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Emily S.

"For background context - I was diagnosed terminal at 18 (I’m 24 now.) years old with “mystery autoimmune” though I’d received many labels already (MS, Lyme’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, RA, Lupus, Fibromyalgia to name a few) and basically sent home to die when conventional treatments didn’t succeed. I had nearly every symptom you can think of from seizures to hair loss to SEVERE digestive issues and it felt like my life had truly become an isolated torture chamber of physical existence with the amount of pain I was in round the clock. I began changing my diet and lifestyle, most notably among those changes were switching to a predominantly vegan diet and starting Completion Process Trauma Integration for the emotional triggers/struggle of healing and stress that contributed to forming illness in the first place. This helped immensely, and after several long years I got to a point of functionality again (being able to return to work and school), but I never thrived and my daily life was still very noticeably impacted by fatigue, pain, mental fogginess, problems sleeping, etc. I also knew I wasn’t functioning at nearly the level my peers were. 


Starting detox is what has truly changed the game and given me back my quality of life again! First of all, Ailin is everything I had ever wanted in a doctor- she’s absolutely brilliant, so kind and compassionate, and listens deeply, treating you like a human rather than just another patient. She explains every symptom in depth, why you’re having it, whether it’s acute or genetic, and how to heal it. She gives you a very clear path to follow to restore your body to health. I can run and dance again guys!!! The biggest gift by far for me personally is having normal digestion for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE PEOPLE! I’ve struggled with this from day one of being born- was always constipated, bloated, uncomfortable, etc. With the support of my herbal program and a raw diet, I feel comfortable and alive in my body in such a wonderful way! I feel light and free, capable, and strong again! I have energy in the mornings waking up, I sleep deeply and peacefully for the first time EVER! My moods are way more stable, my mind is clear and sharp. My skin glows! Is there anything I can’t say about this? Literally every part of my body and life has improved with this program!


It’s not without work. Detox isn’t always sunshine and roses. I have ups and downs on the spiral path of healing as well. But ultimately, with each deeper release I feel better and better on the other side. And now I’m wondering…how good can I feel? I have no idea! But I do have a very clear and visceral understanding now of why this works and what I’ll get out of it if I continue.


I can’t thank Ailin enough for her contribution as a practitioner. Going vegan is awesome and helped a lot but having the support of a detailed and specific herbal program is really what allowed me to thrive on this diet. My body weaknesses/toxicity before always led to collapse at some point. With herbs, it’s sustainable and possible to stick it out for the long haul of healing. 


Sending love and wishes for a swift and graceful restoration of health to you all on your own journeys. And if you’re still contemplating…yes! It’s worth it! This is your little sign from the universe! "


Cathy T.

I learned about detox before having the pleasure of meeting Ailin.  For two years prior, I ran around from functional doctors to specialists; desperate to get my life back.  My main debilitating symptom was my shortness of breath, I was suddenly diagnosed with asthma.  My shortness of breath prevented me from living my life.  My “asthma” even prevented me from joining my family in Disney World; I was so winded from just walking that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. In fact, I was using a nebulizer 3x a day.  Once detoxing for the first time in 2017, my quality of life quickly returned.  I was shocked but so grateful….it was a dream come true.  The more I learned how powerful food and herbs were, the more passionate I became to heal everything!!! 


I contacted Ailin early 2019 for a consultation.  I had met Ailin in 2018; I knew right away that I would one day be her client.  I was so impressed by how passionate she is about detox, not to mention all the knowledge and experience.  I wanted her input on what I should do next to dig deeper and strengthen my body.  Ailin’s iridology reading was so detailed; it was presented in a way so easy to comprehend.  When I talk with Ailin, she really listens to all of my concerns and addresses all of them!!  She is so caring and so good at explaining how the body truly works and most importantly, how to fix it!  She not only recommended which herbs would benefit me most, she recommended different healing modalities, how to use them and why they work. She is truly motivating!  Thanks to Ailin, I’m now in the habit of having one day a week of just juicing which seemed impossible when she first suggested it! 


I have seen so many improvements including better sleep, less anxiety, amazing energy, increased quality of life, no more shortness of breath, no longer always cold, being able to sweat better, no more vitamin / mineral