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How to Heal Binge Eating and Cravings!

Binge eating is becoming a common issue many people are struggling with in today's world. In my years as a healer and detox specialist, helping many people from all walks of life achieve their health goals, I have seen binge eating issues are especially prevelant in those that are in their late teens, 20's, 30's, and those in their 40's. From what I have seen, there is a strong correlation here with people of this age group and the overall weaker genetics that this generation is facing. Today, I wanted to shed some light on what truly causes binge eating and how one can overcome it! Over the years in working with many clients, I have seen how succumbing to unhealthy cravings and binge eating can truly hold us back from achieving healing once and for all! Flip-flopping from binging on heavy cooked and processed foods, and then feeling guilty and purging all this food afterwards not only has a negative effect on our ability to detox in order to heal, but it can also 1. Have a very detrimental effect on our confidence and mental health, 2. It can be extremely abrasive and harmful to the Gi Tract - including the Stomach and colon since the mucosa in these regions is so sensitive, and binge eating can 3. Also put a damper on our emotional/spiritual healing and the expansion of our spirit that our body craves deep within! Binge eating can indeed have several root causes - and it is specific to each person - but today I wanted to focus on the most common root causes I have seen of where these intense cravings come from. ⁣⁣⁣It is my hope that this article helps all those currently struggling with this issue. To the person reading this article - you deserve to realize the best version of yourself, and this is accomplished with the power of true detoxification.

Binge Eating and Iridology

Binge eating largely stems from emotional issues - physically coming from weaknesses in the main glands that control the emotions. The glands in the body that are tied to human emotions are the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, and parathyroid glands. When these glands are weak, our emotional health is in perril - ups and downs are common in life, but those that have these weaknesses experience them more deeply. Through iridology, in examining the irises of a binge eater, I often see that some or all of these glands are chronically dark - this shows a weakness in the gland - meaning that the gland struggles to carry out its functions. These dark areas usually end up showing a genetic weakness as well in the iris. ⁣⁣Humans can also show hints of which glands and organs are weak in their body through the symptoms they portray. A true healer and experienced detox specialist is aware of the symptomology a person displays and uses these signals to read just where the body is weak and struggling to keep proper function. Once all gland, organ and systemic weaknesses have been pinpointed, a powerful and specific healing herbal protocol is created to restore function through one's detox journey. All glands of the body must be considered when addressing binge eating - in order to reduce strong cravings for the worst food offenders. These worst food offenders include starches, wheats, animal products like meats, dairy, and processed foods. They stop the body's natural detoxficiation heal to clean and strengthen tissue. In order to truly heal, these worst offenders must be eliminated from the diet and a focus on hydrating and alkalizing foods must take center stage in one's diet. These alkalizing foods are astringent fruits and raw foods to hydrate all cells interstitially in order to remove acidic and cellular wastes. These cellular wastes that build up in the body cause destruction to tissue in the years they are left in the body. A detoxification protocol focuses on removing these cellular wastes, creating an alkaline and hydrated environment in order for the body to regenerate all weaknesses. Let us now go in depth with each individual gland of the body and how it plays a part in those that struggle with binge eating. You can see how these unhealthy cravings can stop the body from achieving deep detoxification!

The Thyroid Glands

I want to start off with the thyroid gland. This weaknesses is becoming more and more prevelant in the cases I see. A weakness in the thyroid gland translates to feeling easily irritable and triggered by small things. People with this weakness very often have a low tolerance for things and situations that irritate them - it can be simple things like certain sounds or repetitive sounds for instance, but it can also translate into impatience in the person. Most commonly, those with thyroid gland weaknesses often lack strength in the emotions and trouble in achieving emotional stability throughout life - achieving a peaceful state is often difficult since this world is made up of many triggers that can mentally and emotionally drain someone with a thyroid weakness. ⁣⁣⁣Many people can have a thyroid gland weakness as seen in their eyes. However, even if symptoms pointing to thyroid weakness are present, sometimes there is no weakness present in the thyroid gland itself and it is rather the influence of a pituitary gland weakness present that is affecting the person's thyroid glands. This can be seen through iridology. This is why iridology is so valuable in pinpointing exact weaknesses in the body in order to address them correctly with a specific herbal protocol to truly heal! ⁣⁣⁣

The Adrenal Glands

Next up are the adrenal glands! I would say 9 out of 10 people are walking around with a certain degree of adrenal gland weakness. A high percentage of these people have a chronic weakness in the adrenal glands. A weakness in the adrenal glands often translates to fatigue issues, low blood sugar or blood pressure issues, anxiety issues, and inflammation - most of the population experiences at least one of these symptoms on a daily basis and this can of course make anyone feel horrible in day to day life. Physically speaking, the adrenal glands control mineral utilization and anti-inflammatory steroid production in the body. They are also responsible for controlling sugar metabolism. Those with adrenal weakness often crave foods that are processed, crunchy, salty, as well as foods that are full of animal steroids found in meats. Those with adrenal weakness often find ways to temporarily stimulate their glands in order to achieve more physical and mental energy to keep up with the demans of their lives. In these people, the drug of choice will either be coffee, energy drinks, salty processed foods, animal meats, recreational drugs, or steroid drugs. These people can also at times crave starchy foods like grains, breads and fermented products if they have fungal issues present as a result from this adrenal weakness. With compromised sugar metabolism comes the fermenting of foods in the body. This domino effect creates strong cravings within these individuals - leading to binge-eating.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The Parathyroid Glands

There is another gland in this line-up of root causes to binge eating that is often not even considered at all by many health professionals. This gland is the parathyroid gland or parathyroid glands. With each client that comes to us, I see how their parathyroid glands have never been addressed in their years of attempting to heal themselves. A weakness in the parathyroid glands often translates to depression or symptoms of depression in the person. In a highly acidic body, calcium is constantly being leeched from connective tissue, structure, and bones. This calcium leeching is the body’s attempt to buffer acids since calcium is an alkaline element. Overtime however, with a parathyroid gland weakness struggling to replace this calcium being lost, the person can fall into deep bouts and states of depression. This is often seen in many individuals but also in mothers going through pregnancy and giving birth. Post-partum depression is common because it drains the mother the mineral reserves in her body - and if her glands are not strong - she can see various health issues after having children - the body losing its tone, calcifications, varicose/spider veins, hermorrhoids and hernias, and depression to name a few symptoms. Those that suffer from depression can often struggle with seeing a future for themselves. These individuals can often use food in attempt to numb or forget this pain they feel within. Feeling of constantly feeling unmotivated and paralyzed in life, they turn their attention to food to give themselves a temporary boost or distraction. On the flip side, those with depression can also experience the opposite issue - of not having any appetite at all, food becoming less appealing since their senses are dulled - but usually this is not the case in most individuals since all other gland weaknesses mentioned prior tend to overpower and cause strong addictions to food. People can also go through phases of having strong cravings, and then becoming completely disinterested in food. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

The Hypothalamus Gland

Now we turn to the gland that many people have never even heard of. This gland I would say is one of the biggest and always overlooked causes of binge eating and that is a weakness in the hypothalamus gland. This gland is the center of the brain that controls traits of obssesiveness and addictions in a person. This trait can translate into addictions to either food, drugs, alcohol. This weakness can also manifest into symptoms of add/adhd, and losing sense of reality/dissosociation. This can translate to an extremely strong drive and interest in certain hobbies or subjects. Although people with this weakness can excell in certain areas in life, those with this weakness can often have a hard time achieving balance and homeostasis in the body and in turn daily living. They are often not attentive to their body's needs - and often spend much of their lives not eating when they are hungry, not drinking when they are thirsty, and not resting when they are tired. The barometer of the body isn't working propertly when this hypothalamus weakness is present. This weakness can also tend to give way to repeated low level emotions since there tends to be a poor emotional response to stimuli, often from the very beginning in childhood with this gland weakness. Overtime, this repeated emotional response can physically and energetically harm the thyroid gland - further weaknening the tissue. This poor emotional response to stimuli can often be seen in reactions like anxiety/panic, or anger, when experiencing certain triggers in the person's environment. This is the correlation between the hypothalamus and the thyroid gland. These types of people with a hypothalamus gland weakness often use crutches or distractions with their choice of “drug” to cope with the intensity of life in their inner and outer worlds.

Detox Motivation to Keep Going

⁣⁣⁣⁣I recently had a follow up with one of my clients that told me he finally got a hold of the binge eating he had struggled with for a long time after our consultation. We could both see that this binge eating was preventing him from healing before he started his detox journey with me. During our consultation, I asked him what he felt helped him the most in overcoming binge eating. He said that the two greatest things that helped him overcome it was “tricking his mind" - by telling his mind that he will enjoy his favorite foods as a treat next year, after his body heals.” He stated that this personally worked well for him in losening the grips of destructive eating habits. I'm glad he has found a way that helped him stick with his healing program. We all need various techniques during our detox that help us keep the course long-term in order to get to wellvile. If you struggle with strong cravings and binge eating, what you tell yourself to "trick your mind" may look very different to what worked for him and that is okay. We must all do whatever works for us! Not many people know this, but years ago I personally struggled with binge eating that I used to suppress my emotions. Overcoming this was difficult, but I found techniques that helped me during detox. Something I told myself during my fasts and when eating all fruit and all raw was - “All the cooked food you see Ailin is not real food, it might as well be a pile of rocks or sticks - it is completely inedible.” Telling myself this kept me going in times when I wanted to break from my detox and when cravings were really strong. If it weren’t for these little tricks I developed mentally for myself (since I identified my destructive patterns), then I wouldn’t have been able to stick with the diet to cleanse and heal my body of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, being bed-ridden and in pain, along with hundreds of other chronic symptoms. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Working with An Experienced Detox Specialist

Another thing my client attributed to his success with overcoming binge eating was the use of the herbs specific to his weaknesses. He said that without the herbs in his herbal protocol, he probably wouldn’t have been able to break this binge eating habit once and for all. I hear this from my clients all the time. The reality is that the human race has worked themselves into a deep hole of toxicity, genetic weaknesses, and destructive patterns - so much so that just following a raw diet isn’t enough for most people dealing with serious health issues. The herbal formulas I recommend to each person are very specific to each person and are based on the weaknesses I see in their eyes through iridology, through looking at their complete health history, their family’s health history, and their health journey overall. I put all of these puzzle pieces together to create the perfect healing protocol to truly and finally heal all their health issues. This is why I recommend working with an experienced and knowledgable detox specialist, like myself, in order to truly address the root causes of where your health issues are coming from. Without knowing what your specific weaknesses are in your glands, systems, and organs that are holding you back from healing - you are not directly addressing the root causes of your health issues! You are likely to be on a long road of much trial and error and may not even achieve complete healing. Many people have been on this road for a long time, trying to figure everything out on their own, before finally coming to me for support. For instance, this client told me that he was on his raw vegan journey for close to 2 years before finding me and working with me. The progress he has made in the last 3 months with direct detox guidance has been amazing! I am very proud of him!

Seeing results like this in my clients makes every struggle worth it. With years of experience of working with all of you and hearing about all of your success stories though detoxification - I know in my heart that true detoxification is the key to healing the human body of all health issues. I am honored to work with so many of you on your healing journeys. I can’t wait to continue working with you all and seeing all the incredible things we will accomplish with implementing the correct diet, herbal protocol, fasting, and detox tools for you to finally heal!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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