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Master Your Detox 

Transition Guide Ebook

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This book offers support to those that are:


  • Transitioning into a high raw vegan diet in order to heal

  • New to detoxification and need guidance on what to eat and how to detox

  • Having trouble letting go of animal products or SAD foods while detoxing

  • Looking for balance on their detox journey or after healing

The Master Your Detox Ebook will teach you how to start healing your body today! You will notice your symptoms clearing up as you change your diet to hydrating, alkaline, and astringent foods, and will be on your way towards healing! 

This is the one book that will help you get started and stay focused on your detox healing journey! I’ve laid it all out for you in order to make detox super easy, fun, and transformative!


The Master Your Detox Transition Guide Ebook contains over 140 pages with:


  • An introduction into Detoxification and True Healing!

  • A full shopping list to get you started!

  • The different levels of detox and how to navigate them!

  • What foods to avoid that cause disease!

  • What exact foods heal the body and reverse dis-ease!

  • Over 50 Raw, High Raw, and Vegan recipes (gluten-free, as well as various substitutions for allergens!)

  • A chapter on delicious Dressings and Sauces!

  • Full-color photos showing you every recipe!

  • My Personal Golden Detox Tips to keep you on track and motivated during your healing journey!

  • and more!

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