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 What is Iridology? 

What is Iridology?


Iridology is a study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and congestion (toxicity). Iridology is practiced worldwide and dates back over 500 years. The Science of Iridology is growing leaps and bounds as specialized cameras and computers are designed to take an even deeper look into the study of the iris. Every cell in your body reflects itself through the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested, changes occur in the fibers of the iris of the eye. The iris fibers have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes and colors in the iris, we can analyze your body's strengths, weaknesses and toxicity levels.

What is an Iris Analysis? 

Your iris fibers tell as story of your body's cellular strengths and weaknesses, starting with your inherent patterns given to you by your parents. The iris of the eye registers tissue changes as they relate to cellular strengths, weaknesses and toxicity. An Iris Analysis is especially valuable in your journey of getting healthy and healing!

Watch Me Give An Iris Reading!

Cellular Strengths and Weaknesses

The health of the physical body depends upon the health of its cells. When cells (tissues, organs and glands) become weakened from genetics, inflammation (acidosis) or toxicity, a domino effect of symptoms can manifest, causing what some call disease. These cells then become prey for parasites or immune response. Knowing your body's weaknesses is vital in truly understanding "why" you experience what you do and how to correct these conditions. By strengthening your cellular weaknesses, vitality and health will be yours.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the iris is its ability to show the toxic and congestive levels within the body. This can totally change the color of the iris itself. Toxicity levels and the degree or age of this toxicity has a profound effect upon the fibers of the iris. An example of this is when chronic congestion develops in the body; the iris can change a blue-eye person to brown eyes. Toxic medications like sulfa drugs, antibiotics etc, can accumulate in the tissues of the body and can change the iris color as well. The accumulations of toxicity in the body is by far the #1 killer of cells. This toxicity indulges mucus and glue-like plaque from refined sugars, dairy products, and refined flours, to chemicals including pesticides, preservatives, artificial sugars, colors, and flavorings, etc. Included in this are by-products from high protein diets. All these substances cause cancer, acidosis and tissue failure. It is vital in restoring the function of the tissue and developing a helathy body, to remove this build-up of toxicity within it. 

Drug Deposits in the Iris
Weak Constitution


Iridology is the only science at this time that can see soft tissue weaknesses and toxicity. At the core of this is your genetics. Your physical body is a genetic body. Al your cells in your body are genetically coded. Some are strong cells and some are weak. This all depends upon your family tree. The importance of this becomes evident when one understands that 95% or more of diseases are nothing more than tissue weaknesses and the reflex conditions that can result. An example of this is your adrenal glands. When they are weak you can develop low blood pressure, ovarian cysts, fibroids, fibrocystic issues, fibromyalgia, prostatitis, prostate cancer, cancers of the breasts, cervix, uterus or ovaries, anxieties, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, heart arrhythmia's, etc; All of this and more, just from adrenal failure. Knowing your genetics can help you to understand your body better and what to fix. You can always strengthen your genetic weaknesses. You do not have to live with these and/or any other weaknesses.


Iridology is not a science about diseases or the diagnosis of symptoms. Iridology's approach is holistic and takes in the interrelationship of all tissues of the body. As you can see from above when the cells of the body are weakened or become toxic, "dis-ease" is the end result. This is the first time in history that humans have discovered a truly viable science that can look at soft tissue. X-rays including cat scans and MRI's can only see tissues when the density is confined or hardened. Dyes must be used to expose profusion capacities thereby creating conclusions of tissue function.

Health and Regeneration 


Iridology is a "road map" of the physical body and allows one to determine the actual weakness and toxicity within it. This is instrumental in ones ability to rebuild and regenerate one's self. By detoxification (cleansing) and alkalizing the body with raw fruits and vegetables you can regenerate yourself. As the health of the body is restored, the iris will change its structure and color to reflect these changes.


Iridology is a tool to help you understand your body and why you are having the troubles that you are experiencing. Remember you weaknesses start with your family tree (genetics), and increase as you live your life, eating, drinking, and in many different ways ingesting toxicity. You create your own dis-ease. Inflammation, ulceration, deterioration (degeneration) and death of cells is a process we have almost complete control of. Detoxification and cellular regeneration go hand-in-hand. Stop putting toxicity into the body! Eat living foods, use herbs and watch the magic of God and nature!

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