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Iridology Reading - Digestive Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Eczema, Brain Fog ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Today, I wanted to share my findings on this case because I have found that many people suffer from similar ailments that this client is currently experiencing. We can see where the root causes from all her health issues are coming from by reviewing her health history and the condition of her organs, glands, and systems in her body. ⁣⁣⁣

Detoxification with Iridology is the perfect combination of how those that are currently suffering from health issues will finally find their remedy. By going after your specific weaknesses as revealed in your eyes, changing your lifestyle habits that have created your disease condition in the first place, and cleaning the toxicity you currently have in your body from past and/or current exposures, you will eliminate your health issues once and for all. But first, a diet and herbal protocol specific to you must be set in place.⁣⁣⁣

It is my greatest privilege in life that I have been able to help completely heal so many of you over the years. You all know who you are! I will forever continue to spread this knowledge of detoxification and healing the human body. So many people are still suffering and I cannot stop until everyone is healed. Each day, my heart is ignited with passion for healing because I see how each one of you that are ready to finally let go of your disease, and are ready for this true way of healing - finally heal your body, mind, and spirit. After having already tried every other method of healing under the sun without success, true detoxification with powerful raw foods, fruits, herbs, and detox tools comes in and finally clears all obstructions, acids, and toxicity to fully restore your body to how it was meant to feel - you were meant to thrive in happiness and freedom - freedom from pain, fear, surgeries, and medications.⁣

This client, whose eyes are pictured, recently came to us to start her healing journey. She has been suffering with eczema on her face, neck, and under her arms. She has a consistent back pain on her left side and stomach pains that concern her. She always feels tired and lethargic throughout the day and can never sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time. She has brain fog and memory problems, heart palpitations at night that worry her, and achy joints, shoulders, and hands. She also suffers with low calcium shown in her symptoms of osteoporosis, weak fingernails, and depression. Luckily she has found detoxification and is on the right path to healing her health issues!

This is how I analyzed her case and created a healing protocol for her that will successfully heal all her health issues!

💥 Digestive Pains and Sulfur⁣

When analyzing her case, I noticed that she had a lot of yellow, and brown in her iris. Yellow in the iris points to having sulfur drug deposits. Brown in the iris points to having chronic lymphatic congestion. Chronic lymph harbors acidosis that burns the tissues and impairs blood and nerve flow to the tissues, causing tissue malfunction and decay. ⁣

The yellow sulfur is currently surrounding her bowels, colon, and stomach as seen in the iris. Sulfur as seen in the eyes can come from a past of antibiotic use and ingesting sulfur chemicals that are often found in many food products, body care products, supplements, and in certain regions' water supply. Sulfur is a highly acidic gas that destroys tissue, that locks the lymph system and lymph nodes, destroys beneficial bacteria, and is a fungal proliferant.

In her eyes I could see that this sulfur and lymphatic stagnation she has within is the actual cause of all her stomach and digestive pains - and it has been deteriorating her stomach tissue for many years. The body has been in desperate need to release this and dive into detoxification. As evidence of this destruction, I saw dark stomach lesions (black lines) emanating from her pupil. Right around the pupil is where the stomach is located in the iris. These lesions show how far the deterioration has gone. This sulfur and interstitial acidosis found in her lymph system is currently causing her these severe stomach pains. Therefore, an imperative part of her detox protocol will be to remove this sulfur and lymphatic stagnation out of her body. As she heals, her eyes will also change to reveal true health within that she had gained with her proper diet and herbs! ⁣

💥 Major Acidosis:⁣

Looking further, I also noticed that the whites of her eyes had many red capillaries. When I see these red capillaries in the eyes, it means you have major acidosis in the tissue wherever the red capilary is pointing to. In her case, acidosis was particularly concentrated in her chest, lungs, (she has a past of smoking) and in her shoulders (she has a lot of uric acid build up and destruction from fungus and poor calcium utilization in her body!) This acidosis is also highly evident in her neck and throat regions as seen in her iris reading. Major acidosis is also currently found along the entirety of her back and spine! All this acidosis has formed due to poor elimination of lymphatic wastes being caused by her weak kidneys and adrenals, all her interactions with chemical substances in her past, and her body’s current struggle with her ability to buffer these acids due to her genetically weak adrenals!

💥 Nerve Rings:⁣

See those lighter rings within the iris? Those are called nerve rings, and when they are found in the iris, they reveal a very depleted autonomic nervous system. She has many of these nerve rings: pointing to a stressed out nervous system, destruction to her myelin sheaths, causing her to be in a constant fight or flight response - and this is part of the reason why she also has insomnia and trouble sleeping. ⁣

💥 Cholesterol:⁣

In her brain, (found in the top portion of her iris) I saw very thick cholesterol plaquing (the white film you see that has developed ontop of her iris). This is very dangerous and this sign is pointing to cholesterol plaquing within the vascular walls. Cholesterol plaquing causes poor circulation wherever it is located. Cholesterol plaquing and a weakness in the frontal lobe is causing her brain fog, speech and recall, and memory issues. People that have this sign are at a higher risk to have a stroke or a heart attack. The key to combating cholesterol plaquing is healing the endocrine glands and removing acidosis from the body with a detoxification protocol.

💥 Chronic Fatigue:⁣

There are many root causes to the fatigue that she is currently experiencing. You can see these weaknesses in her eyes:⁣

-A chronic adrenal gland weakness is causing her low blood pressure and low blood sugar - creating tiredness.⁣

-A chronic, genetic pineal gland weakness is causing her disturbances to her sleep cycle due to a poor production of melatonin coming from her pineal gland. ⁣

-A thyroid gland weakness is causing her low hormone production and poor metabolism, which is causing her these fatigue issues.⁣

-Several weaknesses in the brain (brain lesions) are also causing her to be extremely tired all the time - these 3 areas are going to be address in her detox healing protocol created by me with the diet and herbal protocol I recommend. These 3 areas of the brain are: the animation of life region, the cerebellum/sex impulse region, and the reality/obs/add region. Two of these areas encompasses the hypothalamus gland, which she has a weakness in as seen in her eyes. The hypothalamus gland is the gland of balance, homeostasis, and governs the pitutiary gland.⁣

-On top of all these gland weaknesses that is revealed in her iris, she also has a pituitary gland weakness bringing down the function of all the other glands in her body. ⁣

Without this knowledge, she would have stayed stuck on her healing journey, never arriving to a true healing state.

💥 Skin Issues: ⁣

Her Eczema, itching, and skin issues that she has been suffering with have been created within her body throughout many years. I saw her all her skin issues were being created from the following main causes: ⁣

-Her thyroid weakness, this has caused a low sweating function for many years - has hindered her ability to sweat out acids out through her skin. This acidity has gathered in the subcutaneous layer of her skin for years and is pushing out by force through the skin, creating eczema. ⁣

-The presence of sulfur, a pancreas weakness, and an adrenal weakness have been responsible for creating all the fungal issues in her body that are causing her itching and eczema. This fungus creation is going to be addressed with the proper diet and herbs, putting a stop to her eczema.

-A high strung nervous system is adding to the creation of acidosis within her skin, creating poor elimination through her kidneys. A weakened nervous system like this creates pain in all shapes and forms in the body. ⁣

-Bowel pockets found within her bowel wall in the iris are harboring many trapped old stools that is sending toxicity and fermentation factors all throughout her body. This old matter must be removed to stop the decaying factors from further harming her entire body.

In this client’s case, you can see how the body is truly interconnected and certain organs and glands being down can cause a whole host of health issues! This post covers a portion of what I found in her eyes! Most people today are not even aware of a fraction of the weaknesses and obstructions they have within that are causing them all of their health problems. The reality is that many people are waiting around in blissful unawareness and then the body reaches the tipping point of stagnation and weaknesses - this is when the body manifests serious disease. Many people who are currently suffering from many health issues have already reached this tipping point years prior!!

With knowledge, truth, and awareness, true healing happens. Leaving behind fear and stepping into love, true healing happens!

Once you can identify your body’s weaknesses and have a diet and herbal protocol set in place, this is when you will be on the correct healing path and you will start to see all your symptoms disappear before your very eyes! This is why it is important to work with an experienced detox specialist and iridologist in helping you build the perfect diet and herbal protocol to truly heal your body.

Sadly, so many people will never come across this information to healing their health issues through detoxifcation and iridology. I hear the same stories all the time: before they come to me to heal, my clients have tried countless methods and have been to several different doctors, specialists, and have had various tests done only to be met with another dead end and no healing for them in sight. This information about detoxification, this way of true healing is heavily supressed and hidden by the medical system and society. The reality is that they don’t want people getting well and healing. If you heal your health issues, the medical system loses a life-long customer. If you are healed, no one has control over you and your body! ⁣

It is only in pain, fear, suffering, confusion, ignorance, dependence, and unconsciousness, that we are led astray. ⁣

Therefore, the very act of detoxing your body, healing yourself, and truly taking care of your vessel is the ultimate loving act to advocate for the world you want to live in and to fight for your freedom. ⁣

If you are tired of feeling stuck in your health issues, and you are ready to finally heal once and for all, I recommend working with me to have your entire case analyzed in order to create the most healing detox protocol on the planet for you specifically tailored to healing your health issues. 👉🏻 Detoxification with iridology is the most healing modality that exists, powerful enough to heal the body of any disease! 👋🏼🎤🍇🍉🍊🍋🌿⁣

Until next time,

Happy Healing

-Ailin Duran D.S.

To Work with me one-on-one on your healing journey, visit our Services page!


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