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The Protein Myth!

Proteins are so pushed in today's world as the most necessary macro nutrient one must consume, but nothing can be further from the truth. Sadly, many people actually develop diseases due to the overconsumption of proteins. This is what I consistently see in the people that come to me with a whole host of health problems. An average American consumes anywhere from 150 to 200 grams of protein each day, when the requirement for humans is actually as low as 40-60 grams of protein each day. Many people believe that protein is used by the body for energy, when it actually robs the body of energy! Protein is used by the body first and foremost as a building block, not energy. The main source of energy used by all of the cells of the body and even the brain for mental processes is none other than sugar. Yet, we have seen the Protein industry perpetuate sugar into something evil that it is not. Foods like fruits (natural healthy sugars that heal the body) have been put into the same category as processed sugars like cakes, breads, deserts, and white chemical sugars (that create an acidic and destructive environment in the body.) The reason for this becomes very clear when we examine the agenda of the industries that have pushed this "protein is the greatest" and "sugar is evil lie" for many years.

Society, the educational systems, and the medical establishment says that sources of protein from meats, animal products, legumes and such must be consumed daily for proper nutrition. This is a false statement that has been perpetuated into the standard food pyramid by the animal agriculture industry. This multi-billion-dollar industry unfortunately has their say in what is taught to the public because of how much money they have. They control the information that is taught to everyone since birth - starting in schools to young children - conditioning them to believe this lie and all the way up to those in the "health" field that actually wish to help people heal, but are ultimately unable to with their education on what a healthy diet looks like. These industries continuously push their agenda through this false information - and it is hurting people. The human species is suffering greatly - take a look at all the chronic diseases on the rise! The medical industry and pharmaceutical industries are also gaining billions of dollars from the rise of illness. All of these industries are benefiting from each other - teach the public that they need protein, show commercials for cheap fast food with protein as the main dish, then have doctors on standby with little to no education on diet that people go to when they get sick from said diet, and finally turn sick patients into life-time customers with reliance on pharmaceutical drugs that can never cure them and cause even more health complications. This is the sad reality of why disease is so prevalent in today's world and continues to rise. There is hope though, more and more people are fortunately waking up to this reality and are starting to do something about it - starting to see through the lies, educate themselves and take health into their own hands by starting with what they put into their bodies at meal times.

Let's look at protein from a scientific view point and how our body responds to it. The reality is that protein from animal products is not necessary for human health – and it is actually detrimental – even if it comes from organic, pasture raised sources. The truth becomes very clear from a biological and chemical standpoint on how detrimental excess protein is in the diet simply by observing exactly how protein is chemically broken down by our bodies. Many people are unaware of this, but Protein is actually made up of a long chain of smaller units called amino acids. In order for our body to use proteins from the foods we eat, it must break down this long complex protein chain into individual amino acids. (Our bodies cannot use protein in its first form). This process takes the body a lot of energy to break protein down, thus robbing the body of energy. This can be observed when people experience a "food coma" after eating a heavy protein meal. After breaking down this protein into amino acids, it then converts the amino acids into a useable form of protein that the body can then recognize and then use. In a sense, proteins from animal meats and legumes should be called "second hand protein" since it requires two steps for the body to use, instead of just one. A lot of energy is required from the body to digest protein, and not to mention the release of hydrochloric acid in order to do so – burning the stomach and digestive tract repeatedly. This is why the consumption of protein can be so destructive and painful in those that suffer from any stomach or gastrointestinal issues. In fact, I can always see just how much damage the stomach has taken in those that consume high protein diets through the symptoms a person displays and the signs in their iris. Lesions in the stomach are always seen and like-wise, cramping of the stomach is a symptom that is a common complaint. Another issue with protein is the damage that it inflicts on the kidneys. The kidneys are the main channels of elimination of the body and are thus highly important to take care of. A human cannot live without kidneys. And sure, some people may say, well you only need just one kidney to survive. While that may be true, most people don't realize that each kidney is responsible for cleaning its respective side of the body. The left kidney cleans the left side of the body and the right kidney cleans the right side of the body. Whichever kidney is weakest in the human body, or in this case missing - this is the side where the person will find the most complications (and is most likely to see things like tumors developing because this main waste filtration organ is missing.) On top of this, those that go into kidney failure turn to family members to get a kidney for their continued survival - not knowing that they are still getting a genetically weak kidney from the same family line and most often from another protein eater. The best chance of survival for both parties (the donor and the one who receives the kidney donation) would be to change the diet. Stop the consumption of proteins and immediately starting healing of the body with fruits to turn on the kidneys and achieving kidney filtration. Ultimately, with all these health consequences from the over-consumption of proteins, we see that humans are not naturally built to consume high protein diets - humans are frugivores (blog post coming soon!) The truth that has been withheld for so long is that we do not actually need proteins from our foods – what we need is amino acids. Amino acids are not hard to come by - in fact - Amino acids are abundant in every food in the world, especially in the most healing, alkalizing, astringent, and hydrating foods in existence for humans - fruits.

The fact is that there is no medical term known as protein deficiency. Unless someone is not eating anything at all and is dying from starvation, one will get adequate amounts of protein from one's diet. It is not something that has to be thought about on a regular basis, unless you are an athlete or a champion body builder - which then you need a little more protein than your average human, but not that much more! You must then get your protein sources from alkaline and hydrating plant sources - otherwise risk serious health complications. Many people also have to consider that they are not perfectly healthy and should detox before even thinking about pumping iron at the gym. I cannot tell you how many young ex athletes and ex body builders come to me for help with damage to their main organs - all from consumption of whey protein shakes and even plant protein shakes! Detox and healing must come first, and then long term building of the body on a healed and stable ground can then naturally follow suit. Proteins from meats, beans, wheat, nuts, and dairy products, when broken down by the body, leave behind an acidic ash residue. To heal and maintain the health of the human body, one must consume foods that when broken down and digested have alkaline ash left behind. It is acids from foods that are the number one contributor to the destruction of tissue, glands and organs in the body (otherwise known as disease.) Alkaline and astringent foods like fruits and herbs heal the body by removing acidic wastes that breakdown the body. One must remove the main culprit - proteins - if one is to heal from any disease.

Eating protein foods also causes mucus congestion in the body. The body produces mucus and mucoid plaque as a defensive mechanism response to acids from protein foods. This mucus in the colon and various cavities of the body when allowed to linger, causes cell suffocation or death. As state earlier, the consumption of protein foods puts a heavy burden on the kidneys. Kidney failure is one of the leading causes of death. This is why it is imperative to eliminate proteins from the diet when healing the body of any disease. The kidneys are the main channels of elimination that will detox the body of all acids to heal disease. Upon the removal of proteins from the diet, digestion becomes easier, the body starts to heal, kidney filtration can then occur, acidosis and inflammation goes down, bowel movements become more regular, pain goes away, and more – just from this one change. You can imagine the great changes that occur when we start to largely consume fresh raw foods, fruits and herbs to start the detoxification process – where true deep healing of the body takes place! Diseases and health issues can be healed, the body only needs to be given the chance with the correct foods for healing and the amazing herbs for one's weaknesses. These are the true medicines that can heal the destruction we have inflicted on our bodies for many years.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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