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One Simple and Effective Tool to Add to your Detox!

In today's post, I wanted to reveal an amazing detoxification tool that I have seen help so many over the years in my healing practice. It is on one of the most simple, yet effective practices one can do daily - yet almost no one knows about it, or if they do, they certainly underestimate its power!

So many people are currently suffering from head congestion, migraines, hair loss, allergies, and neck pain daily. Does this sound like you? What do all of these health issues have in common? All of these issues are related to having lymphatic congestion and stagnation in the head area that is simply not draining properly. If left unattended, (for many years as often is the case), this congestion and acidosis starts to breakdown the tissue in the head area. Deteriorating of tissue is definitely not what we want for the body! This leads to issues of the brain like memory loss, and often very young people are now experiencing this!

I see people express many different symptoms in correlation to this head congestion issue. I can get a good idea by looking at someone if they are suffering with this problem. Those with dandruff for example, you can see the lymphatic waste trying to escape their scalp (instead of going to the kidneys to exit the body). So how do we solve these issues? Through detoxification!

My healing philosophy is based on finding what the root cause of health issues really are - so that we can heal them forever. The fact is that humans get diseases and suffer from a host of health issues often from the same root cause – it always goes back to the lymphatic system. What is the lymphatic system exactly? Let's cover the basics of healing to gain a better understanding of the human body: The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems of the body. It is the single system that keeps our bodies from falling into illness. The lymphatic system is the body's main immune system. It is responsible for cleaning out all the wastes that the trillions of cells in your body produce each day. It also takes care of detoxing out all of the environmental toxins, acids, mucus, chemicals/drugs and more!

"What we do not expectorate, we accumulate!"

This accumulation causes damage to the tissues, organs and glands in the body and in turn causes many diseases. In those people with genetically weakened lymphatic systems, or those who have taken a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, this lymphatic system becomes suppressed to the point that it stops flowing and becomes hardened over time!

This is when we also see the creation of tumors and cancers; when this system stops flowing! The lymphatic system runs all along the body, much like the circulatory system. This lymph system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph fluid, lymph tissue and lymph nodes. This system is directly tied to the kidneys (which are the body's main channels of elimination.) I consistently see that those people with the most congested lymphatic systems also have extremely weakened kidneys. A detox diet is of absolute importance to getting the lymphatic system to start pumping again and also to start opening up the kidneys to eliminating acidic wastes from the body.

Now that we understand the basics of how the lymphatic system works, I can reveal to you one of the best detoxifying tools you can do!

One simple, but powerful detoxification tool that I recommend to my clients is what is known as the neurolymphatic massage. This massage hits the main neurolymphatic points down the spine and gets the lymph system to start draining down from the congested head area and down the back to the kidneys to help all these wastes be eliminated out of the body. This tool is amazing when implementing into a detoxification healing protocol. Done several times a week, it has the power to relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, low thyroid function, allergies, acne, and more. This is how you do the neurolymphatic massage:

*Energetically speaking, it is very important to be aware of the direction one does this massage. There are directions that strengthen and there are also directions that weaken. Clockwise strengthens and counterclockwise weakens. You could use the counterclockwise method in the few cases of hyperactivity, but almost always we want to strengthen the body and its respective tissues by going in the clockwise direction.

When doing this massage, start at the top portion of the spine (or the neck). Not on the spine itself, but rather on each side of the spine. Go clockwise and work down the entire back. Each neurolymphatic point relates to different organs: to the lungs, to the kidneys, to the heart, to all the different tissues and organs, just like in reflexology. Feel with your thumb, areas that may be hard. Work a little longer on these areas and then work your way down the spine. The area that many people have trouble with as I mentioned before is the kidneys. This neurolymphatic point is located in the mid-back and is often sore when massaged This is often a hard lymph site for many people that can be felt when massaging it. Most of the population today has kidney weakness, which is the cause of many diseases since these kidneys are tied to the amazing lymphatic system.

If you will be doing this massage often, it is best to ensure that your kidneys are filtering first. It is important to not overburden the kidneys. You want to make sure the kidneys are open to receiving wastes to be detoxed out of the body, otherwise acids will be recirculating the system and not exiting the body. Some people struggle with achieving kidney filtration during their detox journey, but it can always be achieved by addressing one's weaknesses with diet and herbs and implementing detox tools to open these channels up!

There are also neurolymphatic points in the front of the body, although these are more sensitive, so you have to be gentle! Refer to the chart on the right. Go clockwise again, down the sternum. This area is especially incredible to work on in people with heart palpitations or heart issues since these are lymphatic congestive issues that also in turn block nerve and blood flow to the heart. These areas can get very sore when massaged, so remember, don't press too hard. The work is being done through this gentle but deliberate lymph massage.

With this neurolymphatic massage you can use both fingers, massaging down each side of the spine at the same time, or you can use one finger and work on one side first and then the other side. You can also use your knuckles. Whatever way is best for you to get your lymph moving! Get someone to do this massage to you often during your healing journey, or if you don’t have someone available, you can go to a massage therapist that practices this type of massage.

Again, make sure your kidneys are filtering, especially before going to a massage therapist, as they tend to really dig deep into the lymph system! We would not want the body to start detoxifying too fast! Doing this massage regularly helps open the flow of lymph in the body to relieve congestion and pressure in the head, brain and neck, achieving overall body wellness and kicking your detox up to a whole other level!

Happy Healing! <3

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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