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 My Story 

Many years ago I was bedridden, deeply depressed, in excruciating pain all over my body, and no one understood the physical pain I was in day in and day out. On the outside, I looked like a normal person, on the inside I was burning from the pain. I had stabbing chest pains, leg pains, uterus pains, back pains, kidney pains, head pains, colon pains, stomach pains, neck pains, nerve pains, muscle pains, joint pains and more!  I had what was known as fibromyalgia. Along with many other diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, chronic back pain, extreme allergies and sensitivities to certain foods and chemicals, chronic headaches and more. 


I lived my life in fear because I felt that my own body was going against me. Every second was spent wondering if the next second would involve a painful spasm of some sort. I felt like my body hated me - I grew to mistrust it. I wished for a new body and a new life every second of every day.  I remember I would lock myself in the closet in the dark, hidden away from the world to cry and exhaust myself until I could pretend that I didn't exist anymore. For three straight years I suffered in a constant state of depression and anxiety. I tried my very best to not let my chronic illness affect my life, but it was hopeless. 


I had lost my job because I could no longer work. I lost most of my friends because they didn't understand what I was going through - I could no longer go out and have fun like a normal person. I even lost some of my family members in my state of chronic illness - many of them thought that I was lying about my illness. In short, I wanted to die. 


Anything I tried, any doctor I went to or therapy I implemented or supplement I took never helped my pain or heal my symptoms. Some things like certain supplements, creams or massages would provide temporary relief but the pain and fatigue would just come right back a few days later. I was trapped. Any doctors I went to would dismiss my pains saying that it was just from stress; some would even say I was making it up and recommended I see a psychologist! This was coming from a Rheumatologist - who I thought at the time was my last hope at healing myself. I was crushed. 

The medical community had failed me. I had hit rock bottom. 


I spent most of every day in bed, not having the energy and being in too much pain to do anything. I remember thinking to myself how can this be the rest of my life? I'm only 23 years old. I wished for a new body every single day, even if it meant dying to hopefully gain another new and healthy one in the next life. At 23 years old I felt robbed of my young life. All the goals and high hopes I had set for myself were no longer an option. All my ambitions were replaced with: "I wonder if I'll have enough energy to get out of bed today? I wonder if I can have enough energy to shower today? I wonder if I'll feel at least a little better to be able to visit my mom, dad, and sister this weekend?" Most days I wished for the end. Thankfully this is not my life today and I was able to heal from my many diseases through the power of detoxification! When I found out about detoxification and how to heal the body, I dove right into my healing. 

Detoxification was my golden key to getting out of my pain and suffering. Eating fruits and herbs and following a raw vegan diet truly saved me. They cleansed my body of all the acids and toxins that were causing me pain, they gave me an energy I didn't even know was possible to experience. My extensive list of health issues disappeared, many at the same time! My eyes were opened for the first time to the truth. That people were so confused about what path to take to heal disease because society and the government cause this confusion. The entire concept of nutrition for example; We are all taught from a very young age that we have to eat meat and drink cow's milk to survive when in reality it is these very foods that cause disease in the body. All animal products and foods high in protein are extremely acidic to the human body and very hard to break down. This causes damage to vital organs like the kidneys and the colon which are the main channels of elimination that keep everything flowing in the body and keep the human body disease free. 

The True Cause of Disease:

1. Obstructions - mucus congestion, acidic chemistry (from a diet of high protein, animal products, cooked foods, grains, etc), parasites (microscopic like fungus, viruses, bacteria, candida) or (rope worms, liver flukes, tapeworms), chemicals like sulfur, heavy metals, etc. 

2. Over Acidity - cellular acidic wastes trapped in the body unable to be detoxed out due to lymphatic weakness and kidney weakness. Acids destroy the tissues, organs, and glands of the body.

3. Organ/Gland Weakness - Gland weakness especially is very prevalent among many people. It can consist of thyroid weakness, adrenal weakness, parathyroid weakness, pituitary weakness, pineal weakness, thymus weakness.


Depending on where these obstructions are located in the body, what level of toxicity the person has, and what particular set of organs or glands are weak is what will correlate with the person's symptoms and what disease they label you with. Location is everything. The severity of tissue damage in the body as well as how stagnant the lymphatic system lets us know how much work in detoxing is ahead of us to heal and how strong we need to be in our approach with our cleansing diet and herbal formulas we take. 

If your body is very unwell and your ill health has had an impact on the quality of your life, you must know what your body's blueprint is: your genetic weaknesses, your level of lymphatic congestion, and the condition of your glands and organs in order to heal yourself. You cannot heal the body completely without knowing this information.

A detox specialist takes all these factors into consideration when building the perfect healing protocol for a person to successfully heal their diseases and health issues. 

To keep good health, the body must be more alkaline than it is acidic. If acids win and take over - you lose and get disease or even die. We are simply not taught this information. Doctors are not taught this either. This true healing information and the true healers of the world are kept in the dark. They don't want people getting well. To the medical industry, there is no money to be made if the sick are healed. 

When I was healed following all the information I had studied on detoxification, I knew I had found my path. I spent many years studying how to heal the human body. I then wanted to share this information with the world. I wanted to educate everyone that was willing to listen so I could change their lives, especially those that had been suffering from illnesses for so long. I have healed those with diseases that society labels as the most incurable diseases, like cancer and auto-immune disorders. I, like many others, used to fear these diseases. Now, I am empowered with truth and I pass this on to my clients. I thank the universe every day for finding this way of healing. If I hadn't, I would most likely still be bedridden, in horrible pain, and possibly with even more serious illnesses today. Maybe I would have lost my mind or would have died by now. It sure felt like my body was headed that way. This way of healing was truly heaven-sent. 

I had always had this unquenchable thirst for learning about the body and health, ever since I was 14 years old. Years ago when I was in college, I was a pre-med student majoring in biology. The human body fascinated me. I knew that I wanted to be a healer, to service people using my brains and empathy to help people heal from suffering. I have had a lot of suffering in my life, even up until that point, and I didn't want anyone to experience that if I could help it! 


Thinking back to everything that I've been through both when I was sick and also during my detox journey, I've realized all of my hardships that tested my very spirit were all necessary so I could have the unwavering drive in my heart to help those that are suffering right now. If I hadn't gone through all the experiences with the deterioration of my own health, and then later on going through the true detoxification process with fruits and herbs to heal myself, I would not have developed the passion necessary to help people with all different "incurable" diseases completely heal and have their lives changed forever! 

I believe in this true path to healing the body and forever will. I have seen every single person go on a detoxification program have their illnesses completely healed and their lives transformed! Many people dream of finding the answer to their health every day and many spend years searching for that answer and never find it. If you are reading this, I want to let you know how lucky you are. It is because you are reading this that the universe knows you are ready to move on to the next step in your healing. Whatever illness you have, for however long you have had it, there is always hope. Never give up. I have seen miracles with detoxification. With dedication, focus, and an open heart, everything is possible! 

It is my hope that this website finds the people that are suffering and need to hear this information. If I can change even one life, it would have all been worth it. When you help one human being, you help all of humanity. One human being can create a ripple effect. Just as I found my cure to my chronic illnesses, others have been inspired by my healing journey and I have helped them heal their own diseases. 


There are so many people suffering from illnesses in the world today when they shouldn't have to - it is all fixable! My heart goes out to everyone in this position. This is why I am here; to spread the truth and heal those that are tired of being sick! When I was sick, I wasn't living, I was merely existing because I was trapped in a sick body. 


It is my mission to spread this life-saving knowledge to everyone that needs it and is desperately looking to heal their body once and for all. I've been there. I was helpless and many times I almost gave up. Thank goodness I didn't because today I am here, completely healed and ready to guide you in your own healing!

Raw foods, fruits, fasting, and herbs are the true healers of all diseases!

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