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How To Stay Committed on Your Detox Journey!

Today, I wanted to talk about a very important topic that not many people speak about, but is a struggle that many encounter when first embarking a detox journey, or during the middle of their detox journey.

That is the topic of how to stay committed on your detox journey, or how to first commit to your detox journey.

In this article, I will discuss the major mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles that can hold you back on starting or continuing your detox journey all the way to the finish line in healing your health issues! There are many obstacles, some that we may not even realize are sabotaging us when we ourselves are in the midst of it.

After many years of being a healer and encountering many different clients that have come to me from various age groups, male and female, from different cultures and races, across all reaches of the globe, I have noticed the same recurring patterns that hold humans back from healing themselves!

You may have noticed the pattern of self-sabotage in yourself at some point or another. It is a common trait in humans. I got curious long ago why humans self-sabotage, and how to turn this all around. As a healer, learning about true human psychology, methods of achieving success in anything - including health, and guiding people in what areas they needed in order to heal - not only just in what they wanted - that's what I became an expert in.

If you struggle with self-sabotage or are struggling with committing to your healing journey, I recommend the Master Your Health Detox Package or the VIP Support Package as the best packages to heal the root causes of your health issues and limiting programs and negative belief systems. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: and book an appointment!

I realized from long ago that we as humans share the same wants, fears, and aspirations at the root of it all. We all want, crave, and need love. We all run mental programs that get us closer to this love (feeling good and accepted as much as possible), and mental programs that get us away from rejection (avoiding as much pain as much as possible). However, many of these mental programs can definitely hold us back big time when we are bold enough to go against all that we have been taught all of our lives and finally walk the path of true detoxification.

Although we want to feel love and acceptance by our family and friends, although we want to be told that what we are doing is correct and great in the aspects of health - detox takes the opening of our heart, the courage to walk the road less traveled, to feel the discomfort of being the black sheep in your circle but committing to your health anyways, it takes the humbling of the ego, and the continuous thirst and curiousity for self-knowledge and realization in order to truly be successful.

This article is a reminder to you to hold your ground when you commit to your detox journey.

When you stay true to your promises and goals that you have made to yourself, despite the obstacles, excuses, and the negative mental chatter, you elevate the people around you. You become the positive influencer, instead of others negatively influencing you.

People-pleasing, fear of appearing weird, strange, or letting others down, can be a hard habit to break if it has been a part of the mental program that you have been running on for years, especially it this was a learned behavior from early on - possibly stemming back from when you were a child or young adult.

We must not let other people’s opinions or actions derail us on our journeys - especially on a detox healing journey.

To stay committed on your detox journey, you must make yourself and your health your number one priority - something you absolutely won’t budge on or make compromises on.

Is this easy to do all the time? No. Your mind can quite easily talk you out of staying the course on your health path. The key to maintaining your focus is recognizing when this does happen and reprogramming your mind. Making your mind work for you instead of your mind controlling you.

I personally experienced a lot of ridicule from many people, close family members, and friends, when I was on my own raw detox journey. It was ongoing negativity from others until the very end of my health journey when I healed myself of several chronic illnesses.

It even occurs today every so often. But it does not influence my actions in what I put into my body to cleanse and nourish it, because in the vision I have set for myself - I am a healthy human being - and in proclaiming this, I know my actions must align with what a healthy human being would do to embody this reality and attract it into my existence.

If I hadn’t stayed truly committed to my health journey, today, I would be bedridden, forced to use a wheel chair due to chronic pain and extreme fatigue, on several medications to manage pain, anxiety and depression, most likely suffering with multiple organ and gland failures, with the development of tumors or cancer, and who knows what my fate would have entailed - I perhaps would even be dead.

This would have absolutely been my fate if I hadn't taken control of my thoughts, my emotions, and my mind.

For many of you following this detox path, you also have your main reasons for wanting to do this, for wanting to stick to your committment to healing. You want to make sure that your reason is a strong one, an emotional one, one that strikes a deep cord within you.

A reason that is not strong enough, often doesn't inspire long term change to see healing results. Some people that are very strong-willed may not need a grand emotional reason to detox, but unless you are a naturally strong-willed person, I would say most people need to think about the why of committing to a detox journey. This is what I have found to be the case in the various clients that have come to me for guidance in healing their health issues through detoxification.

Back to my own health journey: What do I now have to show for sticking to detox, what was my reward for the "sacrifices" I made?

A completely healed, energetic and pain free body. My youthfulness regained, feeling even better in my body than when I was a kid!

Fibromyalgia - gone.

Anxiety and depression - gone.

Chronic fatigue syndrome - gone.

Chronic constipation - gone.

Endometriosis and pms - gone.

Costochodriitis - gone.

And a thousand more body crippling symptoms - gone.

What else do I have to show for my commitment to true detox with raw foods, fasting, and herbs?

A solid vision, the realization of my soul’s purpose and truly knowing myself, the full self-expression of myself coming forth after having balanced my divine feminine and masculine energies, finding my voice and expressing myself creatively thus connecting with so many of you - knowing what type of people I want around me and in my life that truly care about me, what I stand for, and have the same or similar values I hold.

How did I accomplish this?

Healing first starts in the mind - In the initial decision you make to commit to healing your body and in the small decisions you make every day to stay committed.

Healing first starts in the mind. The longevity of keeping your promise to yourself I have found, depends on the inner work that you have done and continue to do.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, letting go of negative thought patterns and negative belief systems - especially about yourself.

A lot of these learned behaviors stem from your childhood. A lot of them stem from traumas that haven’t been healed. A lot of them have been coping mechanisms that you have turned to each time you are met with the same situation.

How do we drop all these things and reprogram our minds with positive thought patterns and positive belief systems?

There are honestly so many techniques! You just have to find the ones that work for you. I for instance, used several techniques and tools to reprogram my mind during my own healing journey.

I highly recommend using the following techniques during your detox.

These are just some of the techniques that I recommend to my clients during our consultations based on their areas of weaknesses that we identify. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your physical, mental and emotional health issues, go to: and book an appointment!:

Techniques to Reprogram Your Mind:

1. Free form writing and journaling. It can feel weird at first, but once you try it, it’s better than therapy! It can be called self therapy and helps you realize that you have all the answers you need within, all you need to do is tap into your innate wisdom and trust. This helps unlock your intuition and helps you to develop the trusting of your "gut feeling" - what feels right and what doesn't feel right to you.

2. Self help books that teach you how to get to the root cause of your emotional pain and how to safely process them, learn from them, and then let them go. Many of us have traumas, big and small. Most people have not taken the time to heal from them. If you have any traumas from your past, I highly recommend a book called the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford. This was the first book I used that helped me heal from an abusive past. Any other books that help you unpack your past traumas and face them head on can help immensly in moving forward fully on your healing journey and unlocking your full potential in this life.

3. Listening to motivational speakers daily, or at least several times a week to retrain your brain. Whatever we listen to, expose ourselves to, watch, or read has so much power in molding our thought patterns. This means we should be feeding our brains positivity daily! Start your day with positivity and watch how your life transforms. I personally love listening to Tony Robbins and Les Brown. They help remind me of the power of human potential. They also help remind me that every human being is doing their best with the tools they have been given. This has helped me become a more patient person. There are many wonderful motivational and spiritual speakers. I recommend listening to a few of them and sticking with the ones that inspire you the most and give you concrete and practical exercises you can do to change your life. The best motivational speakers are empowering, understanding, guide you in creating your dream life, help you rewire your brain, and also help you heal your inner child. I have been listening to motivational speakers since I was 12 years old. For 19 years now listening to them, I have embedded their teachings, pratical steps, and have incorporated the lessons I have learned into the healing guidance I offer clients during our detox consultations. I'm beaming with pride thinking about my amazing clients that have done all the inner work we have discussed during our consultations!

4. Meditation. Feel the amazing stillness that exists inside of you, where you become one with everything. It’s an amazing feeling and hard to describe to those who have never felt this. Once you have felt it, you can then use this as your barometer of what emotional and spiritual health truly feels like in your existence as a human. Choose the meditation that resonates with you. When I first started meditating, I often chose visualizations in my meditation, meditating while chanting a mantra, meditating while focusing on a word, or meditating with my favorite crystal. I often meditating either laying down or sitting cross legged. When I first started meditation I would meditate for 5 minutes a day. Then with more practice, meditation got easier - so much so that I could drop into a deep meditative state in less than a minute and spend an hour in bliss! At the height of my meditation practice, I could meditate for 5 hours straight a day. This was when I was very much into astral projection and lucid dreaming. What an amazing learning experience this was in my early 20's. Nowadays, I meditate around 30 minutes a day most days to help keep my emotions and thoughts centered and peaceful. It truly helps me feel grounded and safe in my human vessel.

5. Thoughtful-ness in your media and in your consumption. As humans, we consume, often without thinking that we may be over-consuming. Ask yourself what you consume each day. Food, buying stuff you don't need or doesn't bring you true joy, watching videos, books, magazines, shows, music, stimulants, drugs, constant posts, photos, feeds, comments, etc. Stop and think if you are someone that creates more than you consume. Do your best to cut back on your consumption that affects your body negatively. In states of overconsumption, we are often left confused, overstimulated, fatigued, but empty. Often we overconsume in attempt to escape our truth of how we are feeling in the moment. Thus, we are robbed of the chance to process and heal. Be sure to avoid negative media like the news, dramas, negative songs, and even negative people that bring you down while you are healing.

Emotional, mental, locational, and spiritual stress can be one of the biggest causes of disease and symptoms in your body (with acidosis, and organ and gland weaknesses being the number 1 factor). I would say this is true for 95% of my clients that I have worked with over the years.

The clients that were and are the most successful on their healing journey with my guidance had these things in common. These were the keys to their success:

Keys to my Clients Success During Their Detox:

-Openness in receiving knowledge and tools of support during their detox that they implemented at the right time.

-Vulnerability in sharing with me the areas that they were struggling in and without pride or ego, asked for help during our consults when they needed it.

-Took responsibility for their detox in tracking their progress, getting their stats to me, and following up with routine consultations to keep their protocol up to date.

-Had genuine interest in detox and the art of healing and continued to learn about detox while healing their bodies.

-Fully understood what detox symptoms they would likely expect based on the weaknesses I saw in their eyes, and understood that detoxification was an undoing of all the physical and emotional baggage that they have been carrying for years. In the release of acidosis and toxicity, detox symptoms of elimination can occur. Navigation of these detox symptoms was a skill they mastered in our detox sessions.

This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable, caring, and experienced detox specialist that will help you pinpoint both the emotional, mental and spiritual areas that need assessing and healing in your life, along with creating a specific diet and herbal protocol to heal your organ and gland weaknesses as seen in your eyes. Very often, gland weaknesses create much emotional, mental and spiritual turmoil in a person. Addressing these with powerful herbs is crucial for many. This will set you up for the greatest success in your healing. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: and book an appointment!

I took the time during my detox journey to also heal my psyche and especially my inner child that had been so wounded, and I didn’t even know just how much. The negative belief systems I possessed were influencing my life choices and day to day decisions that before I knew it, I was miserable and hated the life I had created for myself. I felt stuck and not in my power. I felt as if I had lived my life for others, and had not listened to what my heart wanted. The truth is, this inner work is a work in progress. You, beautiful human, are always a work in progress - always evolving more into the totality of your potential.

During detox, you truly realize that you are a powerful creator of your own existence. And that you do have the power to create whatever life you want.

Back when I felt my loneliest on my healing journey - I knew that I had to learn how to be 100% comfortable in being alone. When you love yourself and your company, being alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely. In my darkest hours, I thought that I would always be alone and felt bouts of extreme loneliness and lack of connection and community with others.

But nothing was going to dissuade me from healing myself.

I knew I absolutely needed to detox for as long as I could until I was fully healed, in order to be able to enjoy the rest of my life in freedom. The freedom I craved to ride bikes, run, work, go to the park, stay on my feet for long periods of time, go hiking, swimming, have the mental energy and mental clarity to read and learn again, have more food freedom (to enjoy all sorts of amazing vegan food), and be able to be spontaneous and make plans on a whim again with my partner, family, and friends.

And I stuck to my guns and I did it - I accomplished the healing that every person in my life: my family, friends, medical doctors, specialists, and society said that I couldn’t because my diseases were said to be incurable.

If you are currently suffering from any health issues that are leaving you in fear, pain, uncertainty, disability, or limiting your potential, I highly recommend working with a detox specialist and iridologist like myself to not only pinpoint the main root causes of your health issues as seen in your eyes and health history, but to also start your journey on working through all mental and emotional wounds to free your spirit in creating the life you envision for yourself! If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: and book an appointment!

I hope this article has helped you understand how to stay committed or to commit to your detox healing journey if you are currently struggling with this. I also hope that with this information, you have seen just how important it is for you to detox your body and address the reprogramming of your mental and emotional body in order for you to heal and also to prevent any future dis-eases. Through detoxification with powerful fruits, raw foods, specific detox tools, an herbal protocol specific to your body’s weaknesses, you can heal and completely reverse any dis-ease!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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