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How to Start a Raw Vegan Diet!

Humans beings are creatures of habit. Our lives are built around structure and repetition. For many of us, it helps us feel safe and allows us to be productive, contributing members to our family, friends, our community and society. For this sole reason, when we are met with desperately needing to make dietary changes to heal our health issues, a complete lifestyle change can be so hard to take on. Food not only provides us with the fuel to move our physical bodies and is rooted in our daily routines, but we can also have such a strong emotional attachment to certain foods that it can feel like having to wean off of a very addictive drug. And that’s not far from the truth—the majority of foods most people eat nowadays are so addictive in nature that if we look at people's favorite foods, they are generally full of stimulants, chemicals, hormones, steroids, oils, salt, excitotoxins, and fats. These "ingredients" consistently overstimulate our bodies and cause hyperactivity of the nervous system and endocrine glands. Although these foods can temporarily help us cope with the energy demands of our busy lives and our emotional upsets, years of this hyper-stimulation results in eventual burnout and the development of chronic diseases.

So many find themselves in this situation today — completely drained, depleted, fatigued or chronically ill. I know this feeling all too well as I was there myself around 7 years ago. I had tried so many healing modalities in attempts to feel better - going both the natural route and conventional, medical route on my journey. I experimented with many different diet changes over the years and underwent just about every type of therapy you can imagine - all of which never made a dent in my symptoms. I was also constantly taking what seemed to be several bags of supplements each month just to make it by (unsure if they were working or healing me). I also saw doctor after doctor through the years, each with their own specialty for every system of my body, and in the end, none of these things made me feel better. I continuously felt like my body was becoming more crippled and my spirit more helpless. It wasn't until I was on my last string of hope that I tried true detoxification. By simplifying my diet to include more raw foods, dropping animal products, and consuming astringent fruits, my body began to eliminate that which was causing my health issues within. With dedication and focus on my detox journey, I had completely reversed my debilitating chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It felt like I had been brought back from the brink of death! To my amazement, I had transformed my life entirely, healing all the health issues that doctors had labeled me with as incurable. Having completely healed my body, as well as seeing the magic of detoxification work in my own clients every day, I’m here to tell you that you too can bring vibrant health and energy into your body. You have the power to heal all your health issues and live your life in complete freedom and joy without fear and pain weighing you down.

So, how does one begin to detox their body in order to heal? Well, what I have found in my years as a healer is that depending on what one is trying to heal, and the level of toxicity and acidosis in the body, different dietary approaches need to be taken. Some people are ready to dive in head first into a detoxification diet of 100 percent raw fruits and herbs in order to recover their health, white others need to take a slower approach initially. Wherever you are right now on your healing journey is perfect, and you can easily move to the next level in your diet to begin the true detox and healing process. Transitioning to the next level of detox when your body is calling for it, is what you need to truly aim for to make a breakthrough in your healing! Many often stay in the same place with their diet and wonder why they are not healing! This is when navigating through the different levels of detoxification during ones healing journey becomes invaluable!. Now, it must be said that detoxification is not a race. Uncovering your true health and highest potential for feeling your best is your own unique journey. One should never compare themselves to anyone else, as everyone has their own history, current circumstances and different ailments they are trying to heal. It is in my experience in working with people from all ages and walks of life, that many often need to take a transitional approach with their diets in order to safely detox and heal the body. This is what I usually recommend to most of my clients. Transitioning into detoxification allows the body to detox obstructions, acids and the root cause of disease at a perfect pace. As the diet is simplified and cellular wastes are removed through the channels of elimination, one begins to feel lighter in their body and their symptoms begin to clear. There is such a thing as detoxing the body too quickly - I have seen many people detox the body too quickly or incorrectly and have then had to pay the price on their health because of this. I get clients that have done this type of detox on their own before finding me to help them fix their health issues. This is why I’m here today to shed light on how to detox the body correctly. I always strive with my own clients to help make their transition into detox as easy, effective, and as fun as possible! This is why I have written the Master Your Detox Transition Guide so you can have everything you need to get started on your healing journey! This ebook is full of expert guidance and is the result of my many years of experience in transforming my own health and guiding thousands of people down the path of true healing!

This book is for you if you are:

  • Transitioning to a high raw vegan diet in order to heal your body and reverse your health issues once and for all!

  • Having trouble letting go of animal products or SAD foods in your diet.

  • Wanting or needing a variety of delicious recipes as you move towards more raw foods and fruit in your diet!

  • Needing guidance on how to start your detox journey!

  • Looking for balance in your diet and healing while on your detox journey.

  • Wanting to sustain your health after you have healed your body!

In the Master Your Detox Transition Guide, you will find over 50 amazing recipes of raw, high raw, and cooked vegan dishes, for every stage of your detox journey! I have included the very same recipes I used during my own detox journey that helped me stay focused and consistently seeing results in my own healing. Depending on where you currently are in your diet and life style, you will be able to cross the bridge from the most harmful, acidic, health-robbing foods - to the most hydrating, alkalizing, and healing foods! I’ll share with you what my favorite smoothie recipe is for healing during detox, along with delicious transitional recipes like my Chilled Date Frappuccino, Vegan Caesar Salad, and Coconut Curry Stew. These easy to make recipes will make the transition into detox exciting and satisfying as you create them in your kitchen!

In addition, The Master Your Detox Transition Guide comes packed with golden detox guidance and information, including:

  • Which disease-causing foods to avoid!

  • What exact foods heal the body and reverse dis-ease!

  • My personal Detox tips to keep you focused and on track on your healing journey (it will be like having me as your personal detox coach!)

  • Inspiration and encouragement to keep you motivated and feeling supported during your detox!

  • Over 50 raw, high raw and vegan cooked recipes (all gluten free and with substitutions for allergens)

  • A Full Detox shopping list!

  • Food combining tips and guidelines for the best detox experience!

  • The best kitchen tools and gadgets to have when transitioning into a high raw diet!

Maybe you want to finally live a pain-free life, have more energy, know what it’s like to live without constant crippling anxiety, to be able to go after your dreams, or to be their 100 percent for your kids or grandchildren! Whatever your reason for wanting to heal your body is, it’s so important to know what your goals are during your detox so you have a clear focus and drive throughout your healing. Whenever you feel like you are starting to waver with your diet, you can always come back to your written down goals to remind you of why you you need to keep going and what is at stake if you don't! As you get deeper into detoxification, you will see that detox is just as much a mental and emotional journey as it is a physical one. Defining the important reasons for your detox, writing them down and connecting with them often can help shine a bright light along your path. Whatever your “why” is for wanting to start on the journey of detoxification, or if you are currently struggling or feeling overwhelmed on your healing journey, I’m here to help you completely heal!

If you’re someone who has had a hard time eliminating certain foods from your past, or are coming into detox from a typical standard American diet full of dairy foods, animal products, proteins, and processed, starchy foods, then this is the perfect guide to get you started! On the same page, if you are on your detox journey, but simply want more options or guidance in knowing how to take the occasional break every once in a while, without derailing all your efforts, then this guide is for you too!

I know how easy it can be to get overwhelmed with all the details of making a big life style change like following the true detoxification path. Over the years as a healer, I’ve seen how transitioning from a diet full of animal products and heavy foods, to going on all raw foods or all fruit overnight can be a big challenge for clients. I saw the need for people to have a simple, encouraging, information packed book with easy to follow steps and recipes as they embark on their detox the appropriate way. I’ve seen it too often that when people dive head first into the raw foods and fruit, but aren’t prepared mentally or have the support they need for what it will take to sustain the change during the detox, then it’s easy to fall back to old ways of eating for comfort. This can make the detox journey longer and harder than it has to be. In addition, when your body has certain gland weaknesses like major adrenal and/or pituitary gland weakness (what controls sugar metabolism), or if your iridology analysis reveals that you are impacted with sulfur deposits within the bowels, the cravings for complex foods and fungal foods like cheese and bread can be very intense. The more prepared you are during your detox, the easier it will be to handle what can feel like uncontrollable feelings and cravings. Seeing and feeling your body truly heal and remove obstructions during your healing journey is forever life-changing! I want you feel the true healing that only detoxification brings, and to have a smooth and fun journey along the way. I created this ultimate support guide for you to count on as your trusted source for transitioning into and sustaining your detox successfully. You can and will heal your body - I have all the faith and confidence in the world that you can and you will! Let the healing journey begin!

Find the Master Your Detox Transition Guide Here!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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