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Tumors and Cysts Healed - A Detox Success Story!

Iridology reveals all! It is the ultimate map in showing us the true root cause of all diseases! Iridology with detoxification is the golden key that unlocks your body’s true healing potential!

Today I wanted to discuss a client’s case and her amazing healing transformation! I have worked with this client throughout her healing journey and it has been truly inspiring looking at all the things that we have accomplished together in healing her health issues!

This client came to me with many of her health issues stemming from weaknesses and congestion within her lymphatic system. The overburdening of her lymphatic system was caused by many weaknesses as seen in her eyes. When she first came to me as a client, we focused on strengthening her main weaknesses and providing the correct diet plan and herbal protocol to get her lymphatic system flowing and eliminating in order to heal her health issues.

Her Main Weaknesses seen in her Irises:

This iris reveals many nerve rings - indicating the destruction of the myelin sheaths. Myelin sheaths are the fatty coating that surround nerve cells that help transport nerve impulses throughout the body - assisting with cellular communication. Nerve flow is one of the 3 main flows of the body that keeps cells and tissue healthy. If the cells are healthy, then tissue is healthy. If tissue is healthy, then organs and glands are healthy. If organs and glands are healthy, then systems are healthy. And when systems are healthy- the body is healthy! Acidosis, genetics, and life-style factors have played a role in damage to her nervous system and adrenal glands. We both took special care to focus on the healing of her adrenals and nervous system with her detox protocol.

This iris also reveals a lot of colon toxicity and stomach weakness. This is seen around the pupil in the darker brown areas of her iris. This iris also reveals sulfur drug deposits - which have the appearance of orange in her true brown iris. This client has removed a lot of mucus, orange sulfur, old hardened stools that were trapped in bowel pockets within the colon, and mucoid plaque during her detox journey with the help of the diet plan and herbal protocol I created according to the weaknesses as seen in her eyes.

Another weakness seen in her eyes were radii solaris. Many radii solaris (also known as brain lesions in iridology), are seen emanating from the transverse colon in this iris and going up into the head region. Colon toxicity travels up to the head, sinuses, and brain through these pathways (lesions). This colon toxicity can greatly affect the head, sinuses and brain and create symptoms within this location of the body. It is imperative that this person detox their colon to see improvements and healing of the radii solaris (brain lesions). Lesions, or areas of black lines as seen in the iris, point to tissue weakness! Areas in the iris that contain these black lines or lesions, always have trouble with maintaining tissue health! This can mean that a particular area with a brain lesion is having trouble with removing cellular wastes, toxicity, or mucus. It can also mean that this area is finding it difficult to maintain proper circulation or absorption in order to receive cellular nutrition. Lesions like these indicate tissue decay within the body. These lesions are only made better when an alkalizing, hydrating, astringent, and energetic diet is put in place, along with a powerful herbal protocol to address cellular weaknesses.

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Genetic Weaknesses:

A lesion can also point to a person’s genetic weakness in the iris. In iridology when analyzing a case, I make sure to heavily focus on healing a client’s genetic weaknesses in their herbal protocol as it is often these deep genetic weaknesses that have infuenced the body the most and have brought the body into a disease state! It is crucial to know your genetic weaknesses in order to address them fully and heal!

Some genetic weaknesses in this client’s iris are her: Adrenal glands, parathyroid glands, pineal gland, pituitary gland, breast, kidney, ovary, uterus, pancreas, spine, spleen, frontal lobe/memory center, and hypothalamus gland.

Main Health Issues:

This person had various symptoms in all of these organs and glands indicated above as seen in her eyes. With following her detoxification protocol, all of her prior health issues have completely resolved themselves in most of these areas, and in other areas have significantly improved!

The health issues she had were:

A pituitary tumor (she had for 2 decades), 2 breast cysts in her left breast, brain fog and memory issues, calcium utilization issues, leg pain and weakness, malabsorption issues/skinniness, low blood pressure and fatigue, skin issues, emotional eating, being too hard on herself, bladder urgency, digestive/gas isues, nutritional deficiencies, low white blood cell count, cold hands/feet, spider veins, and more!

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Detox Symptoms:

What do lesions mean in an iris? Can they show you more about your detox journey?

The areas with lesions in the iris are the areas that a person will experience detox symptoms or a healing crisis at some point on their detox journey. These detox symptoms are not to be feared, but actually should be celebrated when you feel them! Most people will experience detox symptoms during their healing journey as these are the ways that the body removes acidosis and toxicity in order to repair tissue, but there are some people that will not experience too many detox symptoms. This client experienced detox symptoms in different stages of her detox, and this is how her body was able to heal!

Some of the most common detox symptoms are the following: mild pulling pains or sensations in different areas of the body as the lymph system removes acids from tissue, fevers, cold and flu-like symptoms, fatigue or weakness, dizziness or nausea, emotional detox symptoms, and changes in bowel movements. These detox symptoms are often short-lived, lasting only a few minutes to a few days. Some people won’t experience these detox symptoms, but the most important detox symptoms that you must experience in order to heal are: Seeing kidney filtration in your urine (sediment), and seeing mucus and toxicity leaving your body through your stools. These are detox symptoms seen in the most important channels of elimination of the body and what you want to see on your healing journey!

Detox symptoms can be mild, moderate, or strong depending on someone’s weaknesses and level of toxicity. Using specific detox tools, as well as maintaining balance with your body during your detox journey helps you to navigate detox symptoms safely. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgable detox specialist throughout your healing journey to guide you in completely healing your body! I recommend the Master your Health Package, as well as follow up consultations, to keep your protocol updated and to truly reach your highest potential in healing your body as this client has done! So many of my clients have had the successful reversal of their health issues with the Master Your Health Package!

If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

A Detox Success Story:

Working with this client has been amazing! She has worked with me in healing her health issues and has successfully dissolved her pituitary tumor (she had for over 2 decades), and 2 breast cysts that have also completely dissolved through the detox protocols I created for her!

This healing has been possible through addressing her body’s main weaknesses as seen in her irises and analyzing her health history and symptoms. It is my job as a detox specialist and iridologist to read the signs of the body and the eyes and put all the puzzle pieces together to create the most powerful healing diet and herbal protocol to finally get someone out of their disease state and into vibrant health and complete healing! It is truly an honor helping all of you heal through detoxification!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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