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How To Detox Babies and Children

Now more than ever we have to heal our children. Our babies are coming into this world with weak bodies – and many are getting illnesses at an alarmingly young age. It is scary stuff – I am finding that so many parents bringing forth new life on this planet are having children being born with so many health issues and disease - or serious health issues appearing when their children are babies and toddlers! It breaks my heart to see young children suffering so much when they have only just entered this world and have started to experience life. These children do not know what is going on and unfortunately do not have the power to make their own decisions when it comes to their health – this is why parents must educate themselves on true health and the correct diet to help their children completely heal these health issues and rise above them to grow up in strong healthy bodies! As a detox specialist, I have seen the number of children with lymphatic issues alarmingly rise over the past few years. Thankfully more and more parents are becoming aware of just how important diet is when it comes to the health of their young ones and their families. This makes me incredibly happy, because if you start your children out at a young age – eating a diet rich in astringent and powerful fruits, their genetic weaknesses they have inherited will not impact them when they are older. You must start when they are young, detox and healing takes longer and becomes more difficult as we age. It is easier to heal the body when it is still fairly clean as opposed to when it has been exposed to decades of poor food choices.

The Difference Between Detoxifying Children and Adults

When it comes to detoxification, children and adults are not that much different. Think of children as adults – just in tinier bodies! We both have the same organs and glands and therefore similar root causes when the body does fall ill. The major difference between detoxifying children and adults is that children a lot less wear and tear on their bodies; unlike adults – which have eaten acidic and mucus forming foods for decades and have many more obstructions occluding their bodies, therefore more tissue breakdown! I have noticed in my guiding both children and their parents in detox and healing – that new born babies and toddlers tend to have an acute level of lymphatic congestion, whereas their parents may have a chronic level of congestion. Acute lymph congestion appears as white in blue irises and darker brown in brown irises, wheras chronic lymph congestion appears as brown in blue irises and dark brown/black in brown irises. You see, we all start with an acute level of congestion in the beginning stages of disease – but over time as this congestion becomes greater in the body due to mucus forming foods and the channels of elimination becoming more and more blocked – this lymph congestion increases and then moves to a subacute stage, then to a chronic stage, and ultimately a degenerative stage: tissue death. Sadly, I have seen many children after the age of 4 and onward then develop chronic lymph congestion due to weak genetics passed down by their parents - or many times it is this issue along with an exposure to suppressive medications or chemicals from vaccinations for instance early on in life that turn their eyes darker with congestion and this is when it takes them more time to heal. Depending on a child's constitution as seen in their eyes, they can detox and heal this congestion quickly with a strong constitution or in those with a weaker constitution it can take more time and effort to heal their health issues.

The Sad Medical Reality

In the acute stages of lymph congestion – we often see the body trying to expectorate clear mucus – in the form of cold and flu-like symptoms, fevers, coughing, sore throats, rashes and so on. This is why these symptoms are very common among babies, toddlers and children. Unfortunately, the medical industry has ingrained in everyone that these symptoms mean sickness – when in actuality it means the opposite. These symptoms are the body's intelligent way of getting rid of mucus and acids before they inflict damage and suffocation of the tissues in the body. Fear mongering and medical stigma has resulted in parents giving their children suppressive antibiotics (according to doctor's orders) for their children to get better. Although medications may make it seem like the problem has gone away – in actuality – this mucus and acidity that was trying to escape the body – is then stuffed into the cells and tissues much deeper – and left to fester and breakdown tissue for the years to come. You see, the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry is set up in a way to create life-time customers - if we ourselves do not take our health back into our own hands. Not all doctors have bad intentions – many go into medicine to heal and do good in the world – however, what they learn in medical school is to suppress the body using drugs whenever the body shows an "inconvenient symptom" like those mentioned above. The sad reality is that so many have placed their trust in doctors and the medical industry – when in actuality doctors do not know how to heal – nor do they understand how the body works and what the true cause of disease is. The medical industry uses the term bacteria or virus to explain why we become ill – and while this is a half-truth in some cases, they do not understand that if one addresses the lymphatic system in the body – no one ever has to fear these pathogens. All pathogens stay in the body and create havoc if the lymphatic system is stagnant. The lymphatic system is the body's main immune system. It is slow moving – unlike the blood – and humans were designed to move this lymph system and keep it healthy through the foods we eat. The ideal foods for healing the body are fruits – with their astringent factors, hydration, nutrition and simple sugars for energy and brain and nervous system development. The foods that clog this system and make someone very weak in their immune system are mucus and acidifying foods like animal products – meat (acidic), dairy (mucus forming), breads (mucus forming), packaged foods (acidic and mucus forming), and many cooked foods in general. With our young children – we must not introduce these foods as normal foods to consume. They are the very foods that obstruct the body and actually start to stagnate genetically weakened areas of the body to create the set-up of disease. We want to create strong and healthy babies to give them the best chance at life by introducing the most nutrient dense and cleansing foods to them when they are young – fruits are the number one foods and means to achieve this level of health!

A Detox Diet for Babies and Children

If you have ever noticed – children tend to like fruits over their veggies – it is for a reason! This occurs because the very physiology of a human being is ingrained to love fruits. As a species, humans are frugivorous by nature. It is for this very reason why we do not feel the need to add seasonings to fruits – as they taste amazing in their natural raw form! Yet for vegetables, we most often need to either season them or cook them to make them taste better. Babies – not yet having tainted taste buds and addictions to processed foods and animal products – will always choose fruit over any other food – unless they have been taught otherwise through their caregivers. To heal and detox babies, we must always realize that they are growing and are still in their developmental stages. It is during these early years that their brains and nervous systems are constantly growing – so the ideal foods are those that have their electrical energy intact to power up the nervous system and glands. This is why foods like berries, grapes (high in flavonoids) and fruits in general are amazing for babies. For young babies that are months old - fresh made apple sauces and pureed fruits like pureed berries are excellent. Including a superfood blend mixed into a fruit puree will heal and support a baby during detox. Healthy fats from food sources are also essential during this time – I recommend raw coconut milk made fresh (blend coconut water and coconut meat together) for a growing baby and toddler. On the topic of breast feeding and detoxification, I have seen so many young children unable to tolerate breast milk. These babies are usually so genetically weak with a chronic GI Tract, liver and pancreas that they are not able to tolerate that much fat from breast milk. This is very sad realizing what weak bodies children are being born with nowadays. With this hepatic weakness I have seen babies experience severe rashes, allergies and constant diarrhea when on breast milk. Whether to take a baby or toddler off of breast milk early - often at the six month mark period - will depend on the health of the mother and child, what health issues both are trying to heal and what level of detoxification they must get to in order to achieve healing. Thankfully, young babies can start eating fruits very early on and get their nutrition from fruits, coconut milk, and a superfood blend this way in a detox healing protocol. When it comes to detoxifying babies and toddlers with the herbs – we must realize that since they have smaller bodies to adults - just less wear and tear on them – they will require less of the herbs in order for the body to start its cleansing process. I usually do not recommend more than 4-6 formulas at the same time for a toddler and the dosage of the herbs will depend on their weight. This is usually plenty to heal most health issues that young children may have at this age. After the age of 4, children can then partake in a stronger detox approach with the herbs if more are needed. It is always important to support the channels of elimination and glands when putting a child on a healing protocol. These formulas will be the kidneys, lymph system, endocrine glands, and stomach and bowels as the very basics. A protocol will however look different depending on what health issues the baby or young child is needing to heal. Just like adults, children may either require a slower approach or a faster approach to detox depending upon their genetic weaknesses seen in their eyes and the symptoms that their body is showing. The younger you can start your child on a healthy detox diet, the better their health and the stronger their bodies will be when they grow up!

Fevers and Children

Detox symptoms are common when healing young children – they should not be feared as they normally are. It is this fear that prevents people from healing in the first place. It is this fear that has caused the disease epidemic our society has right now. With the right guidance and education – one can detox and heal children safely and successfully. Detox symptoms are to be celebrated. With the many children I have helped heal of their health issues (most commonly eczema, skin issues, weak immune systems, lung congestion, and digestive disorders), we see the body make fast progress towards healing when the body has begun to open up in its elimination! A good sign that detoxification is working when a child is on a raw vegan fruity diet is when they finally break into a fever. This is the body's number one way to start expectorating and sweating for children. It is a sad fact that children nowadays have a low sweating ability, and major congestion in their thyroid and throat area that closes off their skin to sweating. This is a major causative factor of the health issues they most commonly face – eczema, digestive issues and weak immune systems. As the body begins to hydrate and the lymph system begins to move (clearing congestion from the neck area) - the thyroid will start to pick up in function again and regulate body temperature better! With sweating occurring do to a fever – the body goes into ultimate elimination mode – sweating out destructive acids, toxins and disposing of any foreign invaders within the body. Fevers are the body's healers and most often should not be suppressed during a detox. One must monitor a fever always when healing and detoxing a young child. Hydration with plenty of fluids during a high fever is important – plenty of coconut water and diluted fruit juices are recommended (diluted fresh grape juice and orange juice). It is common for infants (3-12 months) and toddlers (1-4 years) to have fevers in the range of 104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This should not be a cause of concern as long as you keep the child cool and use herbs and fruit juices to hydrate (to replace electrolytes lost through sweating) and cool the fever down naturally - best to 103 degrees Fahrenheit to detox. For newborns however, the temperature should never be allowed to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is only in these instances where a fever should be stopped. A young child must be cared for and supervised diligently during these healing episodes until their fever returns to normal. This is why it is recommended to work with a detox specialist that has experience in detoxifying and healing young children of all health issues. There are many other detox symptoms that children may experience depending on the weaknesses they are healing, but they will vary from child to child. Children can heal through detoxification, it is never to early to start - especially if their health issues are serious! Do not let fear from society and the medical industry stop you from healing your child. Work with a detox specialist that has had true results in healing children naturally.

I stand firmly in truth and health. I have seen too many children suffering with preventable disease at the hands of the soulless medical industry, and I feel that it is my mission to spread this information of true healing to everyone that is ready to listen – to everyone that is tired of the lies and confusion when it comes to health. I am here for you. Your body and your child's body can heal. Let us arm ourselves with the right knowledge of working with nature's laws and not against them. It is the human ego that has caused us as humans to move further away from health and healing. Humans cannot create better than what nature has already provided for us to sustain and heal ourselves. Returning to this truth is where the most powerful and transformative healing lies. With that said, the children of today hold the genetics of whether the human race will continue to get worse in their illnesses, or whether they will make a turn around and take their health back. Suffering and disease is a result of our body's interaction with chemistry – mostly the foods we eat! If we can control this – set new healthy habits – prioritize our health and healing – take care of this body of ours that will carry us through this life – then nothing is impossible. The healing potential is there in all of us – our bodies are just waiting for us to make the change - will you make the decision to focus on true health? For yourself, for your children? I hope so. I am so proud of everyone that has decided that they have had enough of the old ways of doing things – that healing their families with the raw foods, fruits and herbs is the best plan for their future! You all have my love and support on your health journeys!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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