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How to Heal Dizziness!

I know how debilitating vertigo can be. In the past I lived in a constant state of vertigo and dizziness.⁠ I always had to watch my step, I couldn’t run or move fast, workout, or participate in sports, when I went outside I always needed someone’s support and their arm to hold onto in case I fell. ⁠I had a fear of going outside by myself because I was afraid of falling or passing out in public on my own and had no idea where and when this would happen. ⁠

This became a reality as one night I was rushing to get home after a day of working. I had been feeling so dizzy all day, but ignored this feeling and kept on moving fast to keep up with everyone’s pace around me. ⁠I was running down the steps in the NYC subway station to catch the train when all of a sudden I began losing consciousness and started falling head first.

I remember vividly blacking out mid way through the fall before I hit the ground. I had fallen down about a total of 30 subway steps. I woke up after a few seconds with people surrounding me and trying to help me up. Feeling so embarrassed, I brushed it off and rushed into the train, trying to get to the farthest train car away from all the people that had witnessed me fall. ⁠Then I felt a huge bump on my head and I realized I was bleeding. It hurt so bad. I didn’t want to cry in front of hundreds of strangers so I waited until I was above ground to let it all out. ⁠⠀

This seems like such a distant memory to me now but I know it is the reality of many people suffering with balance and vertigo issues today. Thankfully I was able to heal from vertigo and dizziness naturally through detoxification and am now able to guide my clients in healing it too.

As a detox specialist, I have seen dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues stemming from several root causes in my clients. I want to share the main root causes, as well as ways to heal each root cause and techniques to relieve symptoms. I know this will help so many of you!

Root Cause #1:

Pain/inflammation in the back of your head. This is a big one! If this is the case for you, put a cold pack on the back of your head for 10 minutes. Cold is alkaline and relieves inflammation. The back of your head is where your cerebellum is located. The cerebellum is the center of the brain that controls balance. It is also important to ensure healthy bowel movements 3-4 times a day. Toxicity in the colon travels to the head and can create dizziness. Take a bowel formula to clean and heal your colon to remove mucus, mucoid plaque, old stools, and more. Consume the best colon cleansing foods: watermelons/watermelon juice, beet juice, pear juice, grapes/grape juice, celery juice. Water enemas can be used temporarily to relieve symptoms of sluggish bowels or head/pressure and dizziness.

Root Cause #2:

A Cerebellum weakness. This can be seen through an iridology analysis as a lesion in the cerebellum region in the eyes. If you have this weakness, you must take brain and nerve formula to regenerate the central nervous system. Consuming a raw food diet to deeply detox the head of cellular wastes that is causing damage to tissue and taking regenerative herbs will heal a cerebellum weakness. I often include the brain and nerve formula in my clients’ herbal protocols. To regenerate the brain is to achieve alkalinity in the head region. To do this, you must get the lymph system to drain in the head region. Ear candling is fantastic at relieving lymphatic pressure in the head and achieve drainage. Get some ear candles and have someone help you candle your ears during your detox!

Root Cause #3:

Your sinuses can be congested with mucus causing dizziness and vertigo. The best way to drain the sinuses is to drink orange juice to drain the head. If you need extra help, lemon juice in water with a pinch of cayenne pepper will help even more. Breathing in and out through your nose consciously while making sure that the complete surface of your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth will also promote the healing of the sinuses. This practice is called mewing. For those that need even more support to drain the sinuses, incorporating horse radish root will work well. You want to inspire cold and flu-like symptoms during your detox to eliminate this mucus. Cellular hydration from fruits will dissolve hardened and impacted mucus. Mucus of all colors will be expelled from your body. The darker the mucus, the longer it has been in your body. Many people notice that once they start to clean their colon with the raw diet and herbs, their sinuses begin to drain. This is because of the connection between the colon and the head. This is seen in iridology as the sinus region sits on top of the transverse colon in the iris.

Root Cause #4:

Inadequate sleep. For those that have a pineal gland weakness and/or adrenal weakness, deep and consistent sleep can be difficult to achieve. The pineal gland produces melatonin that regulates sleep. If the adrenal glands are weak, anxiety and racing thoughts can also cause insomnia. Through iridology I am able to see if someone has a pineal gland weakness and or adrenal weakness. Taking herbal formulas to support these areas when appropriate is essential. Making sure you get adequate sleep each night is essential during healing. During sleep, our body works on detoxing, restoring and regenerating the nervous system. Because of this, poor sleep can cause vertigo issues. If you struggle with sleeping, you can also incorporate these tips: use lavender oil, sleep with white noise or relaxing background sounds (I personally like the sound of rain and thunder to sleep), protect yourself from all blue light from electronics throughout the day (blue light glasses help with this), get off of the phone or laptop screen early - 2 hours before bed, gradually turn off or dim the lights as bed time approaches, make sure to have a hearty dinner as sleep can be difficult if one is feeling unsatisfied and hungry.

Root Cause #5:

Low blood sugar/low blood pressure can cause dizziness. I used to experience this sensation all of the time. It was so bad, I had to eat every 2 hours and I had to have a meal before getting into a moving car, otherwise I would feel extreme vertigo and even nausea. The key to healing low blood sugar is to heal the adrenal glands as they control sugar metabolism. Take powerful herbs to heal the adrenals, consume berries daily, drink green juices to support your body with minerals and combat unhealthy cravings, and establish a healthy work/life balance.

These are just the top 5 root causes of dizziness and vertigo and how to truly heal them. Dizziness and vertigo are usually not isolated instances. The clients that come to me usually also have a whole list of other health issues along with vertigo. This is because the body is connected. When one organ or gland is down, the rest of the body starts to follow in its path.

To find out where the root cause of vertigo/dizziness is coming from, as with any other health issue you are experiencing, iridology and analyzing your case is the best way. Through the iris, your symptoms, and your health history, we are able to see where your areas of weakness are and how deep the weakness is to address them head on with the right herbal protocol. This is valuable information that I use to build your specific diet and herbal protocol to finally achieve healing in your body.

Be aware that you will need plenty of rest as you are healing from vertigo issues with applying the above recommendations. Detox and detox symptoms can be tough, but it is the only way to heal the true root cause of your health issues, and detox is always worth it!

If your vertigo issues are stemming from a cerebellum weakness currently and they are not being properly addressed with a detox protocol put in place, multiple sclerosis is usually the last stop in how the disease progresses, leaving one completely bed bound. I was right there, which is why I am so passionate about helping all of you that are currently suffering and in pain - finally out of your health issues! This is why it is always a good idea to listen and be aware of the symptoms you are feeling, find out what the root cause is, and take an active role in healing your weaknesses sooner rather than later!

Take your power back, you do not have to be at the mercy of your health issues. You can finally heal with true detoxification! Through detoxification with powerful fruits, raw foods, specific cancer detox tools, and an herbal protocol specific to your body’s weaknesses, you can heal and completely reverse any dis-ease!

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Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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