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What is Detoxification?

What causes the body to fall into illness?

Answer: The accumulation of substances that do not belong in the body. 

Doctors like to blame all diseases on viruses, bacteria, ticks, and pathogens; but nothing can be further from the truth! If you go down that road of treating diseases by trying to kill off pathogens, you will end up with no answers and hurting yourself or dying! 99 percent of all illnesses have nothing to do with the blood system but have everything to do with the lymphatic system. Simply put, the body is just a bunch of cells and two major fluids that float around your cells. These two interstitial fluids can be divided into the categories of consumption and elimination. These two fluids are blood (consumption) and lymph (elimination). 1/4 of interstitial fluid in the human body is blood, but a whopping 3/4 of it is lymph. It is insane how much the gigantic lymphatic system is overlooked in the "health-care industry". Too much focus is put around the blood system and the lymph system is completely ignored! Blood brings the nutrition to the cells and lymphatic carries away the waste the cells produce. The lymphatic system runs along the entire length of the human body. It is made of of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The accumulation of these wastes when the body fails at eliminating them is what causes disease. Some signs of lymphatic stagnation include acne, sinus problems, lymph node swelling, dandruff, congestion, and more. The body fails to be able to eliminate properly because most people's diets are not conducive to elimination. Foods like dairy products are a huge mucus producer in the body that suffocates cells and the body is not able to keep up. Meats in particular damage the kidneys of the body whose job is to take the wastes the lymph system collects and eliminate them through the urine. The colon is also responsible for removing wastes through the stools. This is why people who are constipated feel horrible and fall very ill. The same goes for those with extreme kidney damage that need to go on dialysis, otherwise their body would stop functioning and die. Cellular wastes and damaging chemistry like bad foods, chemicals, pollutants, stress, radiation and such are all acidic and damage the tissue and kill cells in the body. With detoxication we cleanse the body of all these things and use the herbs to regenerate and reawaken the cells to vitality and health again. To bring your body back into wellness, you must alkalize it with the foods you were meant to eat for your species. These foods are fruits and herbs - the true healers of the body. We are the ones responsible to eliminate our suffering, change our habits to healthy, life-promoting ones and put an end to the suffering of all future generations!

Fruits are the true healers of the body - plain and simple. You cannot truly heal disease if your diet does not include the healthiest foods on the planet. Fruits are the most alkaline, hydrating, nutritious, energy giving, delicious foods created for humans. Humans are frugivores. A predominately fruit diet is what will keep a human healthy beyond their years with no illness. What a fruit diet looks like for each person is different based on how toxic their body is. Some people who are extremely acidic like people with ulcerative colitis for example, get strong reactions from eating fruit. Some people have allergies to certain fruits and vegetables. These "sick" reactions to raw foods are what is known as detox symptoms. The fact of the matter is that these foods are so cleansing, that they cause immediate cleansing reactions in very toxic people. Those with diseases and ill health have highly toxic and acidic bodies. The approach to healing therefore must be more gentle when introducing detoxification but still strong enough to being cleansing the body. Some people switch their diet to a raw food vegan diet for a few weeks and they feel worse so they end up quitting. Why is that? Well, naturally they quit because they think that the diet isn't working for them but in reality - it is! The beginning stages of a detoxifying diet are usually met with detox symptoms. These can look like cold and flu like symptoms, headaches, sore throats, changes in bowel movements, and such. These symptoms do not last forever though. Detox symptoms are temporary and they are the way that the body uses to eliminate the congestion and toxins within! Putting a stop to this would be counterintuitive. If you get detox symptoms during your healing program, celebrate! The body is finally cleaning house and healing! Overtime as the deeply body cleanses, these kinds of detox reactions will disappear altogether. This is the science and art of detoxification and what detox specialists are pros at doing. I know how to work the body out of the dark that is illness and guide it into the light again! 

The detox system is not a system of symptom treating. That is medical thinking. Pharmaceutical drugs cannot heal your body, they shove the problem back deep into your tissues and cells through the suppression of symptoms. The body then breaks down even more with time and creates even more serious life threatening issues in the future. Drugs do not cure. Only detoxification can. The detox system is all about addressing the cause of the problem which always addresses the diet of the person, the mucus, toxicity, acids, obstructions and all of their genetic weaknesses expressed in their irises through Iridology and symptoms seen in a Health Assessment. This is why it is important to work with a skilled detox specialist when you want to heal from all major health issues and diseases. All these obstructions mentioned must be eliminated and you must physically see them come out of your body if you are to ever heal and get better! Healing is all about elimination! What you don't eliminate, you accumulate! To reverse your illness, no matter what it is, get on the correct diet and take the correct herbal formulas to heal. Herbs are intelligent and have been given to us as the original medicine. They help detoxify our bodies through the removal of acids and mucus as well as strengthening the systems, glands, and organs. The herbal kingdom is huge and there is an herb for everything that needs healing in your body. Fruits and herbs are the true medicines that heal.

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