Refund and Rescheduling Policy

Termination Of Services:

At No Time And Under Any Circumstances Shall Any Member Of Spiritrawpical Healing Tolerate Any Acts Of Harassment, Threats, Violence, Destruction, Or Abuse From The Client And/Or Any Other Parties Associated With Said Client. If This Occurs, Spiritrawpical Healing Reserves The Right To Immediately Dismiss And Cease All Services With No Refunds Given. 

If a refund is requested for any terminated service, other than the above stated, the client understands Spiritrawpical Healing reserves the right to approve or deny the refund request.

Refund For Service or Products:

Once any Detox Service has been booked, a request for a refund must be approved. No request shall be approved two weeks after initial booking date.


If you request a refund, it must be approved by a Spiritrawpical Healing member of authority.


Any refunds that are approved, will be issued minus a 20 Percent administration fee plus any fees part of the transaction.


Forms of approved refunds will be:

  • Refunded back to the original form of payment

  • Company credit

After 30 days of non-communication between the client and Spiritrawpical Healing, unless otherwise agreed upon (such as waiting for a consultation), Services will be considered abandoned and no refunds will be issued.


A Reinstatement Fee of $50 per case will apply in order to reactivate an inactive case or abandoned order.

In purchasing any Detox Services or products, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions. 

Rescheduling Policy:

At Spiritrawpical Healing we do our best in order to fulfill all consultations at the agreed-upon time. However, though we have many clients and do our best to provide much-needed information, appointment times can overlap. If this occurs, a member of Spiritrawpical Healing will contact you to let you know and decide how to move forward. 


Rescheduling of Phone/Skype and In-Person consultations can be made as long as Spiritrawpical Healing has been given at least a 48 hours notice. It is up to the client to reschedule their consultation through their confirmation email.


Spiritrawpical Healing reserves the right to bill or terminate any service of any client for any no-show consultation appointments. We also reserve the right to terminate any service due to rescheduling multiple times.


Clients must be available for any communication service (email, social media, or phone) within one week upon receipt of payment. All services will be forfeited and considered completed after a two-week time frame if a client is not available.