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How to Heal Autoimmune Disease!

In healing autoimmune conditions, there is one very important focus - the most important focus that you must have if you are going to heal. That is - strengthening all the cellular weaknesses in your body.

You see - your body’s immune system has a role - and its role is to get rid of that which is weak or a threat within the body. This includes foreign invaders, foreign proteins, metals, acids, toxicity, and yes - even cells that have reached a toxic and weakened state!

Immune cells are specifically designed to attack and consume weak, mutant, dying, or parasitically involved cells. Natural killer cells, including the T-cells, and B-cells are always active within us, and on the lookout for ensuring our survival. The weaker a cell becomes, the more of an immune response will be needed.

What creates this weakened cellular state? A whole list of health-robbing compounds and exposures that the human body does its best to protect you from: Acidic and mucus forming foods that block cellular respiration, the list of jabs we have received when we were younger and some of us still continue to receive them, weaknesses in our endocrine system and adrenals creating hormone imbalances - especially with estrogen dominance and low progesterone, & radiation destroying the oxygen-carrying + utilization factors of a cell to name a few.

The cells require proper cellular respiration and nutrition - oxygen and sugar - to function optimally. The cells require proper blood, lymph and nerve flow to remain strong and healthy. So many factors in today’s world work against the health of a cell and your body - it is truly astounding. Almost as if “they” don’t want humanity to be healthy, but sick, weak, and easy to control.

The foods you consume play the biggest role in adding to the creation of cellular weaknesses. Cell weakening foods are: Animal Protein, Dairy, Refined Sugars, + Excess Plant Protein consumption. These foods create inflammation, toxicity, and weaken genetics. All these foods create cellular weaknesses in the body. All these weak cells will be attacked and consumed by your immune system.

This is the natural order of how nature and the human body operates - always getting rid of that which is weak - to make room for that which is strong. Strong cells, strong tissue, strong genes to be passed down.

In reality, autoimmune disease does not mean that the body is attacking itself. This is a wrong choice of words making it seem like the problem is coming from your body’s natural function.

The actual problem is not with the power and beautiful function of your immune system doing its job in the first place - no. The actual problem is with the toxicity and exposures that create weakened cells first and foremost.

Yet again, the medical community places the full blame on the EFFECT instead of the actual ROOT CAUSE in the body. They need to wake up and look deeper into the root cause of disease. In the mean-time, detox specialists and healers that are aware and actually knowledgable of how the body works will be healing their medical patients they have failed left and right for years.

This is why the most important action to take when healing from any auto-immune disease is to remove all toxicity and exposures from within the body. This is done through true detoxification with raw foods, astringent fruits, herbs, detox tools, and eliminating the worst offenders in your diet, lifestyle, bodycare products, chemicals and medications, emotions and mindset, and environment. ⠀

Fruits are the ultimate healers. They offer hydration, astringency, alkalinity, cellular fuel, and the highest energetic frequency. Herbs are also the ultimate healers. They assist your body in the repair and deep tissue cleansing of your cells, organs, and glands. ⠀

With a Detoxification Protocol, all Auto-immune diseases can be reversed! This is where I come in! I have helped hundreds of my clients completely heal from all types of autoimmune diseases - Hashimoto's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Lupus, Lyme, Neuropathy, IBS, and Crohn’s.⠀

Are you ready to finally say goodbye to all your health issues?⠀

If you are ready to work with me on your detox to finally heal your health issues, book The Master Your Health Package to get started on your healing journey!

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran, D.S.


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