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Strong vs. Weak Constitution in Iridology

Let's answer the age old question today! Why is it that some people can eat whatever junk food they want and seem to never get sick or have any health issues? On the flip side, why is it that some people seem to eat fairly healthy, always watching what they eat - and yet they have to deal with a lot of health issues? Most people do not know why this occurs. Many guess and say that it has to do with having a fast metabolism, but it in fact has to do with the person's constitution. Knowing your constitution is very important when it comes to healing your body and maintaining health throughout your life. The more specific information you have about your own body - its strengths and weaknesses - the more successful you will be in all your health endeavors. In today's article we will discuss what a constitution is, how you can determine someone's constitutional type and what this all means in terms of detoxification and healing the body.

A person's constitution dictates whether they are able to maintain a high level of health throughout their life, despite what they eat and drink and what their lifestyle may look like. Those with very strong constitutions are the types of people that can typically eat whatever they want and never really get sick. Strong constitutions are also able to recover and heal faster than those that have a weaker constitution. They are also the ones that can detox more quickly than those with weak constitutions while on the same healing protocol. That being said, not everyone with a strong constitution is free from getting illness though. Just because the body can handle more abuse from acidic foods and an unhealthy lifestyle, does not make strong constitutional types completely invincible. Strong constitutional types can still and do get sick if they neglect their bodies' health for long enough!

People with weak constitutions are those that have a more difficult time maintaining a high level of health in their life. They often struggle to keep healthy when eating the same foods that strong constitutional people can handle. Those with weak constitutions must often follow a very healthy diet throughout their life in order to maintain a high level of health with very few symptoms. These people also tend to have drug deposits in their eyes as their body tends to struggle more with elimination of toxins and wastes through the lymph system. Often, but not always, these types may also carry more fat, water weight or plaque cholesterol in their body in attempts to buffer all the acidic wastes their body is holding onto and struggling to eliminate! This is an example of the body's defensive response to acids. Weaker constitutional types also tend to detox at a slower pace than those with strong constitutions. Those with weaker constitutions must often dig deeper and be more strict with their diet and healing protocol to achieve the same results as strong constitutional types on their healing journey. This is not to say that weaker constitutions cannot heal. Both types can heal - it's just that strong constitutional types tend to heal faster while on the same healing program as someone with a weaker constitution.

You may be wondering what your constitution is at this point! Finding out your constitution is as simple as looking at the eyes through iridology. Iridology is a tool that a detox specialist can use (along with a complete assessment of the body and health history of the person), to build them a healing protocol to reverse all their health issues. Many things about a person can be revealed through their eyes - including body constitution. Let's look at how you can see the constitution of the body by examining the fibers of the eyes.

In someone with a strong constitution – we see very few lacunas or lesions (black holes or lines disrupting the fibers of the iris). These lacunas and lesions represent weaknesses of glands and organs in the body - depending on where they are located. Often times those with strong constitutions have very few weaknesses present in the iris, if almost any at all. When examining an iris of a strong constitutional person, they will also have very straight iris fibers, emanating from the pupil and outwards (like the spokes on a wagon wheel). Strong constitutional types can be found in any age or gender, however in my work as a detox specialist I can say that most 70 and 80-year old clients that I have worked with almost always have very strong constitutions and strong genetics. This is why people from the older generation were able to eat animal products and unhealthy foods, and they may have even been drinking alcohol and smoking regularly and still did not suffer from many health issues - that is until health concerns start appearing upon reaching an older age. Ultimately, genetics always determines the strength of someone's constitution. In the ideal situation, a human being will have a strong constitution and also be following a healthy detoxifying diet. It is my belief that these beings would have the most vitality and the longest life span - living past what society considers to be the normal life-span for a human. There are some young people that have very strong constitutions, but excessively abuse their body with alcohol, fast food and drugs daily. In this society, food is the most prevalent addiction. What I have observed through the years is that people that feel unaffected by eating poorly often do not change their diets.

In someone with a weak constitution – we see many lacunas or lesions throughout the iris, disrupting the fibers of the iris and keeping them from being straight. These lacunas or lesions are usually dark and look like holes in the iris. The darker the lacuna or lesion is, the weaker the tissue in that respective organ or gland. In weaker constitutions the iris fibers are also usually very wavy (not straight like in strong constitutions) and there is often a lot of lymphatic congestion seen in the body observed in the iris because those with weak constitutions have a very difficult time eliminating toxins and wastes. Often times, those with weak constitutions also have drug deposits seen when examining their irises – again - also because the lymphatic system is very stagnant. We are seeing many more people with weaker constitutions in the younger generations now more than ever. It is a sad reality - the human race is becoming weaker in their genes and health. Thus, we are seeing many frustrated people with a long list of health issues that often give up on their healing because of all the conflicting and inaccurate health information out there - the most common one being the protein myth. I do believe there is an agenda set in place to promote the destruction of the human body with the wrong foods (high protein diets) to keep people sick and from finding their health. This is why I am so passionate about spreading the truth on detoxification - the true path to healing the body.

Now, with all this talk on constitutional types - this isn't to say that strong constitutional types never get illnesses and that weaker constitutional types always get diseases. For example, if a strong constitutional type does not feel repercussions from their food choices and continuously abuses their body through their lifestyle and daily food choices - they can most definitely develop diseases. A weak constitutional type can learn early on that they need to watch what they eat in order to feel good which then motivates them to eat very healthy and not develop disease. So constitutions are not the end all be all here - there are many factors when it comes to health and a lot of it depends on the person's choices. Choices determine your destiny. We may be given weaker genes in the genetic lottery - but it is our food choices and whether we detox our bodies that will largely determine whether these weaknesses will affect us and develop into diseases or not. Through deep commitment to detoxification - one can even start to reverse these deep genetic weaknesses and lessen their likelihood to be passed on to the next generation. This is what the human race must do - detox - in order to save the future generations from a lot of pain and suffering from illnesses.

There is benefit in knowing your constitutional type when you are healing your body. Your constitution type determines how strict you will have to be on your detox journey in order to heal - and can give us more of a picture of how long it may take you to detox and heal. However, your constitution is not the end all be all of whether you can heal or not. I have had clients of all constitutional types heal their many health issues, both strong and weak. One of the most important factors in healing the body is your focus on the detox path that will greatly determine if you are successful in reversing your health issues.

In my experience with seeing many people through the years and helping them completely reverse their illnesses, having detox guidance during your healing journey is often a good idea as it can cut the time it will take for you to heal your body in half! An experienced detox specialist has really seen it all and has all the answers in knowing exactly what diet and herbs a person needs to take specifically in order to heal their health issues. Knowing all of your body's weaknesses is essential to completely healing the body and can only be determined by assessing the body as a whole - bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. Knowing what your symptoms and markings in your iris mean will point to the root cause of all your health issues. With this information a detox protocol is set in place and ultimately it is this that will bring you success in your journey in reversing all your health issues!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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