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How to Detox Sulfur!

In today's post we will discuss sulfur accumulations - a widespread problem in many people that so many are unaware of! As a detox specialist, I have noticed certain similarities between certain people that come to me for healing, especially in those that I have helped in reversing their chronic health issues. It is this – a lot of sulfur accumulations! They are rampant in people's bodies nowadays! This is a major cause for concern because sulfur is a highly acidic compound gas that burns the tissues of the body and destroys all the organs and glands. What I have noticed is that those with sulfur stuck in their body (especially if it has been in there for years) tend to suffer the most with a host of health problems - a lot of inflammation, digestive distress, gut issues, extreme sensitivities, chronic fatigue - and most of all burning pain. Sulfur deposits are one of the first things I notice when analyzing someone's health case in all their symptoms they express, their health history, genetic family history and in their eyes. Sadly, so many are suffering from the hands of medical doctors recommending sulfur drugs. It has become an issue that I feel so strongly about because of how many are suffering from years of taking sulfur, without realizing the harmful effects that it will one day have on their bodies. So many beautiful souls are now bedridden and struggling to heal because of sulfur deposits. This has to stop.

What is Sulfur?

So, what exactly is sulfur and how do people end up ingesting it? Simply put, sulfur is an irritant, highly inflammatory gas compound that is an extreme suppressant of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the very system that is responsible for whether you get a disease or not - since 99% of all health issues have their root cause in the stagnation of this system. The lymphatic system is the system that runs all throughout your body - much like the circulatory system - that is responsible for eliminating all acids, obstructions, wastes and toxins from the body. These acidic wastes are either from cellular wastes in your body or are ingested daily in what you eat, drink, breathe in, or put on your skin. These acid wastes break down tissues in the body if the lymphatic system is not functioning optimally. In those with stagnation in this lymphatic system - this is when we see many health issues arise. Those suffering with many health issues that have been in and out of doctors' offices for years will tell you that they have been given antibiotics time and time again as the solution to their health issues. I have consistently found that many people suffering with "autoimmune diseases" have large amounts of sulfur in their bodies. Those suffering with diseases like fibromyalgia, arthritis, lymes, lupus, and candida overgrowth almost always have sulfur accumulations if they have been down the allopathy road. This is because sulfur is most commonly found in antibiotics! However, even though antibiotics may take away the pain or problem temporarily, it actually makes matters much worse. Anti-biotics are suppressive in their nature. This is all doctors know how to do - is to give people sulfur drugs because they do not understand what is causing their health issues and cannot help them. The only tools the medical community has to address everyone's health issues are suppressive drugs. It is unfortunate, because so many will never find the way to true healing and only know suffering since so many put their faith and trust in doctors, only to have them fail them time and time again. In order to heal diseases and completely reverse any health issues, one must absolutely understand the root cause of the problem (the weaknesses in their body) and how to heal them. The truth is this - All health issues and symptoms are messages from our body letting us know when there is something wrong going on within. Every symptom correlates to a specific gland, system or organ that is weak or congested in the body. Long-term antibiotic use will always cause more harm - especially in a lymphatically stagnant system to begin with. This is because true healing starts with the movement of this lymphatic system- through the correct diet and herbs. Through iridology (looking at the eyes), we can see accumulation of sulfur in the body and even see the exact places where it stuck in the body. It is imperative to get rid of this sulfur through detoxification if one is to completely heal their health issues. Long term sulfur accumulations in the body leads to the destruction and degeneration of tissue – even causing cancer - cell death. So many use pharmaceuticals today to treat their symptoms, but never address the root cause of their health issues and even make matters worse for themselves! Today we will discuss what sulfur looks like in the iris, symptoms of sulfur accumulation, and how to detox it out of the body!

Symptoms of Sulfur Accumulation

People that have sulfur accumulations in their body usually experience the following symptoms: gas problems and constant bloating, the feeling of constantly burning on the inside, especially burning of the Gi Tract like constant acid reflux (stomach, esophagus, colon) - many suffer from gastritis, enteritis diarrhea/constipation or IBS, major feeling of dehydration, dry eyes, nausea and vomiting, inability to keep food down, itchiness of the skin/skin issues, and more. People with sulfur also tend to be high fungal cases with candida. Since sulfur is an extreme lymphatic suppressant, I often find that those with sulfur almost always have candida and fungal issues. Often, they are expressed through itchiness of the skin, or strong cravings for starches like bread, rice and potatoes, or uncontrollable mood swings. This is because sulfur is a fungal proliferator. Parasites (both large and microbial), love sulfur - it is like candy to them. It creates the perfect environment of fermentation that they thrive in. Those with sulfur also tend to suffer from digestive distress when trying to consume certain foods - like cruciferous vegetables. This is because foods like broccoli, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower contain some amounts of natural sulfur in them. Now, the body can use natural sulfur from these foods in a minor way to where it can be beneficial – however this is not the case where you already have an overaccumulation of sulfur backing up in your body! Those with sulfur accumulations should avoid these types of foods during their detox journey to avoid extreme discomfort. After sulfur is detoxed out of the body, one can enjoy these foods without much distress once again.

Dispelling the Myth of Sulfur being Healing

As I mentioned before, the medical establishment still uses sulfur as one of the main ways to address health issues. They still think it is a miracle cure. Since they do not understand the true cause of illness and even how to heal and reverse them, they use sulfur as a suppressant in their medications they recommend to people. It is my belief that this mentally has even made its way into the "natural" thinking and natural alternative circles. Most notably in supplements sold in natural markets. Many claim that supplements using compounds from broccoli and other cruciferous veggies can be healing to cancer when nothing can be further from the truth. Cancer is an acidosis issue and a lymphatic issue first and foremost. High amounts of sulfur in an already acidic body (such as those with cancer) cannot benefit from sulfur in any form. Cruciferous veggies and sulfur can never detox cancer out of the body – only raw foods, predominately fruits and powerful herbs with their hydrating, alkalizing and astringent factors all in one can do that!

The same can be said about MSM and Glucosamine – A Sulfur Supplement. Those with chronic illnesses such as Lyme, Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are often advised by naturopaths to take MSM and glucosamine for joint pain relief. However, when looking at the true cause of these health issues – we see that the reason these people suffer from pain in the first place is due to major acidosis in the entire body. It would therefore not make any sense to suggest a sulfur compound that is already acidic in nature. I have never seen msm or sulfur heal chronic issues in any capacity, and I personally did not heal when I took it many years ago when I myself was ill with chronic illnesses. The last thing you want to do is put acids and isolates in your body when you are trying to take them out to heal through detoxification! Whenever you bring excess chemistry of one kind into your body – it is going to be antagonistic to another. Isolates cannot be used by the body in a world where chemistry is synergistically bonded and properly ratioed. Humans do not know how to properly ratio chemistry like nature does - yet humans continue to replicate nature in attempts to substitute it and pass it on as superior than from the straight source. Oranges will always be superior to isolated vitamin c. Fruits, raw foods and herbs - all unaltered foods, are in perfect balance within their chemistry and are therefore the most healing. This is why I do not recommend isolated supplements of any kind in a true healing protocol.

The Sulfur and Detox Dilemma

I have found many people with sulfur have the most stubborn lymphatic systems and can take some time to heal – but heal they must! This is because antibiotics have suppressed the lymphatic system by shoving acids and obstructions deep into the cells for so long - that the lymphatic system becomes incredibly hard to move - it can even take quite some time to rehydrate the body with raw foods before the body starts loosening up obstructions and responding to their detox program. With detoxification, we focus on pumping this lymphatic system to detox sulfur out of the body through the bowels, skin and urine. People detoxing sulfur out of their body will notice during their healing journey that they will expel it in the form of yellow or orange stools (colon), orange urine (kidneys), or even through sweating (skin). I have worked with cases that have had so much sulfur that they started expelling this sulfur gas through the skin as a rotten egg-like smell. This smell is from the very acidic gas that destroys the tissues in the body. As they say, better out than in! It can take some time to see these results depending on the case - because sulfur acts like super glue in the body, binding the lymph system, but it is absolutely essential to see this come out in order to heal. Detox is all about getting all these nasties out of your body so you can become your true vibrant self and shine health from within!

Signs of Sulfur in the Eyes

Sulfur is recognizable as either bright yellow or orange in the irises of a person. Sulfur tends to like to stick in the bowel wall (location being directly around the pupil in the center of the iris). People with sulfur deposits such as this tend to have autoimmune disorders like arthritis, lupus, lymes and tend to suffer with a lot of physical pains and body exhaustion. These people also tend to have extreme colon or gi tract issues like gastritis, enteritis, ibs or any other inflammatory bowel diseases. This is because sulfur, being so acidic, starts to burn and chew on the bowel wall. The bowels then lose their integrity and can either start to prolapse, become spastic, balloon or scar. Another sign I look for when examining a client's eyes is how long has the sulfur been in their body. The one way to tell if it has been a long-time issue is to look at their lymph nodes section in the iris (around the circumference on inside of the iris). If a lymphatic rosary is seen (swelling of the lymph nodes) and they are yellow, this means that the sulfur has been in their body for many years - decades even. Now, not all yellow in an iris is to be confused with sulfur. It takes a trained detox specialist to recognize the difference between sulfur and just a subacute stage of lymphatic congestion (which is also yellow). This is why it is important to work with an experienced detox specialist to help you on your journey to complete healing of your health issues. One would have a different diet and herbal protocol altogether depending if this sign is sulfur or if it is subacute lymph congestion.

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Sulfur Additives

Sulfur is not only found in medications - but also makes its sneaky way into many foods and products that most people are consuming in one way or another. It is common to find things like sulfites and sulfates used as preservatives in dried fruits and in preservatives for body care products like shampoos for instance. For dried fruits - fruits like apricots and figs are preserve with sulfur dioxide to maintain its freshness and color. So many are unknowingly ingesting harmful suppressive compounds daily that accumulate in their bodies and cause so much damage to their tissues and organs. This is why it is always important to read labels and avoid chemical ingredients which are often always acidic. Sadly, we all live in society that tries to rob you of your health daily. We all must become educated and conscious in our actions if we want to maintaining our health and the health of our families. Deep Healing of the body occurs when one consumes as natural of a diet as possible and follows as clean of a lifestyle as possible. What you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin is all absorbed by the cells of your body, affecting the organs within.

Detoxing Sulfur Out of the Body!

When it comes to detoxing sulfur out, pumping of the lymphatic system is essential, as is cleansing the colon. Sulfur is most notoriously found in the colon region of the body (seen surrounding the pupil in the iris) and also in the lymph tissue and lymph nodes of the body. These areas must be detoxed with specific powerful herbal formulas that will deeply detox the cells of sulfur. Single herbs are not powerful enough to pull on the lymph system and expel sulfur - a synergistic formula of many herbs working together is necessary in order to accomplish this. Sadly, the overuse of chemical medications, incorrect diet, and genetic weaknesses passed down have dug humanity into extreme weaknesses in the body. More power is needed than just single herbs or just diet change. The highest power of healing comes from knowing all the specific root causes of your health issues in your body and completely reversing them through the correct healing diet and herbal protocol. This is why it is important to work with a detox specialist that is experienced in helping people reverse these health issues. Through a complete Health Assessment, analyzing of the eyes through iridology, seeing what genetic weaknesses one is facing/areas of toxicity/and complete health history, a healing protocol specific to the individual is created that will truly heal all their health issues. Among some of the herbal formulas that are most effective at detoxing sulfur that I recommend to my clients are the stomach and bowel formula (to pull on the lymph system and acidosis in the stomach wall and bowels), the lymphatic and lymph node formula (that will also work on pulling lymph and supporting the lymph nodes – remember, those with sulfur have a hard time with lymph stagnation and often have sulfur burning away at the lymph nodes – destroying them!). Lastly, the GI Broom formula is necessary to deeply pull on sulfur within the bowel walls. For diet, following a hydrating, raw diet - of mostly astringent fruits, is absolutely essential in healing and removing toxicity from the body. One fruit in particular that is fantastic at removing sulfur from the body is fresh pressed raw apple juice (with raw lemon/lime juice mixed in for extra power!) I have found people expelling orange sulfur from their bowels upon drinking this juice. Remember - Persistence is key to healing the body. One must never give up on this true healing path.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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