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How to Heal Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common disorder affecting approximately 1 out of every 10 women. This is a huge percentage of the population that has to suffer from this! These poor women are often fearful because with having painful cysts on the ovaries, the menses can stop altogether. Missing periods for months or even up to a year is common. For women trying to get pregnant but failing to do so, pcos is often the cause. There are also many painful, uncomfortable and stressful symptoms often associated with having pcos like hair loss and balding, bloating, back pain, weight gain, acne, abdominal pain, skin pigmentation changes, and more. However, when they go to the doctors to find out what can be causing all of their pain and uncomfortable symptoms, doctors can’t tell them because they do not know. Women with pcos are then told that there is no cure, and then doctors proceed to give them things like hormonal birth control such as the pill, the patch, or an IUD to just live with pcos. Some people are even prescribed metformin, a medication given to diabetics. So, what can be done to truly heal pcos? Is it as complicated as everyone makes it seem though? Is it incurable? Of course not, pcos is reversible! It all has to do with the lymphatic system of the body. Let's explore the cause of pcos and how we can heal from it! :)

The medical community likes to label pcos as being a hormonal imbalance problem, but the reality is that pcos is a lymphatic system drainage problem first and foremost. Any symptoms that seem hormonal like the many found in pcos are due to gland weaknesses and deterioration caused by having a weak lymphatic system in the first place. Let's look at the most common symptom in pcos - Our first sign of lymph system issues in pcos are cysts on the ovaries. Cysts always come from the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system whose job is focused on the removal of cellular wastes and toxins via being hooked to the kidneys and eliminating through the urine. When the kidneys stop filtering these wastes because they lose their function from acidosis (acidic chemistry that burns tissues and cells), the lymphatic system starts to back up and overflow in the rest of the body. When the lymphatic system of the body is stagnant and unable to eliminate obstructions things like tumors, polyps and cysts are very likely to appear. All of these are essentially sacs of lymph fluid the body encases to protect itself from the extreme acidosis. What is acidosis? Acidosis is the excessive acidity of body fluids, due to an accumulation of acids chemistry from things like cellular wastes not being eliminated, toxins, stress, and unfit foods for the human body. Acidosis is what causes an immune response and what doctors like to call "inflammation". Cysts are just one of the natural responses of a body that is highly acidic and has a stagnant lymph system. Many people have cysts and tumors within them and don’t even know it until many years later!

The process that it takes to heal pcos involves deeply hydrating and alkalizing the body to the point where all the obstructions of toxins, heavy metals, yeasts, fungus, acids, proteins, and pocketed lymph areas like tumors and cysts start to leave the body through the channels of elimination - kidneys being the main one. To clear ovarian cysts, your kidneys must be filtering sediment wastes out. Women who develop ovarian cysts either have weak kidneys that have lost their ability to filter out wastes through bad diet, lifestyle or genetics passed down, and/or have weak adrenal glands that aren’t producing the anti-inflammatory steroids needed by the body to buffer acidic wastes and put the fire out. This explains why very often those with pcos also suffer from lower back pain (it is the kidneys that are hurting and burning - the body shows us signs of what is wrong through its symptomology; we only need to take notice!) The pituitary gland (the master gland) itself can also be down in a chronic state causing the adrenal glands to be weak. Some signs of the pituitary gland being down are irregular menses and skin pigmentation changes. Looking at the irises through iridology to see what exact glands are down is what you want to do if you want to heal. The only way to fix your body is to pinpoint exactly what is causing your body to be in a state of illness. This is where working with an experienced detox specialist is very important to be able to heal your body 100 percent of all of its health issues. All glands, systems and organs must be accounted for if you want to heal. The entire body is connected - one gland being down or one area of the body not draining lymph properly can cause a domino effect in the rest of the body. These weaknesses must be addressed with a personalized diet and herbal protocol. When you detox your body the right way, cysts, acne and tumors are a thing of the past! Get your vital detox organs working again and all these things will disappear!

A lot of women find out that they have pcos in their 20’s and 30’s - when they are trying to get pregnant. Women often seek unnatural methods to be able to get pregnant, but this is very unwise because getting pregnant while having pcos will lead to the passing down of all of the mother's health issues like genetically weak kidneys, weak adrenal glands, weak lymph system, and a host of other weaknesses to the baby. I highly recommend cleaning and strengthening the body first to completely heal pcos before trying to get pregnant - that way, your baby will come out healthy with a good set of eliminative organs! No one wants their baby to be sick and going to the doctors constantly. Free yourself from this cycle - detox your body for your health and for the future generations to come! :)

There are usually common symptoms observed in people with Pcos that can be traced back to lymphatic system issues which in turn causes gland dysfunction. The most common symptoms and their causes are: high blood pressure (adrenal glands), skin discolorations (pituitary gland), irregular menses or absence of period (pituitary gland, Hair thinning or baldness (lymphatic system), Acne (lymphatic system), facial hair (adrenal glands), weight gain and/or difficulty losing weight (thyroid glands), anxiety (adrenal glands), depression (parathyroid glands). Each of these symptoms can be a topic on their own to be discussed and indeed disease is merely a label humans have put on a set of symptoms. Symptoms of ill health are signs that one must make changes to their lifestyle and focus on deep detoxification.

Things that can help get rid of ovarian cysts when detoxing the body are: Douching with the Heal all Tea - a highly alkaline tea that tones and strengthens the female system as well as pulling acidosis interstitially out of the body, taking a kidney formula to help with filtration of acids through the lymph system, focusing the diet on astringent fruits like citrus and grapes to help pump the stagnant lymph system and drain the cysts and other pockets of fluid in the body and using specific herbal formulas to strengthen the glands in your body that need help in their function - adrenal glands, pituitary, thyroid, etc. An excellent one is the female reproductive formula that covers all glands and brings the body back to balance. Don’t mess around with biopsies and tests that doctors say you need - they aren’t needed, will get you nowhere, costs a lot, and will cause damage to your lymph system and tissues. Trust me - it's not worth it! I have helped many people eliminate their ovarian cysts through the years and I can tell you with confidence that the medical system doesn’t have a clue how to heal anyone from this. By the time people find me they have tried everything else to heal - they usually have much physical and neurological trauma done to their bodies by the medical system from all the pills, surgeries, and tests they’ve been given over and over again with no success or cure. Surgical removal of cysts always produces short-lived results because surgery does not address the problem - a stagnant lymph system - so cysts always grow back. Then overtime as acidosis increases in the body with no means of elimination, cells and tissues continue to burn up and move to the last stage of degeneration - this is when we see ovarian cancers. Detox and regenerate the body before it develops to this last stage. Though the healing power of detox is so amazing that even cancers have been healed this way. It is never too late to heal your body!

Acidosis is the main cause of most diseases and the different names and symptoms of diseases are based on the location of where these acids are most predominately found. Rid the body of these acids and you can heal it all! To heal any painful condition in the body, one must remove proteins from the diet. This is an absolute must! Proteins are acidic when consumed and acidic when broken down by the body. This causes further pain in an otherwise already inflamed body. The body will start to clean all the acids (cellular wastes, proteins), obstructions (mucus, parasites, fungus, old stools), and toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccinations) causing the skin to burn when one moves to an alkaline diet of predominately fruits and raw foods. Fruits are the lymph pullers in the body and are the ultimate healers. In chronic individuals (most of the population) one must also include the herbs to move the lymphatic system and heal the tissues and glands. The herbs one needs to take depends entirely on the specific symptoms a person is showing and what genetic weaknesses they show in their irises. One must have both the correct diet, correct transition, and the correct herbs in order to heal from anything. This is why it is important to work with a skilled and experienced detox specialist that has helped people out of these issues.

If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

PCOS does have genetic involvement as does every disease, but when we say genetic we mean in terms of the weak genes passed down to offspring because of the parents' lifestyle before conceiving. Thus, future generations become weaker. The children then develop the same diseases as their parents but at a younger age and because of their unhealthy passed down lifestyle as well. 🤒 The fact of the matter is, one needs to detox deeply in order to correct organ, lymph and gland weaknesses so that the strong versions (genes) are passed on to future generations. 💙💚🌏 Almost no one detoxes in today’s world unfortunately, so the cycle of disease continues and will continue to get worse and worse with each generation if nothing is done. 🌿 There is a detox movement going on - that I am proud to be a part of - which strives to bring this truth and knowledge on how to heal the human body. It continues to spread each day with the people that detox and finally find their remedy in this healing art. Truth will always prevail in the end! There are so many people suffering from many diseases today. I truly feel for everyone suffering in this moment. Health is and should be everyone's natural state so that we can all enjoy this life fully! It is my mission to help those out of their suffering who are ready to take their health into their own hands to finally heal. I am so grateful that I am able to help others with this knowledge. It is so needed in this world today. 🍇🍉🍊🍃✊

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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