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Why Do I Still Cleanse and Detox?

After years of deeply detoxing my body, some of you may be wondering, what else do I have left to heal? Why do I still fast, eat raw/fruit, and take herbs? 🌿 Haven't I done enough to cleanse and heal my body?

That is a very good question and one I will go into depth about. Most of you know this about me already, but for those of you who don't, I started my journey with detoxification to heal from many chronic illnesses that were causing my body extreme pain for many years. These chronic illnesses included but were not limited to - Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, Chronic Constipation, Endometriosis, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Insomnia, and many others. Nothing I had tried to help me heal had worked at that point until I tried detoxification! I started out my journey by switching from a pescatarian diet to a raw vegan diet overnight. After a week of eating raw and vegan, my body pains reduced from feeling like a 10 on the pain scale (bed-ridden status) to dramatically going down to a 2 (virtually no pain). I had gotten my joy back. I was no longer bound to my bed and could run, dance, and have fun without feeling the after effects of fatigue and pain when I moved my body or exerted any energy. The immediate relief I got by just switching my diet kept me going with eating fruits and raw foods and taking herbs to further detox. I detoxed my body for a year and a half. I was able to cure all my chronic illnesses.

Little did I know though that I had only just began to cleanse my body and that there was still so much healing to be done. The reason I stopped feeling pain in my body within the first week was because I had started to move my lymphatic system with the fruits (something I hadn't ever done or experienced in my life). Before consuming a high fruit raw diet, my lymphatic system was stagnant from my diet of cheese, seafood, and wheat and all the mucus and acids were stuck in place, burning up the tissues in my body and causing me my pain. So, when I began eating hydrating and astringent fruits, my body started to loosen these things up and become free again. What followed was so much mucus elimination! Bucket loads!

The goal of detox is to cleanse your body well past just the alleviation of symptoms. True detox is the elimination of all wastes, obstructions and acids - in the form of parasites, mucus, mucoid plaque, sediment, acids, sulfur, etc. The final step after this elimination is - the complete regeneration of the cells and tissues.

Now I would say that I have deeply cleansed my body of most of these obstructions. I have physically seen them leave my body through my stool, through my urine, through my skin, as well as in the large amounts of mucus expelled from my nose and throat. Eliminating mucus is the easy part that is achieved through diet change and taking herbal formulas. The hard part in detoxing comes when you are trying to regenerate already deteriorated tissue.

The body is capable of building tissues back up, just like one heals after breaking a bone! Another common example is when we get a cut and the skin starts to form a scab; it eventually heals completely with no trace of a cut ever being there. The truth is that the body is capable of healing in this same way when it comes to every type of tissue. But how can you tell if you have degenerated tissue in your body? The answer lies in Iridology! After looking at my own irises and reading them with my knowledge of Iridology, I knew I had a long road ahead of me to completely regenerate. I had a lot of deterioration. It didn't surprise me though, because I had been suffering from colon issues ever since I was a child.

Through the art of Iridology, we can actually see the health of the cells and tissues in the body presently that make up all of your organs, glands, and systems. It is an amazing science and such a useful tool in conjunction with a detoxification program. It gives you an idea of what herbal formulas you should be taking for your weaknesses, and it also gives you a scope into how long complete healing will take.

Reading the Iris takes skill and a lot of practice. I have read hundreds of eyes before I started getting comfortable with recognizing the signs and what they mean. Now I read my client's irises in conjunction with writing up their detox plan and protocol to heal. For some cases, it is absolutely essential to get your eyes read to see the chronic and degenerative levels of the tissues. The truth is - the eyes reveal more information than any doctor can ever tell you. It's a shame Iridology isn't put into practice in hospitals because so much pain and death can be avoided if it was. (Then again, we know that the medical establishment is not really a health industry - they profit from your sickness and want to keep it that way.)

Set up a Complete Detox Health Assessment with us here: The Master Your Health Package

As an Iridologist, what I look for in an Iris is the different states of tissue health, corresponding to their organs, depending on the location of the markings in the iris. The tissues in your body can be broken down into 4 categories of health. They will appear as different colors, shades, shapes, and markings in the Iris:

1 - Acute - will appear as white (The beginning stages of inflammation and pain)

2 - Subacute - appears as yellow light discoloration (Characterized by toxic absorption, low metabolism, and weak condition)

3 - Chronic - will appear as brown or dark gray (Low metabolic activity, lack of vitality) 80 % of all diseases found here

4 - Degenerative - will always appear as black (No sensation, tissue decay)

My own eyes had a lot of black lesions and markings in them, especially around my colon and digestive system/organs. I knew I had my work cut out for me in order to regenerate these areas. Here are my eyes present day May 2017.

Right Eye

In my right eye, you can see major prolapses of my transverse colon going on, as well as radii solaris, nerve rings, skin ring, some malabsorption, and genetic weakness of my pancreas, adrenal glands, lungs, sinus, and appendix. My GI tract and digestion are one of the last serious things I have to heal.

Left Eye

Everyone's eyes will look different and vary in constitution and genetic weaknesses. Some eyes look worse than this, while other eyes will look better. Some people will have to work really hard to achieve health in their body again, while for others it will take less effort. One thing is for sure though - everyone must detox the body to eliminate the wastes that have been stuck inside of them for years due to harmful foods (animal products, processed foods, etc.), vaccinations, medications, chemicals from body care products, the toxic air in the environment, and more.

All healing starts with the elimination of toxic wastes and removing the darkness found in the iris. True healing is a cleansing and building process. Curing ourselves is an ideal that we must constantly strive for. Without healing, we become sick, aged, and die prematurely.

Regeneration of tissue can take many years of being consistent with the raw food diet and taking herbs. Regeneration takes time and of course, can take years to achieve if you have a lot of degeneration in your body. This however largely depends on your constitution as seen in your irises. Strong constitution types tend to detox and heal faster while weak constitution types tend to detox at a slower pace. Fasting and herbs are the best regenerators of tissue in the body.

Ever since I started my healing business, my detox has had to take a back burner. Starting any business takes a lot of work and many sleepless nights so I didn't really have the space to detox and regenerate myself like I wanted to. I had to make a selfless decision, whether to continue on with my detox or whether to help others in their own detox using the knowledge and experience I had gained. I am glad I made the decision to help people with healing themselves. This past year has been amazing - I've helped countless people reach their health goals and heal from so many issues: cancers, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, pain disorders, diabetes, acne, digestive illnesses and so on. I have loved every minute of it. <3

I am seriously thinking about digging deep again into my detox like back in the day. I know it will take a lot of dedication, patience, and willpower like it did the first time when I healed my fibromyalgia, but I can do it. Yes, this time I am juggling a full-on healing and coaching business, so it will be more difficult. I believe I can do it though. I will have to find some sort of balance in my detox with a set schedule because one thing is for sure - it is very difficult to detox and regenerate yourself while helping others to detox themselves. Detox symptoms and healing crisis may arise out of nowhere in the reversal of chronic and degenerative conditions. It is well worth it though! ❤️

I am looking forward to this second part of my healing journey to regenerate my colon and other organs. I can't wait to see the changes in my eyes a year from now. :)

"Nature cures, but she must be given the opportunity" 🍉🌿

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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