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Detox, The Ultimate Path of Self-Love

Detox brings so many rewards into one’s life — not only can you heal from painful symptoms and health issues such as Digestive weaknesses, Eczema, Acne, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Tumors and so much more - the capacity for loving yourself grows infinitely during this process! We all come to the detox path from our own unique place. Some of you may be like me, when I was in Chronic pain for two years with Fibromyalgia, that I would have tried anything (and pretty much did!) to alleviate the suffering and torture I was going through day in and day out. When I found the true healing that detoxification brings, my commitment was so strong because I knew what the alternative was; a road of medical doctors and supplements leading to no where. Other people come into detoxification with less acidity in their body, and more questions about whether it can really help them after trying so many other options. Wherever you may be, it takes a tremendous amount of courage and faith to step into the path of detox - the path of self-love.

But you’re definitely not alone in feeling this fear!

You might be afraid of how detoxing might temporarily affect your social life and relationships. As humans, we are programmed to not want to be the odd one out. As social creatures, this is ingrained in us. However, to achieve the health that many sadly never achieve, one must go against the grain and make necessary life-style changes that to many would seem extreme by their standards. Detox is the perfect time for practicing letting go of what others think of you.

If others are judging you for your health choices, it’s often because you bring up discomfort within themselves regarding their own life and dietary choices. We all intuitively know that the choices we make everyday, what we choose to put into our mouths, directly impact our health. When those around you see you going through detox and making positive changes in your life, this can threaten how they see themselves and cause them to question their own choices. Some people respond with curiosity to your dietary changes, while others respond negatively with trying to tear you down. Either they feel bad that they do not have your strength to make changes in their own life, or they do not understand your way of eating because it goes against everything they have been taught. When this happens, you are given the opportunity to become steadfast in your decision towards eating high alkaline foods and letting go of all past addictions. Detox doesn’t just stir up the acids within your body! It can stir up thoughts, beliefs and emotions within you and your relationships. It can challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world around you, the people and connections in your life, and the habits that up until this point you never realized were detrimental to your health!

Mastering Your Emotions

While being pulled in many directions during your detox, it can be helpful to make it a constant practice to step back from your emotions. This is often needed during one’s detox journey. “But how can I feel self-love if I’m pulling back from my very emotions?” you may be asking. Part of Self-love has a place in being grounded in a larger sense of oneness, not necessarily you as an identity, but rather you beyond the ego (the persona you have created during your life). When we are grounded in an emotional love, although very beautiful, it can come and go and often changes directions like the wind in one’s life. Life is unpredictable, and developing a sense of true self-love can keep us grounded in the face of adversity. When we are grounded in a larger presence, some call it God, or source, or nature, or stillness, whatever you want to call it, you grow strong like a tree— deeply rooted into the earth while growing to the sky for nourishment. You aren’t as easily swayed by your own emotional reactions to the chaos in the world or to the reactions of others when they disapprove of you You can be flexible to the changing environment, but won’t break because you’ve tapped into a deep sense of peace and true love. This is often a necesary place to reach - especially when one is going through emotional detox symptoms, and purging past hurts and traumas. It may take some time to get here to this place of emotional strength, and in the beginning stages, detox might feel more like a protective cocoon you need to crawl into rather than a strong, grounded tree, but this is okay and is part of the healing process.

It’s common to have these experiences as we heal. The alkalinity of the fruit and herbs opens the doorway to stored toxins and emotions that were never processed, but got stuck in the body. Letting go of these feelings can be uncomfortable. Being prepared for them can help soften the blow when they come up unexpectedly. There are mountains and valleys, highs and lows to the healing process. Be gentle with yourself. Give forgiveness to yourself and others when you are ready. As you practice these skills, a strength develops. You learn to master your emotions instead of letting them taking you for a ride! As the inflammation goes down and the obstructions caused by acidosis start to leave your body, a clarity and stability settles in. This ripples out into other parts of your life, and it’s easier to make better choices that support and nourish you.

As you grow stronger from saying no to foods that harm your health, it impacts other areas of your life. It can make it easier for you to say no to people and situations in your life that aren’t good for you. Maybe you see there are situations where you were saying yes to someone or something out of an obligation instead of what’s true to your own heart. It’s hard to feel the discomfort of letting down someone that we love. We don’t want to reject them. And if we reject them now, maybe they won’t be there for us in the future? This is the story we tell ourselves within, and often it keeps us from following our own path, honoring our own standards, and accomplishing our goals and dreams!

Detox can “wipe away the gunk on the windshield” and help you to see things for how they really are. Saying yes to something we are not wholeheartedly wanting to do comes from fear. Usually a fear of not getting the love we need from an outside source. When we say yes out of obligation when we really want to say no, we are not making that decision out of love for ourself or for the other person. It may be coming from a place of needing to be loved, a need for recognition or a need to feel needed! It’s ultimately coming from a place of scarcity, and not a true expression of love. This is what detox does, is shakes our core beliefs and habits we have grown up with, and reveals to us our true self within.

Love doesn’t come from an outside source, but is already within us. When we allow it to come through us, we are free.

Detox lets us get in touch with that true, original source of love within us. I have seen time and time again how acidity and inflammation can get in the way of this. It can bog us down with pain, negative thoughts and emotions, feelings of worthlessness that get projected onto all the areas of our life. So often I have seen the powerful transformation many of my clients go through when they start to finally shed the years of lymphatic congestion, acidosis and obstructions from their bodies! Acidosis quite literally suppresses all the endocrine glands and parts of the brain responsible for our happiness and joy. When the adrenal glands are weak in the body, feelings of worry, anxiety and/or panic is a very common trait. When the thyroid and parathyroid glands are weak, we see it impact self-worth, and symptoms of depression and low self-esteem are quite common. As the toxicity starts to leave your body, clarity, stability, and love will replace the self-doubt and self-hatred that will positively ripple out to your whole life! I have seen this in practically every person that takes on the detox path. From the outside, you can see someone’s personality change from worried, timid, shy, unsure, to being confident, in their own power and finding joy and humor again. If you are reading this, know that you are a beautiful soul that deserves this transformation!

When you strengthen your endocrine glands and heal them back to their true function, the cravings for processed foods, savory foods and sweets dissolve. During detox you finally release the acids, parasites and inflammation that imprisoned you.

Detox helps you develop a strength, love and confidence inside of yourself. Choosing this path of true healing may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding. Saying no to foods that you grew up with and have strong emotional ties to, or smelling cooked food aromas when you’re out in the world builds an inner resilience, character and self-respect that is unlike any other. You’re choosing to put yourself and your health first in a society that says that’s wrong or extreme.

One way to work with your cravings as they come up is to imagine the part of you wanting that food is a two year old who doesn’t understand what is best for them in every moment. Gently give the inner child the love (not shame or punishment for having the craving) they are needing (even if it turns into a tantrum☺), but be strong in your decision to not give in to what that little one wants. Practice being present to the desire without giving in.

Another approach when strong cravings arise is to find something else that you like that will take your attention away from the temptation. Things like laying in the grass, walking outside in nature, or maybe watching a funny movie, can help tremendously. At the end of the day, you’re not escaping your emotions, but moving your attention from the source of suffering in that moment and expanding your awareness to other things that are enjoyable, yet not destructive to your health. Whatever inspires positive emotions like laughter, peace, gratitude, hopefulness, is a step in the right direction and is alkaline to the body.

At the same time, be real with where you’re at and if you need to have “cheats” every once in a while then allow yourself that and even plan for them! You may notice that when you finally give yourself permission to eat what you want, the desire for that food comes way down. You can then breathe! You let go of the inner conflict and struggle and the thing you were wanting so badly loses some of its grip on you. Of course, know yourself and what stage you’re at within your detox journey - this will look different for everyone. Ask yourself, is it time to dig deep and stay on the path 100%? Or maybe you’re in a place with your health that you can afford these cheats every once in a while. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how you feel after eating these cheat foods. If you notice you feel sluggish and down after giving in to a cheat, next time your body will remember this incident and can definitely make a better choice.

Have you ever been through a heartbreak and come out through the other side? Can you remember the torment you once felt, but now have no emotional ties to the person or situation anymore and only want the best for them? At one time you couldn’t imagine your life without them! This is the same dynamic at play when it comes to food that we love but know isn’t good for us. Even if the temptation is strong now, trust that there will be a day when the temptation isn’t as strong. Like a past love whose time is over, you’ll no longer need that connection in your life with the food that doesn’t support your health. As you heal, your relationship to these foods change. Trust in the process of detox. Trust that it will get better and easier. Take this time throughout detox to finally put yourself first. Connect with the true source of love inside of you. Remember your true worth. That you were born worthy and the love and beauty you seek is within you. It always has been.

Working with a trusted, compassionate, and experienced detox specialist who can reflect back your goodness and beauty to you when you are in the thick of it, can be invaluable and can help you stick to your detox, even if it seems like so many things are working against you or are dragging you down. I have seen amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations in my clients through the years that show the power of true detoxification. The reversal of the disease condition can be accomplished when given the right tools. Knowing what your specific organ, gland, and systemic weaknesses is often the missing key people are missing to finally make a breakthrough in their healing. With the right focus and drive, as well as the correct diet and herbal protocol suited to you, all channels of elimination open up, and the body is finally given a chance to eliminate all obstructions causing dis-ease.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

Ailin Duran D.S.

To Work with me one on one on your healing journey, visit our Services Page!

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