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How To Heal Ulcerative Colitis/Diarrhea/Inflamed Bowels!

Ulcerative Colitis is so shockingly common in today's world. Just the other day, one of my friends was diagnosed with it and he is in his early 20’s! It is insane how the youth of today are getting chronic illnesses left and right when years ago this was very rare. It is estimated that about 45 percent of the American population has at least 1 chronic disease. This has got to be turned around otherwise the health of the future generations is looking quite bleak. The genes being passed down from parents to children at the time of conception are very weak. Ulcerative colitis usually first affects people before they reach the age of 30. Sometimes even children and teenagers get UC. Medical doctors are not entirely sure what causes ulcerative colitis but their theory is that it is caused by an immune system malfunction. So that when a virus starts attacking the body, the body responds abnormally attacking the cells in the digestive tract too. This type of thinking however, has gotten the medical system not even close to healing anyone from UC. The truth is -the body is intelligent and does not ever attack itself! In my years of healing people from UC and inflamed bowels - approaching healing from a detoxification standpoint, I have never focused on UC being an autoimmune disease. I am here to tell you today that UC is caused by acids chewing up the cells of the digestive tract. It has nothing to do with the body attacking itself and has everything to do with the inability of the body to remove the acidic wastes stuck within the gi tract walls because of a stagnant lymphatic system. There are a few other factors as well no doubt - but detoxification cures it all! Let’s see what happens to the body in someone that has Ulcerative Colitis or Inflamed Bowels and why the body would react this way. I am here to offer the real solution. When we understand the true cause of a certain disease, we can then heal from it completely!

Symptoms of UC involve severe urgency - which can stop people in their tracks at enjoying life fully! I have known of some people that go up to 20 times a day to defecate! There is no need for this suffering. This urgency - or having to rush to the bathroom several times a day - is caused by something called Interstitial lymphatic constipation - which literally means that acids are within the gastro intestinal system walls and are burning them from the inside out! Doctors like to label this as inflammation - I label it with what it truly is - ACIDOSIS! Acidosis comes about when the body is unable to eliminate said acids through the kidney channels. Diarrhea is the body’s way of immediately purging itself from these acids and toxins, much like vomiting.

The medical system is completely behind the times when it comes to healing the body. I have heard incredibly sad stories of people being on prednisone for years and suffering from its many side-effects. Steroid drugs like Prednisone are incredibly harmful to the body and never heal UC. Neither does any pharmaceutical drug. People suffering from UC may also be told to take a chemotherapy drug called methotrexate to possibly promote remission of the disease in the body. Methotrexate is said to reduce the body’s natural immune responses however, all this drug does is act as a suppressor in the body, shoving in all the acids deeper into the tissues. Remission is always short-term. After a few weeks, months or years, the symptoms of the disease come back with a vengeance after being suppressed for so long. The person is then given stronger drugs to suppress acidosis. The body wants to detoxify to heal; it is a natural response. I find it sickening that these same doctors also tell their patients to avoid raw fruits and vegetables - the very foods that would cure them. This is because doctors do not understand detoxification and how to heal the body. As ulcerative colitis progresses because medications never work, many times people are told to go into surgery - some are even told that they have to have their entire colons removed! When the large intestines have reached levels of degeneration after not addressing the true cause, doctors can no longer treat UC with drugs. The cells and tissues have already deteriorated. Sadly, this happens to so many people each day simply because doctors are not taught on how to heal.

Desperate to find some relief, many people change their diets around to eliminating things like: red meat (beef, pork), gluten, fried foods, and sugar which they are told are trigger foods. Some people get better but most do not with this diet change. The reason behind this is because, although they have eliminated the worst offenders (acids and proteins) from their diet which caused the UC in the first place, they do not know that they still have trapped acids in their system from when they were eating poorly for many years. The above diet change is not enough to eliminate these acids. One must really work at detoxifying the body if they are serious about healing their UC or IBD. One must work towards eating alkaline and hydrating foods that will move the lymph system to eliminate all the acids in the body causing ulcerations. The people that unfortunately never come across the information about true healing, or choose to ignore when presented with it usually develop even more serious illnesses years later. Thankfully, more people are open to alternative methods to healing because people are beginning to wake up at how badly the medical system has failed them and has taken advantage of them. True healing - detoxification - should not even be called alternative as it is the only way to healing oneself and is based on true science, anatomy and chemistry.

Ulcerative Colitis is not something to mess around with. If you or someone you know has it, you’ll definitely want to start detoxing your body immediately. Ulcerative Colitis is a pre-cancerous stage. The amount of acids being held in the body is just too great that it usually results in cell death, tissue breakdown and degenerative diseases like Cancer. This is why the body is literally burning from the inside out. This is seen with the “burning symptoms” of severe abdominal cramping and bloody diarrhea that accompanies UC and IBD. What the person is feeling is chemistry - the burn of acids not removed by the body.

These acids that I am speaking about are a combination of the chemical ash of the food consumed by the person after it is broken down (acidic foods like meats, beans, starches, wheat, proteins, artificial sugars, milk, eggs, etc.) and the cellular wastes produced by the cells of the body from carrying out their activities each day. Disease comes about when these acids are not able to be properly disposed of. How does one dispose of acids from the body? Through the channels of elimination! These include 1. the skin (through sweat - people that cannot sweat well are not eliminating acids). 2. the lungs (through exhaling - this is why it is important to be able to take deep breaths and have fresh, clean air - spending time outside in nature is important). 3. the colon (through stools - many toxins, acids, mucus and unwanted matter are removed by the colon. Moving bowels too quickly or not moving them enough causes dehydration and acidosis) 4. the kidneys (though urine - you should be able to see constant filtration as sediment floating in urine in a healthy body with functioning kidneys). It is my job as a detox specialist to ensure that all of these channels are opened up to begin the healing process in the body. It can be difficult to get these channels to open up at times due to gland weaknesses, chemical toxicity, genetic weakness or stressors, but with the correct diet and herbal protocol addressing the exact weaknesses of the person, these areas can be strengthened and the body will become pain free and functioning at its best!

Many people suffering with UC usually have to watch what they eat because certain foods can cause a lot of abdominal cramping and stool urgency. This can be discouraging when UC sufferers usually don’t react well to most fruit and veggies however, you can slowly work someone out of these colon issues by incorporating the more gentle detoxifying foods that the body can handle first. For example - if the body can’t handle citrus fruits, then perhaps it can handle pears or apple sauce. If the body can’t handle any fruits - then try cooked vegetables and so on. Different foods mean different levels of detox. In certain cases of UC, we wouldn’t want to detox the person too fast as the detox symptoms can be painful when the acids start to release from the tissues to be eliminated. This is why it is important to work with a detox specialist that can guide you down the correct path to heal from painful and chronic illnesses. Certain herbal bowel formulas can help buffer the discomfort when including more raw foods into the diet. Then, surely enough as the body begins to show clear signs of cleaning out all the acids and toxicity (this will be present as mucus being released in the bowels and sediment in the urine through kidney filtration) then one can incorporate more raw foods into their diet with ease. Through a carefully thought out and specific healing protocol, one can heal from UC. It is not something one has to live with forever! I’ve seen so many people heal from it through detox - the golden key to healing everything. <3 You don’t have to remove fiber from your diet completely. The end goal is to cleanse and heal the body so you can handle all types of foods completely symptom and pain free and 100 percent healed!

Nutritional Deficiencies are very common with Ulcerative Colitis as with cases of diarrhea in general. Many people with UC or Crohn's are often skinny and have a hard time absorbing their nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. All these symptoms being shown by the body are connected to each other. It is the job of a detox specialist to connect all the dots to find out exactly what is causing you to feel your symptoms and in turn how to fix it! This is why healing is possible - because there is always a clear causative factor of what is causing illness in the body. In a highly acidic colon, the body has a lot of mucoid plaque surrounding the tissues of the gi tract. Mucoid plaque can be described as hardened thick rubbery mucus that has accumulated in the colon over many years of eating the wrong foods. People start building this mucoid plaque at an early age when they begin feeding on “foods” unfit for a human to consume.The body produces this mucus as a defense mechanism to protect the walls of the intestines from burning from the acids of these foods - but overtime this causes harm. Over the years, the mucus becomes too thick that it blocks cellular respiration as well as nutrients from being absorbed by the cells. This is what tends to cause nutritional deficiencies and skinniness in people. The removal of parts of the colon in some cases can also cause nutritional deficiencies. The fact that digestion and proper breakdown of food is not present also contributes to deficiencies.

Also common with UC disorders is Osteoporosis - or “porous bones”. Many people with inflamed bowels suffer from bone fractures and can even become disabled in the future. In order to understand why this occurs in the body, we must first look at how the body naturally responds to acidosis. The body responds to extreme acidosis in three ways: Cholesterol, Edema, and Calcium. Today we will speak about Calcium. Calcium being an alkaline mineral found in the bones and connective tissues of the body is often robbed to buffer very acidic environments in the body. The body takes its most readily available alkaline source - Calcium - to protect itself. It is leeched out of the bones and tissues. When this continuously happens however, since the diet of the person is not a cleansing one to eliminate acids, then the person experiences all types of symptoms associated with low calcium levels: a very weak frame, things like bruising easily, dental issues, prolapsed conditions of the colon or bladder, depression, etc. The solution to healing is not by taking calcium supplements. The only way to heal from this is to clear the bowels of mucoid plaque blocking absorption and strengthening the parathyroid gland (the gland responsible for calcium utilization) if the person has a parathyroid weakness shown in their irises through getting an iris assessment. It is important to get an iris assessment to show the true weaknesses in the body so they can be addressed in order to heal. This is why it is important to work with a detox specialist to have success on your healing journey!

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The herbs are where one should turn to to heal from ulcerative colitis, not toxic deadly chemicals from pharmacology. The herbs actually work to heal the body by eliminating its toxicity, moving the lymph system and strengthening the glands and systems. They do not have a suppressive action like drugs do. When it comes to healing Ulcerative Colitis It is essential to slow down the bowel movements by incorporating a stomach and bowel restorative formula. An excellent restorative formula will normalize bowels by regulating their frequency and helping them become formed. At the same time it should also work on pulling the stagnant lymphatic system to eliminate the acids in the walls and work on cleaning the entire gi tract of the body. It is imperative that one restore their gi tract. The gi tract is where you eliminate your digestive wastes and absorb your nutrition. It is an essential part of the body that one cannot survive without. The following herbs are excellent at healing the intestines: Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root and Chamomile to soothe the digestive tract. Wild Yam root is used for relieving abdominal and intestinal cramping by calming the nerves and muscles. Mullein Leaf is an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. An anti-spasmodic formula may also be necessary for some people as they detox their body and work themselves through this. Gentian Root is also amazing at healing the body of diarrhea and all the symptoms associated with it. There are so many amazing herbs that can be used to heal the body in conjunction with the proper diet to cleanse the body and restore it. An herbal protocol specific to one’s weaknesses is required to fully heal from chronic cases.

The body is self-healing - all it needs is the proper healing environment to do so. With the right diet and herbal protocol to support your body, you can heal from UC and Inflammatory Bowel Disease! 🍉🍇🍊🌿 It is my wish that anyone suffering with Ulcerative Colitis or IBD/IBS that feels they have tried everything to heal and are about to give up finds this information when they are ready to heal. I hope I was able to shed some light today on how the body works and how to heal it.You deserve healing! Truth in healing is so needed in this world today. There is so much conflicting and confusing information out there from the negative forces, that it can be hard to navigate through false information and what may or may not work. 😥 Coming from someone that years ago tried literally everything to heal from my chronic illness - I can tell you that detoxification is the only true healing path that works. I never gave up and I am healed today! Don’t ever let anything or anyone stop you from completely healing your body. “There is an art to detoxification. The end goal, Always, is the regeneration of tissue in the human body and the restoring and improving of the condition of the cell and the fluid that takes care of it.” Complete healing is yours! It is your right to be healthy! 💪💚 Take your power back today!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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