Detox Services

You Are the Perfect Candidate for Detoxification if You:

  • Are losing faith going the medical route and know in your heart that natural healing is the true way of healing your body.

  • Have been following a healthy diet for a while now but are still having health problems and do not understand why.

  • Have come to a standstill in healing yourself and you aren't sure what your next step should be to continue healing.

  • Are ready for direct guidance in your healing to achieve the results in your health you have been dreaming of! We will make this a reality!

The Master Your Health Package 

The Master Your Health Package includes everything you need to heal from any disease! I will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of all your health issues and identify all the organs, systems, and glands of your body that are currently weak, obstructed, acidic, or toxic, and how we can fix these issues to turn your health completely around!

Through an in-depth analysis of your symptoms, the signs in your eyes revealed through iridology, your health history, and your genetic family history, we will build you the perfect healing system to reverse all of your health issues! This includes a healing detox diet plan, herbal protocol, and detox tools specific to healing you from head to toe!

Healing Successes!

Denise R.

"I am no longer in pain from Fibromyalgia. My RLS and Fatigue are gone. Every day I'm getting more and more energy. I was sick for 3.5 years. It would take me 4 hours - with breaks - to just sweep and mop my downstairs. I was able to do both yesterday in 30 minutes! I'm so excited! I forgot what it felt like to be normal again. If it wasn't for Ailin, I wouldn't be able to share this with you. I've lost 25 pounds too! Thank you Ailin!"

Harlow M.

"I reached out to Ailin initially on behalf of my five-year-old daughter. We had struggled for 3 full years with her constantly worsening symptoms (asthma, allergies, eczema, poor sleep patterns, mood swings...the list goes on) and seen countless doctors in an attempt to label her mystery rashes and fevers to no avail. My daughter has been on a raw diet and herbal protocol recommended by Ailin for a mere 45 days and we’ve seen more progress in the last 6 weeks than we ever could have dreamed of. I’m overwhelmed with her progress, grateful for Ailin and her compassion, and excited to see how her knowledge will continue to impact our family."

Alex A.

"I was going through a nonstop roller coaster in my battle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Pain is all I'd ever known since diagnosed at 18 months old. Flip-Flopping with doctors and medications for so many years made me feel worse. I was willing to do whatever it took to fix myself. I've been taking my herbs and eating raw for two days now and I'm feeling a lot better! I have been having a lot more energy and have been a lot more positive and happy! I've been taking less and less medications by the day, it's amazing! I just know that it won't be long now until I won't be needing any medications anymore. Finding Ailin has been a true blessing. It takes a special person to understand and be genuine to work with extremely ill people. Thank you so much for your support Ailin."

Shadiah S.

"I’ve been chronically ill for 7 ½ years with so many symptoms and have seen about 40 doctors with no real clear answers as to why I can’t stand and why I have so much pain and my body won’t heal! Over the last few years, I was diagnosed by some alternative doctors with Mold sickness, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Possible Lyme Disease, EBV, CFS, SIBO, Bulging discs, TMJ, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, and much more. Of all the treatments I would try nothing really worked or I would get temporary relief in some areas but then the pain would return a few hours or a day later! So after researching and finding out that diet can make a huge impact in healing the body, I started slowly changing my diet to a more Vegan diet over the last 8 months and have seen some small improvements. I recently started incorporating more fruit and was watching videos on people healing with a very high fruit diet. Then I came across Ailin on Youtube and watched all her videos. I knew I had to work with her! She seemed so smart and knowledgeable about how the body can truly heal using not only diet but also detox! She uses Iridology to read the eyes and see exactly what’s going on in the body. I just had my 1st consult and am very impressed! She is truly a blessing! She was very thorough during the consult and answered all my questions with patience and compassion. I can tell she truly cares about helping people heal as she was once sick herself! This was the 1st time in 7 ½ years that I FINALLY got answers to some of my unexplained symptoms!!! The Iridology report and other reports she sent were very detailed and left nothing unanswered.  I’m so excited to work with Ailin on my healing journey and am so very thankful I found her!"

Iridology Services

Drew D.

"Having watched Ailin's videos I suspected she was one of the very few real deal detox specialists out there. I arranged a consultation to get a feel for what she was all about and see if we would be on the same wavelength. Our first meeting went very well and confirmed to me that she truly knew her stuff.


Following this, I sent a photo of my eyes and requested an examination of them and a healing protocol. WOW is the next thing that happened. We have an incredibly insightful video call which confirmed what I knew deep down inside, that I have a lot of healing to do. I was amazed by how specific and thorough her reading was and when she sent me the full report a few days later I became absolutely stunned of the sheer depth and specificity.


Upon reading the extremely detailed personal report and detox program I felt terrified and elated. I was terrified because of the amount of damage in my body, despite showing a few external signs of weakness. I knew deep down that the damage was there because I know my lifestyle but I never expected it to be so serious. 


I am elated and thrilled because this is the exact leverage I needed to make the serious changes necessary. Because I can now actually 'see' what is going on inside my body, and I understand it thanks to Ailin's supreme knowledge, I can do what is needed to cleanse, heal, and regenerate myself.


Already significant changes have begun. I sleep better, feel amazing, am calmer, look much fresher, and can focus much more effectively. 


This is the REAL DEAL guys and there is no better and more qualified person to support you on healing and becoming your very best self."

The VIP Support Program

The VIP Program includes all of the features of the Master Your Health Detox Package, in addition to the ongoing communication needed for those that require constant guidance, as well as those who may need to be held accountable on their detoxification journey!

With the VIP Support Program, not only will I be able to pinpoint the exact cause of all your health issues including the organs, systems, and glands of your body that are currently weak, obstructed, acidic, or toxic, but this program will also give you emergency and weekly access to me, in order to answer any arising symptoms and hold you accountable on your detox journey! The VIP Support Program also includes updates on your diet and herbal protocol as needed.

Adela Z.

"On Christmas of 2014, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Later on, I was also diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer and Lymphoma. I was devastated and on my way to surgery for a Thyroid removal and Chemotherapy treatment. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. After hearing that there was life after detoxification, I changed my diet instantaneously. I incorporated many green juices that included dandelion greens, parsley, cilantro, beets, and wheat grass. I ate a lot of fruit and switched my diet to 100 percent raw overnight. After just 6 weeks, I went back to the doctors and they told me that the cancer had disappeared! They couldn't believe it and said that the medication they prescribed me must have worked significantly better than they had planned. Little did they know that I had not been taking them at all. Thankfully, Ailin recommended that I didn't, but instead to rely on the power of detoxification! 


Fast forward to today, after going to the hospital for evaluation, I keep thanking God for his miracle and for putting Ailin in my life who walked me to a better alternative than what the doctors were offering. Per Doctor's call for 2nd-time test results, I am a normal, healthy being that is cancer free! Free of hyperthyroidism, no cancerous cells present and all lymph nodes have normalized! How thankful can I be to God and to Ailin. Since then, I am Vegetarian and aiming hard on the Vegan way of eating. Thank you Heavenly Father and thank you so much Ailin!" 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Any Option Include Herbal Formulas?

A: No, Herbal formulas are sold separately. We offer all our clients a discount on the herbal formulas.

Q: How Much Do The Formulas Cost And How Long Do They Last?

A: The majority range from $25-$27, certain formulas cost more. At full dosage, they last around 2 weeks. Some last longer such as teas and blends.

Q: I Recently Had Work Completed By Another Specialist/Iridologist; Can You Use Their Work To Write My Protocol?

A: Due to our determination and thoroughness, we prefer to analyze each individual case in order achieve maximum accuracy and healing for every client.

Q: I Live In Another Country, Can I Still Book Your Services?

A: Of course! All services are completed through a combination of Zoom Call and Email.

Q: Do I Have To Lose Weight? What If I Am Already Underweight?

A: The body rids itself of any obstructions, tissue, and toxicity that will hold it back from healing. As the body continues into deeper detoxification, clients can find themselves losing weight. Healthy weight returns once deep enough detoxification and healing has been achieved.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get An Initial Consultation?

A: Depending on how many clients each specialist has, it can generally take around 4-6 weeks to have your consultation. All scheduling is completed after booking any service. Feel free to connect with us to inquire about specific dates. *If you would like your case analyzed sooner, when scheduling, we do offer an Expedited option!

Q: Do You Take In Person Clients?

A: Our primary form of results delivery is through Zoom call and email. We are currently not taking in person clients - all consultations are done through zoom video call and email!

Q: Can You Help Me Transition From My Current Diet?

A: We work with everyone at any stage. Whether you are coming from a meat and dairy dite to those that have been raw vegan for years - we are here to get you on the optimal detox healing diet! You should also check out our Master Your Detox Transition Guide for help on Transitioning your Diet!

Q: Do You Have A Sliding Scale Or Can I Pay In Installments?

A. We do not currently offer a sliding scale or payment plans. You can use coupon codes at checkout or join our affiliate program in order to obtain funds towards services and products.

Remember, YOU are in control of your health, the way you feel in your body and ultimately your entire life! If you are tired of feeling hopeless, in constant pain, and don’t want to be a victim of your illness anymore - then you are ready to finally heal! You have come across this profound truth of how to heal your body for a reason! It means you are ready for this transformation and the next stage of incredible growth and healing in your life! I will be there to guide you every step of the way to your successful healing! I will be there for you, no matter what. I will hold space for your healing - through all the highs and lows. I will be there for you whenever you need reassurance, expert guidance, a teacher, or a friend. I can't wait to work with you!

- Ailin Duran D.S. 

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