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How to Achieve Kidney Filtration!

For the many people suffering from illnesses nowadays, it is a sad reality that most do not know about the importance of kidney filtration. Most people are taught from early on in life that if their urine is clear, that they are well hydrated and healthy. I'm here to tell you that nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to maintaining the health of the human body - and especially when it comes to healing disease. It is in fact when someone goes on the detoxification path of eating raw foods and taking herbs that their urine starts to turn darker, cloudier, with mucus strands! Some people may notice this and start rushing to their doctor, but it is perfectly normal to experience this! You could say that it is absolutely necessary to see this sign in order to truly heal yourself and become as healthy as you can be. This is one of the key components to healing the body of disease and what I always want my clients to achieve in order to heal themselves!

This is because the kidneys are the main eliminative organs of the body.

The kidneys are tied to the lymphatic system, which is the system that brings all the body's wastes to the kidneys in order to be eliminated. When the kidneys become weakened, inflamed, and lose their filtration capabilities, this is when the build-up of wastes starts to occur - and with time will overburden the body. These wastes (cellular, metabolic, chemical and environmental) are all acidic in nature and will start to destroy the tissues of the glands, organs and systems of the body, causing many different diseases in people. In order to keep the body healthy, one must maintain the right acid/alkaline balance. If your body falls too far onto the acid side, this is when we see major health issues occur. This is why the lymphatic system is the body's main protective system (large part of the immune system), and the kidneys are the main doorways to detoxification and healing. Following the wrong diet will stop kidney filtration and will overburden the lymphatic system. The worst foods that stop filtration is protein foods and sadly, many are following high protein diets today. The fact is - When your urine is clear, you are in trouble. It means you are not filtering these acidic wastes out. The root cause of most diseases can be traced back to acidosis, obstructions and toxicity in the body. To truly heal, one must encourage filtration of the kidneys. To achieve filtration of the kidneys again can take some time and persistence (especially when one's kidneys have not been filtering for years), but with the right tools - you can turn them back on to truly start to detox and heal your body!

The most important tip to achieve kidney filtration is to make sure you are following the correct diet. A diet high in fruits and raw foods will be the most healing to the kidneys, bringing down inflammation in these important little organs and pumping the lymphatic system to start eliminating wastes. Fruits are the most healing foods on the planet. The hydration and astringency from fruits are perfect to clean the body and all its cells. The worst foods that actually damage the kidneys and bring upon pain to the body are protein foods. These are foods that stop kidney filtration. These foods include things like animal meats, beans and legumes, wheat and gluten products, mock meats, nuts and grains. A good rule of thumb is to avoid all foods high in protein as best as you can when following a detox diet to heal. Proteins stop detoxification and are among the most acidic foods in the human body. The protein myth we have all been fed since we were young is a lie. Instead of following a diet high in proteins, we must shift our mentality and realize what proteins actually are - just a long chain of amino acids. All foods contain amino acids. Focusing on amino acids from fruits is the healthiest way of living for humans. This is the ideal food that will keep you healthy and healing. Focus on the most detoxifying foods on the planet to achieve kidney filtration.

The next tip is to make sure your adrenal glands are working in tip top shape. The adrenal glands sit right on top of each kidney and are the doorways to the kidneys that control kidney filtration. Here's one way you can tell if your adrenal glands are low in their function - check your blood pressure! Those with low blood pressure always have weak adrenal glands. Low blood pressure is anything below 120 for the top number (systolic number). Those with adrenal fatigue have numbers in the low hundreds and even 90s and 80s - I've seen it in my clients and can say it is very common, especially in today's younger generation - those that are 35 years old and younger. Most of the population has some level of adrenal weakness since we sadly live in a society in which we are faced with stress on a daily basis. Chronic illness is on the rise each year and the adrenal glands are a major part of that picture of disease. Those with chronic illnesses always have weak adrenal glands! It is shocking how deteriorated these glands can become in an acidic environment. But all is not lost! You can start to reawaken and perk up these adrenal glands by eating berries. Berries are one of the top healing foods to consume during detoxification because they work on all of the glands of the body. Healing berries include blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes (yes, I consider grapes a berry.) For those in pain, I do not recommend consuming blackberries however, since these fruits are usually picked unripe (unripe fruit is acidic in the body). In individuals with highly acidic bodies, it is important to keep away from all acidic foods and that includes under ripe fruit!

Another excellent tip to boost your adrenal gland function to achieve kidney filtration is to rest. Resting and relaxation gives your adrenal glands a chance to heal and recharge. When the body is under stress - including physical stress, it shifts from the elimination neurotransmitters the adrenal glands release (like acetylcholine) to instead pumping adrenaline! Thus in turn, this stress creates more wastes and less elimination. Those with adrenal fatigue should not spend hours doing strenuous exercise at the gym. This will lead to adrenal burnout! One should heal their adrenal glands and detox their body first before trying to build a strong body at the gym. A sick body is a body with a weak foundation - and true health and healing from a disease cannot be found through working out (quite the opposite!) Detoxification first, will build a healthy foundation onto which you can build a strong body at the gym after you have detoxed and healed. You cannot focus on both at once - it is impossible to achieve deep healing while still trying to build the body. If you are ill, you will want to take this time to rest and release acidosis. Detox may take some time, but true healing does! Be patient. It can take months or a year or two to clean and repair the body of decades of damage! Take this time to Detox and then you can rebuild your healed body on an alkaline ground afterwards!

Once you have been following a raw diet for a few months, fasting is also something that should be considered to take your detoxification to the next level. Fasts like grape fasting (a type of mono fruit fast) and intermittent dry fasting (a window of the day spent not eating or drinking anything), can really do wonders to allow the body to go into healing mode and open up the kidneys to filtering. Here's the truth: The more simple the diet is, the less energy the body has to spend on digestion – thus all this energy can then go into detoxification and healing! This is why heavy foods and cooked foods stop the detox process, while easy-to-digest foods like fruits enhance the detoxification and healing process. Something to be aware of: Long fasts are not for everyone as each individual is different and has their own set of weaknesses. In people with moderate to severe malabsorption issues, excessive thinness and/or those with low blood pressure or blood sugar issues, long fasts can be difficult and not recommended. When I say long fasts I mean like a month or longer of juice fasting, or six months of a mono fruit fast for instance. This is not to say that one should not do their very best to dig deep with their diet, but it is something that I see many people doing that have the mentioned weaknesses above and sadly today they are still suffering the consequences. For these individuals, other tools (like those mentioned in this blog), should be used to get the kidneys to filter. Another thing to be aware of: With fasting often comes common detoxification symptoms as the body starts to eliminate obstructions from within. Many times, one can also experience a healing crisis. What a healing crisis looks like will depend on what specific weaknesses the individual is faced with as the body is cleansing and healing these areas. The body will show its true state of health and bring these organ and gland weaknesses to light when going through the detox journey. One should know what their specific organ and gland weaknesses are (these are different for everyone) in order to fully heal on their journey. I recommend getting a Health Assessment of your entire body done to have the best and most effective protocol in place. When you know what your weaknesses are, you can then use the right herbal formulas that your body needs in order to heal and then follow the perfect diet fit for your exact needs as an individual.

Lastly, there are incredible herbs for the kidneys and adrenal glands that can help you achieve kidney filtration! I always recommend getting a strong potent formula, specific to helping you heal these organs during your detox journey. Most herbal supplements and tinctures found in health food stores are simply not strong enough to heal the tissues of these organs and glands - as well as move the lymphatic system. Understandably so, taking stronger herbal formulas does require the guidance of a detox specialist that has the proper knowledge and a lot of experience in fully healing the human body of disease. The herbal formulas I use with my clients are very potent, but are not available in stores as they are the most powerful, organic, wild-crafted and synergistic formulas that show the true capabilities of the herbal kingdom in healing the body of chronic and degenerative health issues. The sad fact is - corporations don't want to see people fully healed, otherwise, they would be losing out on a lot of money. They come out with herbal formulas just potent enough to make people see tiny improvements - enough to continue buying them, to become dependent on them - but never strong enough to completely heal them. The same can be said with medications. Both supplements and medications do not address the root causes of disease, create acidosis in the body and actually create customers dependent on them for life. A detoxification protocol with powerful herbs is absolutely necessary to completely heal diseases in today's world. A combination of strong powerful healing herbal formulas as well as taking raw herbs in your diet is even better. Raw herbs that are healing to the kidneys are dandelion greens, beet root and parsley - either chopped on top of a salad or juiced in a juicer (the latter being the most powerful!) Seaweeds like kelp, nori, and dulse also help to heal the adrenal glands - so include these into your diet as well. If you have low blood pressure, licorice root is extremely beneficial at healing the adrenal glands and raising blood pressure!

Detoxification with the raw food diet, herbs and some fasting will help you achieve kidney filtration to start eliminating all the obstructions within your body! This is true healing taking place that will set you free!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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