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Detox Services

You Are The Perfect Candidate For Detoxification If:

  • You are losing faith going the medical route and know in your heart that natural healing is the true way of healing your body.

  • You have been following a healthy diet for a while now but are still having health problems and do not understand why.

  • You have come to a standstill in healing yourself and you aren't sure what your next step should be to continue healing.

  • You are ready for direct guidance in your healing to achieve the results in your health you have been dreaming of! We will make this a reality!

Detox Healing Packages

Our Detox Packages are individually personalized to your needs to give you

the best healing results on your detox journey!


With our Detox Packages you will be on your way to completely

reversing your health issues!

Click on each detox package to find out more!

The Master Your Detox Ebook Bundle Set

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Product Details

The Master Your Detox Ebook Bundle set includes:

  • The Master Your Detox Transition Guide
  • How Raw Foods Heal The Body Ebook
  • The Master Your Detox Juices Guide

There are over 220 pages of detoxification information and recipes between all 3 Ebooks!

1. Master Your Detox - The Transition Guide Ebook

This is the one book that will help you get started and stay focused on your detox healing journey! I’ve laid it all out for you in order to make detox super easy, fun, and transformative!

The Master Your Detox Ebook contains over 140 pages with:

  • An Introduction to Detoxification and True Healing!
  • A Full shopping list to get you started!
  • The Different levels of detox and how to navigate them!
  • What foods to avoid that cause disease!
  • What exact foods heal the body and reverse dis-ease!
  • Over 50 Raw, High Raw, and Vegan recipes (gluten-free, as well as various substitutions for allergens!)
  • A chapter on delicious Dressings and Sauces!
  • Full-Color Photos showing you every recipe!
  • My Personal Golden Detox Tips to keep you on track and motivated during your healing journey!
  • and more!

2. The Master Your Detox Healing Juices Guide

Ready to take your healing to the next level?

The Master Your Detox Healing Juices Guide provides the most powerful and proven cleansing juices for the body to heal from various health issues and symptoms.

The Master Your Detox Healing Juices Guide contains 40 pages of:

  • An Introduction to Juicing, answering many commonly asked questions.
  • Why you should Juice: How Juicing Tackles the Main Root Causes of Disease in the Body!
  • What My Favorite Juicer is for the best quality juice, ease of cleaning, and efficiency in overall juicing of fruits, herbs, and greens.
  • Proven and Powerful Detox Juice Recipes to cleanse and heal every area of the body.
  • What Juices you should include in your diet to heal your specific health issues like: Headaches, Constipation, Sinus Issues, Allergies, Brain Fog, Muscle/Joint Pain and Cramping, Menstrual Pain, Auto-immune Disorders, Cancer, Tumors, Kidney Issues, Skin Issues, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Malabsorption Issues and Deficiencies, Liver Issues, and more!
  • Case Studies on how these specific Juices have worked for my clients.
  • Precautions on juicing and exactly how to navigate detox symptoms related to juicing.

3. How Raw Foods Heal The Body Ebook

The How Raw Foods Heal the Body Ebook uncovers the truth on why fruits and raw foods are the number one healers of all chronic and degenerative illnesses that befall all humans and how we can use nature’s tools to completely heal all our health issues and restore vitality once again.

How Raw Foods Heal the Body Ebook contains 47 pages of:

  • The Specific Healing Properties of Fruits and how they work to heal the body.
  • The Exact science behind the 3 Causes of all diseases and how to reverse them!
  • The Channels of Elimination - including what signs you must see during your healing journey to ensure that you are making progress!
  • The foods that are the most detrimental to the body that you should avoid in order to heal.
  • Why the Medical Establishment does not have your best interest at heart and how to break free from the sick and on medications/pills cycle.
  • Why other diets and modalities fail to heal the body and actually cause cellular damage over time (including - Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Medical Medium Diet, Gerson Diet, Ayurvedic Diet).
  • The detox symptoms that you will experience on a raw diet and how to expertly navigate them and avoid unnecessary ones.
  • The science behind Fruit, Blood Sugar Issues, and Candida.
  • A personal look into all the knowledge and experience I have gained in my years as a healer and during my own healing journey overcoming several chronic illnesses!

These are the 3 Ebooks that will keep you strong on your detox journey to finally heal all your health issues!

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Which Detox package is right for you?

The Master Your Health Package:

The Master Your Health Package is our recommendation if you want an in depth look into the root causes of your health issues! This package brings a consultation with me, a diet plan, an iridology reading, and an herbal protocol that will set you on the true path to healing your body! If you are struggling with many health issues and want the answers on how to finally heal, The Master Your Health Package is our number one recommendation!

The VIP Detox Package:

The VIP Detox Package is our number one recommendation if you want or need ongoing personalized detox guidance on your healing journey and support with: meal ideas, fasting, detox symptoms, herbal formulas, emotional healing, detox tools, accountability, and encouragement. This package brings daily detox support on whatsapp through texting and voice memos with me for the ultimate healing support. If you are struggling with your health right now and have many chronic symptoms, The VIP Package offers the most one on one detox support and healing transformation!

Detox Healing Testimonials

Eating Watermelon on the Beach

 Emily Simpson

Lyme Disease, Digestive Issues, Hashimoto's gone


"I was diagnosed with terminal illness at 18 years old with “mystery autoimmune disease." Although I had received many labels already like MS, Lyme Disease, Hashimoto’s, RA, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia to name a few, I was basically sent home to die when conventional treatments didn’t succeed. I had nearly every symptom you can think of from seizures to hair loss to SEVERE digestive issues and it felt like my life had truly become an isolated torture chamber of physical existence with the amount of pain I was in around the clock.


Starting detox is what has truly changed the game and given me back my quality of life again! First of all, Ailin is everything I had ever wanted in a doctor- she’s absolutely brilliant, so kind and compassionate, and listens deeply, treating you like a human rather than just another patient. She explains every symptom in depth, why you’re having it, whether it’s acute or genetic, and how to heal it. She gives you a very clear path to follow to restore your body to health. I can run and dance again! The biggest gift by far for me personally is having normal digestion for the first time in my whole life!! I’ve struggled with this from day one of being born - was always constipated, bloated, and uncomfortable. I feel light and free, capable, and strong again! I have energy in the mornings waking up, I sleep deeply and peacefully for the first time EVER! My moods are way more stable, my mind is clear and sharp. My skin glows! Is there anything I can’t say about this? Literally every part of my body and life has improved with this detox program!


I can’t thank Ailin enough for her contribution as a practitioner. Having the support of a detailed and specific herbal program is what really allowed me to thrive on this diet. My body weaknesses and toxicity always led to collapse at some point. With an herbal protocol, the raw and vegan diet is sustainable for healing. If you’re still contemplating…..yes! It’s worth it! This is your little sign from the universe! "

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