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How to Heal Multiple Sclerosis!

Many people have been led to believe that Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable disease, but I completely disagree. It is not incurable with a powerful detox protocol!

MS usually displays in symptoms of fatigue, pain, muscle stiffness, motor coordination and balance issues, tremors, dizziness, spasms, numbness and tingling, bowel issues, vision problems, memory and thinking issues, and kidney and bladder issues to name the most common symptoms.

MS is an incredibly debilitating illness and robs one of their quality of life and hope for a future. I personally was almost at this stage of illness - bed bound with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome before I detoxed and healed myself many years ago. I too experienced every symptom on this list, and I feel for each person that is currently in this health situation.

From my experience as a detox specialist, MS is a degenerative illness that requires the most powerful healing approach on the planet - true detoxification with fruits, raw foods, and tissue specific herbal formulas!

Today I’m going to breakdown the main root causes of MS. It all comes down to specific weaknesses and acidic obstructions in the body.

👁 These are the signs in the body and eyes that have been consistently present with every MS client I have worked with. Once we identified their weaknesses, and put them on a detox diet plan and herbal protocol according to their weaknesses, we saw amazing healing results!

People that were bed bound for years, hardly able to live a normal life, unable to walk, having to be dependent on those around them to meet their basic needs each day when they first came to me - these very clients finally gained their energy back, are now free from pain, and are mobile again! During detox they opened up like a flower and stepped into their independence again, with each day of working their detox program. I’m incredibly proud of these clients! ✨🙌🏻 It really shows the perseverance of the human spirit and the incredible intelligence and power of nature (fruits, raw foods, and herbs) to heal the body! 🍇🍉🌿

Here are the main weaknesses we see in Multiple Sclerosis:

💠 Kidneys - the kidneys control the removal of acidic wastes from the body. People with MS usually have chronically weak kidneys, many times genetically weak. People with MS often suffer with kidney infections for this reason.

💠 Cerebellum (Central Nervous System) - the cerebellum is located in the back of the head and controls balance for walking and standing and other complex motor functions. I often see a chronic or degenerative lesion in this area of the eye in my clients with MS. This brain lesion is crucial to heal when you have MS.

💠 Nerve Rings (Autonomic Nervous System) - nerve rings in the iris represent the state of the autonomic nervous system. People with MS often have several nerve rings! We’re talking like 5 or 6 nerve rings. The average person has around 2-3 nerve rings. The more nerve rings you have in your iris, the more your nerve cells have broken down - specifically the myelin sheaths that insulate the nerve cells and assist in nerve communication.

💠 Adrenals - the adrenals produce and release neurotransmitters that control the autonomic nervous system. The adrenals also control blood pressure and the filtration of wastes from the kidneys. Those with MS usually have very low blood pressure that contributes to fatigue. We want to support and heal the adrenals during detox because it is essential to excite the myelin sheaths to turn on the autonomic nervous system.

💠 Lymphatic System - the lymphatic system and whether it is functioning properly or not, determines the level of acidosis found in the tissues of the more. The more acidosis (from cellular wastes and toxicity, the more tissue damage you will find. This is because acids burn. This is why we want the body to be mostly alkaline - where cellular strength is found!

💠 Gi tract - the colon and stomach must be detoxed and healed in MS cases. This is because toxicity in the colon makes its way up into the head region lymphatically! Clean the colon, drain the head region! Often times, MS cases, as well as those with Lupus, Lyme, arthritis, fibromyalgia, usually have great amounts of sulfur found in the body due to taking antibiotics or sulfur medications in the past. Sulfur from medications further adds to acidosis and the burning of tissue as well as damage to the lymph nodes and the locking and congesting of the lymph system.

The cause of disease is usually due to several weaknesses that must be identified as we can see in a typical case of MS. This is why it is so important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced detox specialist such as myself that is well versed in detox, iridology and herbs!

Hope is never lost! A Detoxification protocol is powerful enough to get someone walking again when they have been bed bound for years! This is why I am so passionate about healing the body through detoxification - because no other healing modality is as energetic, potent, effective and actually gets to the root cause of all disease in the body. With the right diet plan and herbal protocol, all obstructions leave the systems, all weaknesses regenerate, and health is finally yours to keep!

✨To get started on your detox healing journey, visit:

I highly recommend booking The Master Your Health Package, or booking The VIP Package to see the ultimate healing transformation in your body!

Can’t wait to work with so many of you to help you finally heal! 👊🏻✨

🍉 Happy Healing!

- Ailin Duran

Regenerative Detox Specialist, Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist


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