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3 Signs Your Body is Detoxing!

With true detoxification, comes the experiencing of detox symptoms. Many of you have requested that I talk about this topic. When you are in the midst of your detox, it can be difficult to tell if what you are feeling is normal. Questions like: "Am I actually getting any better or am I just getting worse?" and "How do I know I'm making progress and healing in my detox?" are quite common questions that I hear from those on this detox path. Understandably so, I know detox symptoms can be unpleasant, but I'm here to tell you today that they are a necessary part of the healing process of reversing all health issues. If someone is on a detox program and they are not having any detox symptoms, I would question their protocol. As the body is finally given a chance to release all acidic wastes, obstructions and mucus occluding its pathways through the correct astringent and alkalizing diet with the fruits and the herbs, the cause of disease is reversed. Detox symptoms are the number one way that the body lets us know that lymph is moving, that toxins are being stirred up and that our diet and herbal protocol are powerful enough to start expectoration! Embrace them! There are some detox symptoms you want to avoid having and others that are clear signs of healing! In this article today, we will discuss some of the top detox symptoms you should be seeing that are excellent signs that your body is moving in the right direction towards healing!

This first detox symptom may come as a surprise to many people - one of the top symptoms I look out for when healing someone is bruising! This occurs after some time on the raw diet and herbal protocol I put someone on. Now, not everyone will experience bruising as there is a long list of hundreds of detox symptoms one can possible experience, but I do find that this one consistently makes itself known when someone is very deep into their detox (many times several months in). These types of bruises do not come from accidentally bumping into something, nor do they hurt. This bruising phenomenon actually occurs when old weak tissue is being broken down in place for new stronger tissue to take its place! Through detoxification comes the healing and reparation of the entire body and all of its weaknesses, be it any tissue, gland, organ, or system - the body will always get rid of that which is weak and was built on an acidic (protein diet) in exchange for new healthy tissue to be rebuilt with a hydrating, astringent and alkaline diet. There is nothing to fear from this though - the body is intelligent and will do this at a safe pace. Similar to when you get a cut and the body starts to heal it immediately with a scab. The body is a self-healing machine. When it comes to having major health issues - it only needs the right tools through diet and herbs to be able to fully heal. This type of bruising that comes about when one is deep into detoxification. Now, this is not to be confused with the bruising that one gets from having an actual weakness of the parathyroid gland. If someone regularly bruises all of the time (despite being on a detox protocol), it is from lack of calcium utilization of the body (a parathyroid gland weakness), and this type of bruising hurts. Losing calcium from ones' tissues due to acidosis and gland weaknesses can result in not only bruising, but prolapsing of organs, depression, spider veins and varicose veins, hemorrhoids and hernias, bladder weakness, brittle and weak fingernails and more. Knowing your specific organ and gland weaknesses is essential information when healing the body. Through working with a detox specialist that can see your body as a whole through the symptoms your body shows, your complete health history and through the signs in your eyes (with iridology), one can then address the root causes of their health issues with specific herbs and a diet plan to reverse all disease.

This next symptom is also quite interesting. I have seen many people on the true detox path see this sign of cleansing and that is an oozing of substances from their hands and feet. The most common one I have seen people experience (and personally went through during my own detox), is a white flaky substance coming out from the hands and fingers. People tend to notice this one because of the strange feeling when the fingers are closed or rubbed together. It is a coarse feeling – feeling almost like sand, crystalized powder, or wood shavings. It is fascinating to see deep detoxification at this level. The body will release innumerable substances out through every channel it can in order to completely heal itself and create the proper environment for reparations to take place. One of the biggest channels of elimination is the skin. It is my belief that this particular substance being released are possibly calcifications coming out from the joints and out of the body. I do not believe that these are acids as when acids start coming out through the skin they usually result in itching, burning or redness – therefore calcifications coming out of the body makes more sense as calcium is alkaline and does not result in itching or burning of the skin. The body often uses the skin as its third kidney to eliminate wastes and obstructions when the kidneys are simply too far for the lymph system to reach. In this case the fingers are very far from the kidneys and so the body chooses to expel these obstructions from the skin as the fastest for the body to achieve healing! This particular substance can sometimes be washed off, but the body will then quickly ooze them out again. My recommendation is to just let the body be during this time. Do not apply lotions or anything else to try and mask this symptom - or almost any other symptom. We always want to keep the skin open to elimination to completely heal the body. This detox symptom only tends to stick around for a temporary time, so always take advantage of this deep cleansing effect when you get it! Detox doesn't always look pretty, in fact, many people feel they look worse at certain points during their detox (because the body is getting rid of weak tissue to replace with new healthy tissue). Patience and trust in the body's natural ability to heal is necessary for the person on this true healing path. One will not always get the understanding from those around them (from family members or friends) - so knowing as much as you can about your own body during your healing journey is essential to having confidence that you are on the right path to healing and you are doing everything you can in order to gain complete health and freedom once again!

The last detox symptom I will discuss today is the one that tends to worry people the most when they experience it and that is - Pain. Specifically pain in old injuries or in degenerative areas of the body. During detoxification, the body works on healing and cleansing all areas simultaneously. One moment it can work on detoxing and healing the stomach, the next moment it is already on to detoxing and healing the shoulder, then the ribs, then the knees! - in just a short time span one can feel many different sensations of the lymph system being pulled in these areas. This working of the body is often what I refer to as roaming detox pains. These short-lived detox pains come from the body's lymph system finally pulling on acids in areas of deep weaknesses in order to be eliminated. These acids were once shoved deep into the cells and tissues of the body, and one can experience sensations as they are finally being pulled out to finally be eliminated! These pains are an excellent sign that the body is responding positively to true detoxification. Of course, these can be somewhat scary if someone does not understand what is going on. You see, these pains will usually be experienced in areas you have not really ever felt pain before. This is because the body is working on healing degenerative areas. Degenerative areas of the body are areas in which the tissue has already broken down to the point where not much circulation, activity or nerve function is present in that area - so normally you tend to not feel pain in these areas in your day to day life. Degenerative areas of the body take the longest time to heal since they have been "atrophied" so to speak for a long time, so the body starts working on them right away! Areas of degeneration (or deterioration) can be anything from a gland, to an organ, or tissue of the body - even part of the structural body. Degeneration of tissue, glands and organs can be seen through analyzing of the eyes and seeing one's symptoms. In a complete assessment of the body, an iris analysis will show the areas of the body that are genetically weak or have deteriorated. These are the areas that are focused on the most during the healing of the body. It is these very areas that are taken into account the most as the causative factors for someone's health issues and they are the main areas that are worked on through specific herbal formulas that reawaken and strengthen these cells. During detoxification and repairing of the tissues, a reversal occurs, the body will take the tissue from the degenerative stage (no activity - hypo-activity), to the chronic stage (some activity), then to the acute stage (hyperactivity), and finally to complete health (normal healthy tissue). This working backwards is what it truly takes to heal the body and only is possible with true detoxification. The body is the ultimate healing machine. If you give it the proper tools to succeed and support it, it will work with you as a trusted friend to achieve the completely healing of all your health issues!

There are many other detox symptoms to be on the lookout for - some are good signs of healing like the ones mentioned in this article and there are other detox symptoms that you should not experience in order for good detoxification to be taking place in your body. It is always recommended to work with a detox specialist who has had advanced experience with detoxification in helping people healing serious health conditions. This will ensure that you are doing the detox program correctly and are getting the most benefit from it. Those having a difficult time on their detox journeys or are unsure whether or not certain detox symptoms are normal for them, should work with a detox specialist like myself that can guide them down the road to successful healing of their health issues. I highly recommend working with me on a month to month basis. Those that have seen the best results in healing their health issues have worked closely and consistently with me. With the benefits of full communication that comes in a detox package, I am able to read detox symptoms regularly and help someone navigate the detox waters to see the best and fastest results in their healing. When you understand the signs and symptoms that your body is showing you, you can then work with your body in helping it achieve your ultimate healing and health goals. The body is your ally and wants to see you heal! - symptoms are sacred messengers telling us what is wrong and what is right during a healing journey. Those who can read and recognize these various symptoms and respect the body's intelligence, are the true healers that are coming forth in today's world. I am proud to be one of them and share this information with all of you today so that you may heal. <3

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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