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How Herbs Heal The Body

Herbs beat supplements and chemical medications any day of the week in their immense healing power! The use of herbs is absolutely essential in the complete restoration of the human body to reverse disease. Their healing power lies in pulling and cleaning toxins out as well as strengthening the cells!

Humans have dug themselves into a hole genetically within the past century. What used to work in treating illness - now requires a much stronger approach in order to heal genetic weaknesses and completely reverse health issues! The passing down of genetic weaknesses from generation to generation has us seeing chronic and degenerative illnesses showing up much earlier in life! 1 in 2 people now have at least one chronic illness afflicting them.

Chemical toxicity levels in the air, water, foods, and environment is higher than ever - acidosis is something that we simply cannot completely escape in this day and age. This is why detoxification is essential in preventing and healing disease!

When I introduced herbs in my healing practice many years ago, our success rate in healing our clients skyrocketed! Medications only created more illness in our clients, and supplements only saw them seeing small improvements, but with herbs, we were able to completely reverse symptoms and not have them return!

This is because herbs carry the “original awareness” with which they were created. When we take herbs, be it in a tincture, capsule, or tea form, their consciousness unites with the consciousness of our cells. This empowers the cell to function as it was originally created before it lost its vitality and strength.

As DNA and cellular activity changes during the detoxification process, this creates greater vitality to cells, tissues, organs, and glands! With their consciousness, whole nutrition, and active ingredients, herbs are powerful tools in a healing protocol. An herbal protocol empowers the body to clean itself out of all obstructions, thereby enhancing blood, lymph, and neuro energy flow to all the cells! This is how you truly heal disease!

Herbs are tissue-specific in that each herb was designed by the creator to affect a specific type of tissue or body part of the body. Herbs can affect many different types of tissues at the same time. Take rosemary for instance: heals the brain and nervous system, the circulatory system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, and the skeletal system!

Herbal formulas, consist of a combination of herbs and have a much stronger effect upon the body than single herbs. This is why I use herbal formulas with my clients in creating their herbal protocols for healing! When compatible herbs are combined, they create a synergistic effect to a gland, system or organ.

Symptoms make themselves known to us when a combination of organ, gland, and systemic weaknesses are present in the body. A case analysis and iridology reading is essential in uncovering what these weaknesses are. In this way - we are able to address the root cause of disease with a specific herbal protocol!

Herbs are absolutely nature’s greatest healers - especially when used in conjunction with a raw vegan, high fruit diet!

To work with me in the complete healing of your health issues, go to and book a detox package!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran - Detox Specialist + Iridologist


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