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How To Heal the Spine!

When it comes to healing the body, I find that many people overlook the health of their spine. It is easy to take the spine for granted in keeping us upright and keeping our bodies strong. It is only when it starts to weaken and have a major impact on our day to day living that we then give it attention. In the many clients I work with on their detox journey – one of the most common heath issues that is consistently showing up is back weakness and pain. So many people, both young and old are suffering from many spine and back conditions and weaknesses such as sciatica, disk rupture, spinal stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, fractures, degenerative disc disease, and herniated discs. I cannot tell you how many young people in their teens and 20's even are suffering from scoliosis and arthritis even - at such a young age! Those in their 40's and 50's also come to me with back issues. It may surprise many - but all of these diseases actually have the same root cause! They are only different in their location and severity of weakness. What I find interesting is that even in people that do not complain about back or spinal issues - upon looking at their eyes through iridology, I see many weaknesses all along their spine (calcium being leeched from the spine) that can become problems in the future if not worked on today. I feel compelled to write about this topic today because this structural system is so vital to the health of the human body but it is so often overlooked in detoxification and healing. In today's post we are going to look at what the true cause of back and spine issues are, what the wrong approaches in healing the spine are, and we will also discuss the reflex connection of the spine that affects all the other organs and glands of the body!

You may be asking, why should we care about the structural system of the body so much? Simply put - The structural system holds the body together – it gives us the strength to stand and lift objects, it provides a frame for all the body organs to give strength and support, it provides a firm object for the muscles and ligaments to attach to and pull against, it provides protection from heavy blows to the heart lungs, brain and vital internal organs, it manufactures red blood cells in the bone marrow, and lastly, it is a chemical storehouse for calcium.

Most people only ever care about their spine health if they are in a lot of back pain. In these situations, most people either go the allopathic route of taking a suppressive sulfur drug to mask the pain so they can go about their daily lives, while others take the approach of going to a chiropractor for costly adjustments. Some people may even feel they have to resort to surgery if nothing else works. The first option - taking medications - does not look at fixing the problem or finding the causative factor – rather it is used by medical doctors to sweep the problem under the rug (because they do not know what is causing the person their back pain). In the second option, a chiropractor will tell a person that they have back pain due to misalignment of the spine and that they would need to be adjusted each week for many months to "fix" the issue. Although this may be seen as the better approach and the one that would heal the body – most chiropractors do not understand why the body would be misaligned in the first place - and so the causative factor is still in question. For instance, one can continuously align their spine through adjustments but with time it will become misaligned again (this is what I have seen very often). Lastly with the option of surgery - spinal fusion of the lumbar area being the most popular - the root cause is never addressed either. Pressure on the spinal nerves causing someone pain is always caused by acidosis "inflammation". I have found that surgery of the spine is often preventable since the issue can be healed through detoxification. But those with extreme pain and disability of the spine will see this as their only and last option to feel any relief. Looking at these three approaches - so many would be surprised to know that neither of them addresses the root cause of spinal issues and will always result in having pain return. I have personally been on the first two sides of the spectrum when I was dealing with my own severe back pains years ago, and both routes never resulted in the healing of my back. I hear from so many of my own clients each day that they have spent years and years going to chiropractors only to have their pain always return! This is because – with any health problems in the body – one must never look to fix or treat the problem in that localized area. This never results in healing. Rather, the only way to truly heal the spine – one must go after the health of the entire body and the health of all of its cells. Now, this is not to say that chiropractic work does not have any merit or use. It is a great therapeutic modality to be used in a true healing and detoxification program if one finds a reputable and experienced chiropractor. However, we must all understand how very important the spine is and how sensitive it is. With one wrong adjustment "trauma" – long term issues can be a possibility - plaguing the person's health for years. This is because the spine is reflexive – meaning that the many nerve pathways that run down the spine have a direct connection to all areas of the body.

Here is the true cause of spine and back weakness, and how one can begin to heal from it. The true cause is a build up of acidic wastes in the body and the inability to filter these wastes out. Acidic chemistry in any area of the body leads to stiffness and dehydration - leads to the warping of tissues and the body's structure. Inflammation has a direct effect on the 3 major flows of the human body - blood flow, nerve flow and lymph flow. This is how pain results - this is how a warping of the back also results. In a perfectly healthy body, all the channels of elimination – the kidneys in particular – are working in proper function to eliminate all acidic wastes out of the body. You see, our bodies are affected each day by chemistry. When the body falls more towards the acidic side of chemistry because the kidneys are not filtering out these acidic wastes - it results in a literal burning of the cells and tissues. Acidosis is the cause of most health problems in today's society – especially in relation to the spine. Acidosis breaks all tissues down in the body – even the bone! Where do these acids come from? - In the "foods" most people consume. The two foods that break down bone and connective tissue the most in the body are: dairy products and carbonated soft drinks. Most people with spinal weakness and structural issues have consumed these foods – often daily – for many years, unaware of the harmful effects on their body. These two "foods" are the most harmful and acidic foods to the body a human being can consume. However, just avoiding these foods is not enough to save the body from acidosis. There are also many more acidic foods that are not compatible with maintaining the right acid/base balance in the body. Acidic foods include all processed foods, all animal products, grains, and all proteins (beans, nuts). When we acidify our bodies with these foods, the channels of elimination suffer greatly and break down. The kidneys and the lymphatic system tied to them are directly responsible for the health of the spine. Each person with spinal issues that comes to me always has issues with the kidneys not filtering out acidic wastes. However, there are many causes as to why someones kidneys are having trouble filtering acidic wastes from the body. You can read the article I wrote on kidney filtration in the blog section of my website. Assessing someone's symptoms, health history, and irises through iridology is the only way to pinpoint what the true cause is and to build a personalized healing protocol for that person to heal - whether it is an adrenal gland weakness keeping the kidneys from filtering (the adrenal glands produce neurotransmitters responsible for turning on the kidneys to filtration), whether it is a pituitary gland weakness (the pituitary gland controls all the glands of the body), or whether it is an inherent weakness within the kidneys themselves, each individual has their own set of weaknesses, so no two people will have the same diet and herbal protocol in order to heal their health issues.

In a highly acidic environment – if one does not change the foods they are consuming to be hydrating, alkalizing and astringent to move the lymph system and encourage acidic elimination. The body is then left to protect its tissues in the only way it can - by leeching calcium (an alkaline element) from the bones and connective tissue of the body. The main source of calcium that it takes from consistently is the spine. Overtime, enough calcium is leeched to create conditions like osteoporosis and low bone density. This is why the spine becomes weaker as we age – because with time and acids building up in our bodies without true detoxification to heal - our bones get weaker as more calcium is leeched. Older people experience extreme curvature of the spine for this reason. We covered the kidneys not filtering acidic wastes from the body as being the driving force of the destruction of the structural system of the body – now it is time to mention the glands that are responsible for bone and tissue health- the parathyroid glands. These glands are located in the neck and thyroid region and they are responsible for calcium utilization. One can intake healthy food sources high in calcium, but if the parathyroid glands are weak (through breakdown, obstructions or genetically speaking) then the calcium lost from the spine or tissues in the presence of acidosis is never replaced! I do want to note that yes - there are people born with genetic spine issues – but these cases are healed in the same way as those that develop them through the years of poor eating and poor lifestyle choices. Astringent fruits that move the sluggish lymphatic system and herbs that help support the channels of elimination is where anyone would want to start if they are serious about healing their back pain or spine issues.

In order to heal the spine, a person must know if they have a kidney weakness and a parathyroid gland weakness and to what degree? One can tell by analyzing the symptoms the body is showing and by looking at the eyes through iridology. Iridology is used as a tool to look at the integrity of the tissue – and whether an organ or gland is weak because of obstructions, chemical or drug toxicity, an inherent genetic weakness passed down or actual deterioration of the gland through acidosis. Depending on what a detox specialist sees in the eyes, in combination with a person's major health complaints – a personalized healing protocol is created for the person to completely heal all their health issues. Through detoxification, the spine is completely straightened out, pain disappears, and flexibility returns.

An entire lifetime of eating an acidic diet, lacking in astringency to move the lymph system - as well as genetic weaknesses in the glands and organs most often creates back weaknesses in so many people. Back weakness and pain is rampant in our society for a reason! However, there are instances in which individuals have been in accidents like motorcycle accidents or car accidents that brings physical trauma to the spine. These types of cases can also find healing through detoxification. In fact, it is the best chance they have at fully recovering from a trauma of this magnitude. After an accident or a traumatic event, the adrenal glands take a major hit and are lowered in their functioning. This is serious given the role of the adrenal glands in controlling kidney filtration (through neurotransmitters) to rid the body of acids and inflammation. Damaged tissue and acids from an accident will only heal if they find their way through the lymphatic system. One cannot truly heal from this without the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, adrenal glands, kidneys and all the other organs and glands that affect them! The people that seem to make a good recovery from an accident are those with strong constitutions, little genetic weaknesses and still have their filtration somewhat. Those with extremely low adrenal and kidney function and/or weak constitutions are those we see that are never the same after accidents. These people absolutely need detoxification with the correct diet and herbs if they have any hope in healing successfully. Now, whether it is a broken bone or severed spine - the only hope that these people have to fully recover is through an electrical diet that strengthens and builds the brain and nervous system - creating new neuropathways and regeneration of the tissue. It has been proven that the only diet capable of achieving this level of regeneration and healing is a raw foods diet - the most powerful being a diet of all fruits. It is unfortunate, because many people in accidents end up in the ICU in hospitals and are fed the most acidic diets not conducive to their healing - things like meats, fried foods and dairy products are constantly given to them in every meal. Nothing can be more coagulating to the system and put an even greater burden on the kidneys than high protein and mucus forming foods. What is so desperately needed in hospitals today is a change in menu - raw foods, juices, and fruits - and the use of herbs with these types of cases. It is a shame, with their emergency medical equipment and IVs for instance merged with the most powerful healing modality of detoxification (diet, herbs and detox tools) - these cases would make a full recovery and would heal faster as well. Detox specialists like myself are healing people up where the medical system is consistently failing so many.

With spine weaknesses, a person does not only experience pain, swelling, deterioration or hardening of this area – they start to experience many other health issues in their body as well. This is because the spine is reflexive in nature. The spine contains and protects the spinal cord – a system of nerve fibers which, along with the brain, makes up the central nervous system. The spine itself consists of these main parts: The cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccyx. These regions have spinal nerves that affect different areas and functions of the body. I see so many with back issues also having issues in their lungs, colon, heart, digestive organs and more. Looking at the irises, when I see a weakness in any of these spinal regions, I also see weaknesses in their corresponding related organs and glands.

The cervical spine affects the pituitary gland, brain, head area, mental ability, and all parts of the head like the eyes, ears, sinuses, teeth as well as these areas of the neck region – vocal chords, throat, thyroid, and the shoulders and arms.

The thoracic spine affects the heart, lungs, liver/gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys and small intestines.

The lumbar spine affects the large intestines, groin, appendix, legs, uterus/prostate, pelvis, hips and rectum. The Sacral spine affects the ankles, bladder and buttocks.

Lymphatic obstructions, drug deposits or mechanical weaknesses in the spine can disturb the nerve flow to these different areas of the body – resulting in many different health problems. It is common for instance for people to experience lower back pain (sciatica pains) when they move their bowels. This is because the lumbar and sacral spine have a nerve reflex connection to the colon. As you can see, one can have a weakness in an area of the body that may seem unrelated to the spine - but upon closer inspection of the symptoms and irises - an issue in the spine may in fact be the root cause.

A daily tool that I recommend to be included in a detoxification protocol to heal the spine is the neurolymphatic massage points worked down the spine. This is especially useful for those that have lymph node swelling. You can read more on this amazing tool in my neurolymphatic massage points article in the blog section on my website. Another amazing tool at getting the lymph system to drain and move acids out of the body is through hot and cold therapy down the spine. Gentle stretching and yoga exercises helps to keep the body's blood nerve and lymph flow open to heal the back as well. This alone though cannot heal the back - diet and herbs are necessary to open the channels of elimination to drain acidic wastes out of the areas of pain. Note - One must use caution with all powerful detox tools. Depending on the person's level of acidity, lymphatic congestion and sensitivity, I would recommend some of these tools to one person, but not to another person based on where they are in their healing journey. One can detox too fast and we do not want this to occur. This is why it is crucial to work with a detox specialist to safely transition to the higher levels of detox and healing when the body shows the necessary signs that it is ready.

During one's journey in healing the back and spine - one will always feel their weaknesses being worked on! It is nothing to be scared of though. A common detox symptom many experience is a healing crisis occurring within the spine. As acids are pulled out of certain areas of weakness - one can experience temporary pain and weakness. This is the process of detoxification and the body reversing damage to tissues! You can compare it to being on nature's operating table - the body shifting and cleaning all areas of obstructions, to then bounce back stronger. The body has the amazing capability to heal all pains and weaknesses when it is given the correct tools. The spine can straighten out and strengthen - I have seen people grow inches taller - stiffness goes away, flexibility is regained and injuries to joints, nerves, muscles and bones are fully repaired! If the person is ready to heal, no matter what it takes - all this and more can be achieved.

I want to mention, the taking of isolated supplements of calcium will never address any weakness of the bones. Those that have low calcium levels always have weak parathyroid glands. If someone continuously takes a form of isolated calcium without healing this parathyroid gland – then this is when calcifications occur in the body. Most of the time, I do not recommend calcium supplementation being that isolates are not recognized by the body as true calcium. The only true calcium our bodies recognize are from food sources - that contain the perfect balance of minerals, cofactors and enzymes that make it recognizable and usable by the body. Taking isolated calcium in an acidic body will result in this calcium settling in highly acidic areas – most often in between all the joints. This is when many people can actually create arthritis conditions in the body by taking calcium supplements. I see calcifications in the finger joints all the time in people and most people are completely unaware that their bodies are morphing right before them and are desperately in need of detoxification to correct their health issues. Addressing the parathyroid gland and all the other glands in connection to this gland and creating an optimal healing environment by getting the kidneys to filter major acidosis and obstructions, is what ultimately heals all spinal and bone weaknesses. Taking a natural food source of calcium like the high quality superfood blend #2 rich in calcium will repair and rebuild the body. Depending on what stage someone is at on their health journey, one can focus on rebuilding their structural system during detoxification or they may have to wait until after the body has had some time to detox. As a detox specialist, I look at the severity of a person's symptoms, how deep the genetic weaknesses are as seen in their eyes, their age, and what their current diet is like. All of these factors determine what exact detox protocol one needs to follow in order to truly and completely heal all health issues. In people who are suffering with their health conditions, it is best to not do it alone. Most people need the guidance of a skilled detox specialist in order to work out of their health issues. Time is of the essence, especially when pain is involved.

The spine and back are so important. If one feels pain in any area of the spine, it should be taken seriously. Pain left unattended, ignored or suppresed will only result in the breakdown and destruction of the body time. We are all so lucky to have this path of detoxification to heal all our health issues. There is a light at the end of the tunnel to living pain free and not bound to fatigue in your body. This is the golden key to healing - detoxification and regeneration!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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