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How To Heal Inflammation!

Do you have an inflammatory disease? The answer is - most likely!

Many diseases in today’s world can be attributed to one word - inflammation. Pictured below is an iris with inflammation all throughout the body and in desperate need for detoxification in order to heal.

💥 The Deadly Medical Route:

Most inflammatory diseases or conditions are normally treated with steroids by medical doctors, but time and time again I have seen just how much steroids further weaken and destroy the body. In order to heal inflammation, one must address the root cause of the problem. Another approach by medical doctors to treat inflammatory disease are NSAID’s or Non steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs.

Generally, the drug or medical approach always attempts to block the natural chemicals produced by the body that promote the inflammation process; but one must remember that inflammation is a necessary process in order to promote the healing of all injured or weakened tissues in the body.

Side effects of NSAID’s are plentiful and often include gastric distress, bloody stools, ulcers, intestinal bleeding, leaky gut, and more. NSAID’s are also known to deplete vitamin C, folate, potassium, and iron from the body!

To believe that humans can attempt to outsmart the body’s own healing mechanisms, is the perfect example of the dark side of the ego in this society. True healing of the body - that works with the body instead of against it, has been heavily suppressed in the last 200 years. It is no coincidence that now more than ever, chronic and degnerative diseases are the highest they have ever been in human history. It is no coincidence that young children, now more than ever, are developing diseases that were almost never seen until adult-hood or in the elderly. I see this each day as a healer, but thankfully each person - child, adult, and elder, fully heals from all their health issues with a detoxification protocol.

💥 Steroid Drugs:

Steroid drugs are known to have side effects which include - suppressing natural cortisol production, weight gain, bone loss, and even ligament detachment. Steroid drugs are also known to deplete a list of nutrients from the tissues including vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. As a detox specialist, I want to point out that the biggest issue with taking drugs to reduce inflammation, on top of all the side-effects, is the never-ending, destructive cycle it often creates.

Taking anti inflammatory drugs, will reduce pain and inflammation momentarily, but it will deplete some of the very nutrients that are necessary for tissue repair and regeneration! One may “feel better” and return to the normal activities of their daily life with steroids, but they are not healed and are actually causing further damage to the body. The person then increases their medication dosage, or has to switch to a stronger medication entirely, which then reduces their pain but also further depletes nutrients necessary for healing. One again returns to the activities of normal every day life, again without truly healing, and this cycle continues until the only other option that medical doctors offer is surgery, or until their disease condition becomes degenerative or unopperable.

From my years as a detox specialist and iridologist, I can tell you that this is not a good cycle to be caught up in. The number of people that have come to me to truly heal that were once caught up in this cycle are in the thousands! Thankfully, detoxification heals the true cause of inflammation without the use of suppressive and deadly drugs.

On a world-wide scale, the number of deaths and complications from the use of these drugs has been in the millions. There is a better and simpler approach to healing that does not involve the death to our cells, but first we must understand what inflammation in the body actually is. 👇🏼👇🏼

💥 What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is an acute stage, or a begining stage of disease development in the tissue. In the iris, inflammation appears as white markings. As a detox specialist, I have seen many people have these white markings in their eyes when they come to me to heal their disease conditions. These white markings, or inflammation, are caused by:

1. Poor Diet; or consumption of acidic or mucus-forming foods.

2. Exposure to harmful chemicals such as: medications, jabs, pollutants, and more.

3. Build up of waste products as a result of cellular metabolism; these are acidic wastes that are regularly produced by the cells and build up if they are not properly eliminated.

These 3 causes are all acidic in nature. All substances that are acidic and introduced into the body will have a burning effect upon the cells, tissues, organs, glands, and systems. With burning, comes destruction to tissue and failure to function.

💥 What Causes Inflammatory Disease:

1. Poor Diet:

All it takes is weeks, months, years, or decades of consuming acidic or mucus-forming foods to cause the tissues to respond in this inflammation reaction. Amongst the most acidic and mucus forming foods are: dairy products, wheat/gluten, processed foods, protein foods, all animal products, white sugar, carbonated drinks, and stimulants (coffee, alcohol, etc.). Cutting out these foods and simplifying one’s diet is crucial to the healing process to stop this inflammatory response and to detox the body of all acidic residue. Simplicity in digestion redirects healing energy to the body so the body can focus on the elimination of acidosis. The body is then rewarded with healing of tissue, organs, glands and entire systems!

2. Harmful Chemicals:

Many harmful chemicals ingested into the body can be seen in the iris. I see this in many eyes as a detox specialist and iridologist. A notable example is when sulfur is ingested into the body through past antibiotic use of the client. All suppression of acute symptoms (like the common cold, flu, runny nose, headaches, coughing, pain, etc.) with drugs will cut the body’s natural defense and elimination and this creates more serious disease wtihin. Cutting off the body’s elimination and immune system (the lymphatic system) is dangerous and should not be interfered with under most conditions! Isolated Iodine is a harmful substance and can be seen in the iris as chemical deposits. These chemical deposits look like different colored spots caught within the fibers of the iris. Chemical deposits held in the tissues can create inflammation. Some harmful chemicals are acquired throughout a person’s life, while others are genetically inherited. The ingestion of many chemicals often changes the color or colors of the eyes. I have had hundreds of parents tell me how their children’s eyes have changed color to becoming darker immediately after they have received any type of jabs. I have also recently seen eyes change their color in people after receiving the “you-know-what”, in today’s current world-wide dilema. If there is any hope for people that have recieved the “you-know-what”, it is a detoxification protocol that eliminates all inflammatory substances out of the body.

3. Waste products created by the Cells:

All cells within the body create acidic by-products by nature, and they always will. With all cellular activity (what keeps us alive!) - comes the creation of acidic wastes. It is the role of the body to carry out these metabolic wastes from a micro (cellular) level and to eliminate them at the macro level (urination, bowel movements, sweat, and exhaling carbon-dioxide). These are the four main elimination pathways of metabolic wastes and must be kept in healthy condition. Cellular wastes are carried through the body’s lymph system. In people with stagnated lymph systems, cellular wastes build up quickly and cause pain, inflammation, destruction to tissue, and disease(s).

💥 Inflammation is in the Disease Name:

Have you noticed that diseases involving inflammation will usually end in the word “itis”? All these diseases are locational - they show inflammation in a specific organ, gland or system of the body. This is how diseases get their names.

Here is a list of inflammatory diseases and their location of inflammation in the body:

Arthritis = inflammation of the joints

Colitis = inflammation of the colon

Bronchitis = inflammation of the brochial tubes

Hepatitis = inflammation of the liver

Sinusitis = inflammation of the sinuses

Cystitis = inflammation of the bladder

Prostatitis = inflammation of the prostate

Cellulitis = inflammation of the skin

Pancreatitis = inflammation of the pancreas

Nephritis = inflammation of the kidneys

However, one can replace the word Inflammation with what the disease truly is = Acidosis.

💥 The Development of Disease:

As time goes on, areas that were once in a stage of acute inflammation (white markings), become darker in the iris, and fall into deeper stages of disease (first subacute, then chronic and then ultimately falling into to a degenerative stage). These stages of tissue decay occur when there is a lack of proper, alkaline living conditions in order for the body to clean and regenerate itself.

Think of inflammation as your body’s check engine light coming on and your body trying to tell you that something is not right and that it needs to be addressed before something worse happens. Inflammation therefore is not the problem, but more of an effect of an underlying root cause - ACIDOSIS. When tissue decay advances due to inflammation/acidosis, the disease name changes, and the illness becomes more serious in nature.

💥 List of Diseases and their Progression:

Arthritis - may turn into lupus or bone cancer

Colitis - may turn into crohn’s disease or colon cancer

Bronchitis - may turn into COPD or lung cancer

Hepatitis - may turn into liver cirrhosis or liver cancer

Sinusitis - may turn into sinus tumors or sinus cancer

Cystitis - may turn into bladder cancer

Prostatitis - may turn into prostate cancer

Cellulitis - may turn into skin cancer

Pancreatitis - may turn into pancreatic cancer

Nephritis - may turn into kidney failure or kidney cancer

Therefore, when one has any inflammatory disease, the number one focus must be on the consumption of alkaline and astringent foods. Alkalinity, astringency, and hydration from raw foods encourages the removal of these acids (cellular, diet, and chemical in nature) that are causing inflammation and disease. Astringent, hydrating foods, and the correct herbal protocol for one’s weaknesses opens up all the channels of elimination and is the ultimate healer of the human body.

💥 Emotional Disturbances:

I have seen many times how emotional disturbances also contribute to inflammation and disease creation. If we are all honest with ourselves, each person has both physical (as discussed above) and emotional causes to their diseases. Negative emotions can cause so much acidosis in the body that burns up sodium or (the buffering reserves in the body), that the body can create ulcerations from such stress. One example of emotional distress creating disease is in the cases of individuals with stomach ulcers or any ulcerations. Emotional distress can come from: job/career, financial, marital, relationships, environment, or within one’s self or psyche. Detoxification allows the mind to become clear as congestion is eliminated from the body. Therefore, detoxification is the best approach to truly begin the journey of healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. The end result is spiritual awareness and regeneration. Like a domino effect, changes in the mind create changes in one’s physical reality. That being said, you can create any reality you desire (a strong vibrant body, healthy relationships, a balanced life, a career that you love, an environment that you desire to live in, and more). This is what occured in my life, and what I help facilitate in my clients. Detox brings unbelievable positive transformation! Detox brings clarity, clarity brings focus, and focus brings true healing results!

The beautiful thing about detoxification is that it is a whole body healing system that uses one’s health history, symptoms, eyes, genetic history, and current health conditions to create the most powerful diet and herbal protocol that heals the body of every disease and health issue. A knowledgable detox specialist takes both the physical causes and the emotional causes of disease in order to create the most effective healing protocol for their client. I have been blessed to be able to provide such healing to so many of you over the years. My fire burns strong when I am piecing all the missing pieces of the puzzle together to finally provide you all with true healing. My heart is at peace knowing that so many of you have already healed or are currently in the process of healing, but I know there are many more people still suffering in the world when they don’t have to!

If you are tired of feeling stuck in your health issues, and you are ready to finally heal once and for all, I recommend working with me to have your entire case analyzed in order to create the most healing detox protocol on the planet for you, specifically tailored to healing your health issues. 👉🏻 Detoxification with iridology is the best healing modality that exists, powerful enough to heal the body of any disease!

Until next time,

Happy Healing

-Ailin Duran D.S.

To Work with me one-on-one on your healing journey, visit our Services page!


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