obstructions will stay in the body and just recirculate, never getting rid of the problem. This is one of the keys to healing the body of cancer. Some people have a tough time reaching kidney filtration but knowing what gland and organ weaknesses you have as well as what are where certain obstructions are in your body can shed light to the puzzle of what is going to make your kidneys finally filter! This is where working with a detox specialist is extremely important. Detox specialists like myself recognize the important signs of whether you are on the right path to healing. Fasting and taking strong formulas when healing from serious degenerative and obstructive diseases should always have the guidance of a knowledgeable detox specialist. When detoxing cancer out of the body, it is so important to note that the lymph nodes are the sites where the cancer cells will go to in order to be destroyed. This means that if you go to the doctor while you are detoxing and they then say “The cancer has moved to your lymph nodes” IT DOES NOT MEAN THE CANCER IS SPREADING. IT MEANS THAT THE CANCER IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED AND ELIMINATED BY THE BODY. This is supposed to happen if you are to heal during your detox journey. Cancer is so corrosive and acidic that the body cannot filter it directly to the kidneys - it would burn them. This is why they go to the lymph nodes first in order to be broken down into a tolerable pH. The responsibility of the lymph nodes (all located in around different sites of the body - like the armpits, neck and groin areas) are to break harmful chemistry down. During your detox, these major sites of lymph nodes may swell up as they are doing their job. You want them to swell up and then shrink back down. You do not want them to stay swollen. This is not a good sign. This is another reason why it is important to work with a detox specialist. A skilled detox specialist knows what signs to look for when the body is headed in the right direction towards its complete healing and when it is not. This is crucial to healing any disease, especially cancer and tumors.

Final Thoughts

It is my life’s mission to help educate others and guide them in the complete healing from these diseases. We all have to take our power back with cleaning up our bodies to both prevent and completely heal any diseases we have. Suffering is optional. You do not ever have to suffer as long as you are open to healing with nature’s tools: Fruits, Herbs and Fasting. Detox is the key to healing the body of all the diseases doctors have labeled as incurable. If one is to put on the detox robe to heal they must go into their healing with as little fear as possible. They must let go and accept the possibility of death and not be afraid of it. If it is someone’s time to go, then this is okay. Death is not a negative thing. Suffering is much worse. Death is as easy as falling asleep as the soul transitions. The soul - who you truly are - can never die. We all will return to source and we are all always together and connected to each other. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, empower yourself with this truth that is suppressed by the media, the government, the medical system, the food industry, the educational system. I am here to spread the truth on how to heal yourself. Remember, you aren’t at the mercy of diseases or any diagnosis. If you want to have good health - it is already yours! Just start today! It is all about doing your best. Love yourself. Feed yourself the best foods that will heal your body - fruits. Follow your heart’s joy at all times! Don’t let guilt or obligations run your life for you. You are a free spirit and you are the painter and creator of your beautiful life. It is my hope that you, the reader of this post, have become more enlightened on detoxification as the ultimate healing modality. The body must always be looked at holistically if one is to completely heal.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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