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5 Things to Consider Before Going on a Fast!

Do I recommend Fasting? Many of you may be surprised at my answer to this question! Most people assume that because I am a detox specialist that I will automatically recommend that you go on some sort of fast when you work with me. The truth is that whether someone should fast or not is all dependent on many different factors. Sometimes fasting is the right answer, and sometimes it is the worst answer.

Here are 5 things I consider when I make recommendations on whether you should do a fast or not on your healing journey!

5 Things to Consider Before Going on A Fast!

When I analyze your case, eyes, and health history as part of The Master Your Health Package, I look at:

1. How long you have been following a raw diet for. If you are brand new to detox (a few weeks or a few months of eating 100% raw, the answer is usually a no to fasting). Transitioning is a part of an effective detox plan and transitioning is key!

2. How acidic your body is (your symptoms and eyes will reveal if fasting is a safe choice for you). If you are highly acidic, have many chronic health issues you are facing, and/or have many chemical or drug deposits as seen in your eyes, I most likely do not recommend fasting in these cases in the beginning.

3. How strong your digestion is. If you are struggling to digest many food groups and even many raw foods, fasting is often not the answer. I have seen countless people wreck their digestion almost permanently doing long fasts (following the advice of other detox specialists), and then they finally come to me for professional guidance to heal the damage fasting has caused, along with their main health issues they had in the first place. You cannot rush the body into healing.

4. How strong your constitution is. Strong constitutions can usually handle fasting sucessfully because they do not have many organ or gland weaknesses. Strong constitutions usually have healthy colons and intestines so they are able to fully absorb the nutrition from the foods they consume without depletion. The same cannot be said for those with weak constitutions in which absorption and utilization is greatly affected, causing depletion, and should not be made worse with fasting. Those with malabsorption issues often struggle doing long fasts. You can see an iris pictured below exhibiting malabsorption.

5. What is the current health state of your glands? If you are facing adrenal fatigue, low blood pressure, or adrenal insufficiency, if you are struggling with a burnt out nervous system, if you have a hypothalamus gland weakness that has caused imbalance in your eating habits or disordered eating, fasting is not the answer.

Every person requires a specific detox diet plan, just as every person requires a specific detox herbal protocol in order to heal. Detox is not a one size fits all. If we treat it as such, this is where much confusion is created and you simply cannot heal this way.

There are times when I do recommend fasting. Read this article I wrote on Juice Fasting

The 4 Components of Detoxification and Healing

The reality is that most people finally heal their health issues by:

1. Following a raw vegan diet that is specific to them and healing their health issues (there are many levels to raw vegan eating).

2. Taking herbal formulas to heal their weaknesses and remove obstructions from the body (as seen in their eyes).

3. Doing minimal fasting at the appropriate times on their healing journey.

4. Incorporating the correct detox tools to assist in healing weaknesses and opening up the channels of elimination.

These are 4 components that go into creating the best healing protocol for you in The Master Your Health Package!

Healing your health issues is possible - if you are detoxing correctly with the proper guidance!

I have seen so many people struggle for years with trying to heal their health issues on their own. I have also seen many people waste a lot of time and money by going to detox specialists that do not have the experience and correct approach needed to help someone out of their health issues.

A lot of time can also be wasted when trying to detox on your own! When you are healing from a serious disease especially, accuracy in your herbal protocol and diet plan is of the essence! Don’t delay your healing! Acidosis breaks the body down each day! Your body is counting on you to take steps in the right direction of healing!

If you are currently struggling with several health issues, then it is time to detox! As a detox specialist, I can see what your healing protocol should look like through the signs your body exhibits with your symptoms, health history, and the signs in your areas. This is imperative in knowing which of these areas need the most support on your healing journey in order for you to completely heal. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

I hope this article has helped you have a better understanding on fasting and how all your body's organs and systems play a huge role in keeping your body healthy. I also hope that with this information, you have seen just how important it is for you to detox your body in order for you to heal and also to prevent any future dis-eases. It is especially important to detox if you are currently seeing any health issues - especially within your lymph system. Through detoxification with powerful fruits, raw foods, specific detox tools, and an herbal protocol specific to your body’s weaknesses, you can heal and completely reverse any dis-ease!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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