Detox Package -  $400


  • A Health Assessment​

  • An Iridology Analysis

  • A Complete Healing Herbal Protocol 

  • A Detox Diet Plan specific to you and your health issues

  • A One on One Phone or Skype Consultation ​ 

  • Educational Detox Materials: Charts, Files, Instructions, and Tools

  • Limited Support Included for 1-week after results are sent

  • Placing of your entire herb order is included with this package (Locations Vary)*

Start your detox full force with this package to see the ultimate results in your health! 

*Herbal formulas sold separately 

The Master Your Health Initial Package includes everything you need to heal from any disease! With the Master Your Health Detox Package, we will be able to pinpoint the exact causes of all your health issues including the systems, organs, and glands of your body that are currently down, obstructed, acidic or toxic, and how we can fix these issues and turn your health completely around!

Through an in-depth analysis of your diet, your symptoms, your genetic history, and the signs in your irises through iridology, we will build you the perfect healing system to reverse all your health issues! This includes a healing detox diet plan and herbal protocol specific to healing you from head to toe!

Program -  $1250

Included In the 4-Week Period:

  • Complete Health Assessment

  • An Iris Analysis + In-Depth Iris Report

  • Complete Herbal Protocol

  • 3 Phone Consultations

  • Emergency Communication through Email, Instagram, or Facebook for Detox Symptoms

  • 2 Follow Up Emails

  • All Reassessments Included In 4 Week Period

  • A Detox Diet Plan Specific To You and Your Specific Health Issues 

  • Educational Detox Materials: Charts, Files, Instructions, and Tools

  • Placing of Your Entire Herb Order Is Included With This Program (Locations Vary)*

*Herbal formulas sold separately 

1 VIP Program per client

With the VIP Complete Support Program, not only will we be able to pinpoint the exact causes of all your health issues including the systems, organs, and glands of your body that are currently down, obstructed, acidic or toxic, but this program will give you emergency and weekly access in order to answer any arising symptoms and hold you accountable on your detox journey!

 All of the features of the Master Your Health Package are included in this VIP Program. In addition to everything included in the MYH Package, the VIP Program includes the essential communication needed for those who need personalized and constant guidance as well as those who may need to be held accountable on their detoxification journey!

In-Depth Iris Analysis -  $200

Send pictures of both of your eyes and we will analyze all the signs in your irises! With this detailed Iridology report you will finally be able to know all the exact areas in your body that need your immediate attention.


This iris report will note:

  • What your constitution is

  • Any drug or chemical deposits in the body

  • Signs of malabsorption

  • Toxicity in the bowels

  • Gland weaknesses

  • Areas of congestion

  • Tissue degeneration

  • and more. 


This in-depth analysis will show us the true state of your current health for your entire body from head to toe, showing us what is really causing all of your health issues.

Download these instructions on how to take the perfect eye photos for an iris reading: Download Here

If you are looking for current service offers- Click here

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Either Option Include Herbal Formulas?

A: No, Herbal formulas are sold separately.

Q: How Much Do The Formulas Cost And How Long Do They Last?

A: The majority range from $25-$27, certain formulas cost more. At full dosage, they can last 2-3 weeks. Some last longer such as teas and blends.

Q: I Recently Had Work Completed By Another Specialist; Can You Use Their Work To Write My Protocol?

A: Due to my determination and thoroughness I prefer to go through the whole process in order achieve maximum accuracy and healing for each client.

Q: I Live In Another Country, Can I Still Book Your Services?

A: Of course! All services are completed through a combination of Skype, phone, and Email.

Q: Do I Have To Lose Weight? What If I Am Already Underweight?

A: The body rids itself of any obstructions, tissue, and toxicity that will hold it back from healing. As the body continues into deeper detoxification, clients can find themselves losing weight. Healthy weight returns once deep detoxification has been completed.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get An Initial Consultation?

A: Depending on how many clients I have it can generally take around 4-6 weeks for me to reach out to schedule a consultation. If this seems like too long of a time frame for you, I do offer an Expedited Results option which you gain access to after booking the MYH Package!