Achieve Your Body's True Healing Potential!

Make That Healthy Body You Have Been Dreaming Of A Reality!

Hi! My name is Ailin Duran.

I am a Certified Detox Specialist, Herbalist, and Clinical Iridologist.

If you want to finally heal from your health issues for good, and transform your life with the power of true detoxification, I'm your healer! 


For many years now I have helped thousands of people out of their pain, suffering, and sickness - to finally living their lives pain-free and without fear!


Coming off of medications, healing all your illnesses, and gaining more energy, confidence, and joy in your life, are just a few of the benefits of going on a true regenerative detoxification protocol. 


I have worked with people from all walks of life in healing and completely reversing:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines, Lupus, Thyroid Cancer, Breast cancer, Goiters, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Herpes Virus, Scoliosis, Obesity, Asthma, Low/High Blood Pressure, Hyperthyroidism, Kidney Failure, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibroids, Gastritis, and much more!


I have spent the past 15 years studying the human body, diseases, natural healing, raw foods, fasting, detoxification, naturopathy, herbalism, and iridology.


My mission in life is to help all those that have been suffering for so long finally heal themselves, those that have tried everything possible in order to heal - but have still not found the answer, and those that are tired of continuously coming to a dead end on their healing journey.


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Healed Clients I Have Worked With!

Emily - Healed Autoimmune Disease (Lyme, Hashimoto, Lupus)