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WHAT IS MasterING Your Health?  

"Your ability to heal and transform your life

is more powerful than you can imagine!"

-Ailin Duran, Detox Specialist

Are you suffering from an illness that has stopped you from living the life you want to live?

Have you scoured the internet, books and every resource to find the ultimate truth on how to heal your body but feel that you have not found it yet?


Are you tired of having tried every method both medical and natural to heal your body and are still suffering from your health issues?

Do you feel physically and emotionally stuck in your life because of your "incurable" illness?

Are you tired of being dependent on others to take care of you because of your illness?

Then It Is Time To Finally Take Your Life and Health Back Into Your Own Hands With Detoxification!

You Have Suffered For Long Enough!



"First of all, I can't explain how amazing this journey has been alongside my detox coach Ailin Duran. She is beyond great! She has helped me a lot in learning how to detox. She is very educated and a nice person. She answered all my questions and concerns that I had. When I first started the detox, I was scared and unsure about everything that would come along, but she gave me hope and she was always there for me whenever I needed encouragement and just someone to cry to. She is very supportive and understanding of everything I went through. She's just awesome! So far my detox has been a roller coaster, but I'm glad to say that my goiter has shrunk a lot and I've lost about 25 pounds on her detox program! I have noticed positive changes and I'm very excited to keep on working with her. If you are sick and want to detox for a healthier lifestyle, you are at the right place! Thank you Ailin for being such an inspiration to me!"

-Annel E.

You Are the Perfect Candidate

for True Healing Through  Detoxification if You:

  • Are losing faith going the medical route and know in your heart that natural healing is the true way healing your body.  

  • Have been following a healthy diet for a while now but are still having health problems and do not understand why.

  • Have come to a standstill in healing yourself and you aren't sure what your next step should be to continue healing. 

  • Are ready for direct guidance in your healing to achieve the results in your health you have been dreaming of! We will make this a reality! 

If this sounds like you, then
I KNOW we can guide you to COMPLETELY HEALING all your health issues!

The Master Your Health Package

Here's What's Included When You Work With Us:

  • A Complete Health Assessment analyzing all your symptoms and health issues to find the exact cause of all your Health Problems!

  • An Iridology Analysis pinpointing all of your body's areas of toxicity and congestion, genetic weaknesses, chemical deposits and all organ, gland, and system weaknesses that need to be addressed ASAP in order for your body to heal completely!

  • 1 on 1 Zoom Consultations where we will talk about your current diet and what you need tweaks you need to make, all of the areas of weakness that were found in your body that need healing, and our complete plan for success in the reversing of your health issues! I will answer every question you have with my years of experience and knowledge on healing the body! You will walk away from this conversation knowing exactly what to do next in order to heal all of your health issues!

  • An Herbal Protocol based on what areas of your body need the most work and attention for cleansing and regeneration.

  • The Detox Diet Plan your body is ready for today in order to heal. It will be a diet specific to you and your symptoms, constitution, and what current level of detox you are at.

  • And All the Educational Detox Charts, Files, Instructions, and Tools you need emailed to you for your Healing Journey!

I'm Interested! How Do I Start?

After you have purchased your Detox Consultation, Here's What Happens Next:

Once booked, you will be redirected to the scheduling page where you will be able to download the forms and schedule your consultation date.

Once completed, submit the forms along with your iris photos.

After your consultation, you will receive the results of your case. I will also include everything else you need to start your journey to true healing and reversal of your health issues!

True Healing of your Entire Body Awaits You -
What most people only dream of achieving!
I can't wait to work with you so you can finally live your life free of disease and suffering!

Are You Ready To Master Your Health? 

Here is The Answer That Has Healed Everyone I Have Personally Worked With!

Past Clients I Have Worked With!

"Let me start by saying how amazing Ailin is! She is the most caring, attentive, understanding, and patient advisor you could ever ask for! She's so reassuring, motivating and encouraging through the entire detox process! She walks you every step of the way and celebrates all of your victories! She saved me probably thousands in doctor and chiropractic bills. She's truly God sent, a real healer. She works very hard to provide her clients exactly the remedies and protocols they specifically need for their unique healing. She really helped me understand my body; breaking down exactly how my the body filters and eliminates acids and waste. I honestly can't thank her enough! After just a month of working with her I accomplished more for my health than in the 3 years I have been trying to get well with healthy eating, juicing, etc. I can honestly say I feel so good. I feel free from my pain and I feel so youthful again! Not to mention all the stubborn weight I have been trying to lose for years fell right off, I am beaming with health and it's only just the beginning! If there was ever a concern as to if this was the real deal in healing have no fear because it is!"

-Elizabeth S.

"I was going through a non stop roller coaster in my battle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Pain is all I'd ever known since diagnosed at 18 months old. Flip Flopping with doctors and medications for so many years made me feel worse. I was willing to do whatever it took to fix myself. I've been taking my herbs and eating raw for two days now and I'm feeling a lot better! I have been having a lot more energy and have been a lot more positive and happy! I've been taking less and less medications by the day, it's amazing! I don't have to take Soma anymore! I just know that it won't be long now until I won't be needing any medications anymore. Finding Ailin has been a true blessing. It takes a special person to understand and be genuine to work with extremely ill people. Thank you so much for your support Ailin." 


-Alex A.

"I am no longer in pain from Fibromyalglia. My RLS and Fatigue are gone. Everyday I'm getting more and more energy. I was sick for 3.5 years. It would take me 4 hours - with breaks - to just sweep and mop my downstairs. I was able to do both yesterday in 30 minutes! I'm so excited! I forgot what it felt like to be normal again. If it wasn't for Ailin, I wouldn't be able to share this with you. I've lost 25 pounds too! Thank you Ailin! May God Bless you!"

-Denise R.

Remember, YOU are in control of your health, the way you feel in your body and ultimately your entire life! If you are tired of feeling hopeless, in constant pain, and don’t want to be a victim of your illness anymore - then you are ready to finally heal! You have come across this profound truth of how to heal your body for a reason! It means you are ready for this transformation and the next stage of incredible growth and healing in your life! I will be there to guide you every step of the way to your successful healing! I will be there for you, no matter what. I will hold space for your healing - through all the highs and lows. I will be there for you whenever you need reassurance, a guide, a teacher, and a friend. 

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