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How to Tell What Your True Eye Color Is!

Examining your eyes through iridology to find out the exact health of your body is an amazing science. As a detox specialist and a healer, I use iridology as one of the tools in examining my clients' health to create the most powerful protocol to heal all their health issues.

In this article I will be teaching all of you how you can tell whether you have a true brown eye or true-blue eye color. The true color of an iris is one of the first things that I notice when analyzing someone's iris for organ, system and gland weaknesses in the body.

It is very important to know what your true eye color is, because this color creates the basis of how much lymph congestion and stagnation is present in the body and how strict you will have to be on your detox for maximum healing of your body. An example that shows this in play are in eyes that are brown but show hints of blue peeking through. This is an example of a body that is chronically congested since brown in a blue iris shows a great level of stagnation – one that will take longer to clear than say a blue eye with white (acute) congestion.

Eye color is a conflicting and often misunderstood topic in the detox community, so today I am going to shed some light on it all to give you all a better understanding on the role eye color plays in an iridology reading and healing the body and to also be able to recognize the signs of how to identify your own true iris color on your detox journey!

There Are Only Two True Eye Colors

In humans, there only exists two true eye colors in nature – brown eyes and blue eyes. This is proven through true detoxification. Through true deep detoxification with fruits, herbs, raw foods and fasting, eyes will change to reveal their true color underneath. A common misconception I have seen online is that many people believe all brown eyes will turn blue if they follow a raw vegan diet. This is simply not true. This has been perpetuated with many viral youtube videos of raw foodists saying that their eye color changed - yet unfortunately having no mention, explanation or understanding of iridology in their videos as to why their irises changed. This has led to much confusion in people that have watched these videos, so I'm here to clear the confusion.

There are some people that have brown eyes that will simply turn a lighter brown when consuming an all raw vegan diet. There are also some people with eyes that appear brown but that are actually blue underneath. I have seen many of these two types of eyes in my work as a detox specialist with helping many people heal their health issues over the years. Only a skilled detox specialist adept in iridology will be able to determine what someone's true eye color is through certain signs the eyes show.

It is also common to see many people within the detox community with true brown eyes say that they have true blue eyes when 9 times out of 10 I see that in actuality they have brown eyes (just very light brown eyes). This is a common rookie mistake because many people - beginner and intermediate iridologists included - find brown eyes harder to read. Blue eyes are normally easier to read since they are naturally lighter in color and do not require as much light as a brown iris to read the signs. It can understandably be tricky for people with brown eyes new to iridology to determine their true eye color.

It can often take years of reading many different eyes to notice the patterns of people's true eye colors in order to become a pro at identifying iris color and develop the skill of accurately analyzing the eyes in general. I cannot tell you how many detox specialists have come to me for help in helping them understand how to read irises - even those that have completed courses on iridology! This is because iridology takes strong dedication and many years to master. It is not something that can be learned in a few weeks or a few months. It is a skill that continues to grow and expand, just like when learning an instrument.

Not everyone that takes a music class will all of a sudden be an amazing musician. What sets people apart from being great at something to completely mastering it is patience, repetition, experience, wisdom, and time devoted to one's craft - this is the case in detoxification, healing and iridology.

Green and Hazel Eyes

With the knowledge that only two true eye colors exist in humans, we will now discuss the existence of green and hazel eyes. Through deep detoxification, anyone with green eyes, hazel eyes or any other variation of eye color has found that their eyes reveal more and more blue as they detox.

Through my work in guiding people in their healing, I have seen that green eyes are in actuality blue eyes that either have sulfur/drug deposits appearing as a yellow color - making the eye appear green, or they have an eye of subacute lymphatic congestion (which also appears as yellow in an iris). Yellow over a blue iris gives the appearance of green - thus having a person with "green" eyes. Those with hazel eyes are also true-blue eyed people - with chronic congestion of lymph on top of their blue color.

This congestion appears as (brown) on top of a blue iris and is most often located in the bowel region (just around the pupil of the eye). As lymphatic congestion is cleared out of the body through detoxification with astringent fruits, powerful lymph moving herbs and mono fruit fasting, dry fasting, these types of eyes will always reflect the cleansing effects taking place within the body. However, changing an iris color is easier said than done. The eyes are usually very slow to change color - period. I do often find however that those with strong constitutions – have a strong ability to move wastes out of the body on a detox protocol – and will thus have eyes that change at a much faster rate than those with a weaker constitution.

Nerve Rings can reveal True Iris Color

Now, those with true brown eyes that take on the detox path will find that their eyes will also change – not to blue – but to a lighter brown color.

You can most easily tell that brown eyes are someone's true eye color if they have nerve rings. Nerve rings are signs in the iris that appear as concentric circles in an eye – much like the age rings found in a tree. Nerve rings are also known as stress rings in the iris. Nerve rings always point to individuals that are easily prone to stress. These individuals also usually suffer from anxiety and may often have neurological weaknesses – pointing to a brain/nerve system weakness and an adrenal gland weakness. The greater number of nerve rings in an iris - the more weakness is seen in the brain/nerve and adrenal glands in the body.

These nerve rings have become quite prevalent in today's society as we live in a very stress-filled society. I have seen them in a great number of my clients - especially those that are in their 40s and younger. Observing these nerve rings, I oftentimes can see the true color of the iris underneath making its way through. Nerve rings always appear lighter than the rest of the color of any given iris so they make a good sign to utilize in order to determine iris color.

Another rule to always keep in the back of one's mind when examining brown eyes is this: In a true brown eye, you will never find any hints of yellow or green color in the iris. This can be tricky though since some lighting can give an iris the appearance of having yellow or green in a brown eye.

An experienced detox specialist will be able to rule this out. A brown iris (in accurate lighting) with any hints of yellow or green is actually a true-blue eye with heavy lymphatic congestion all throughout the body.

Yellow and Orange in an Iris

Now, a common color that can be found in a brown (or blue) iris is orange. Orange color in a brown iris points to sulfur accumulations in the body. I have noticed so many people have sulfur drug deposits unfortunately since so many people have taken sulfur drugs to suppress their symptoms for years on end. Sulfur deposits often appear in extremely sluggish lymphatic systems. Sulfur in fact, suppresses the lymphatic system and can make it more difficult to move lymphatic wastes out of the body. These are usually among the harder cases to heal.

Sulfur can be seen as yellow or orange color in a blue iris or as orange in a brown iris – almost always is sulfur seen around the bowel region of an iris. It is extremely important that one's detoxification protocol includes strong herbs to clean out sulfur accumulations. Herbal formulas like the stomach and bowel formula and lymphatic capsules, even chem/metal detox are often necessary to give the body the best chance at clearing out this acidic gas that is responsible for destroying tissue in the body.

Iridology and Detoxification

Iris color is an important aspect of reading an iris and it actually is the driving basis of what a detox specialist/iridologist uses to note what exactly what areas are acute, subacute and chronic in the body. An area of acute lymphatic congestion will not require as strong of an approach as an area of chronic congestion for example. This means everything when building a healing diet and herbal protocol. If an iris color is identified incorrectly, it can throw off an iris reading significantly – and therefore produce a protocol that is not best suited for the person trying to heal.

That being said, not all iridologists believe that the eyes can change in color and markings. This is rather odd as I have personally seen the amazing intelligence of the universe at play through iridology in the complete healing of one's health issues.

Sadly, not all iridologists are created the same, not all of them know about detoxification or even believe that diseases can be reversed and will not provide an accurate reading. I have had many clients come to me after having received a poor iris reading from another iridologist that had no knowledge on healing the body.

This is why you always want to work with an experienced detox specialist that uses iridology as a tool in creating a healing protocol. You do not want to work with someone that does not believe the eyes can change - they also believe certain diseases cannot be healed! These iridologists often do not recommend a true detox diet - rather they promote the very diets that create acids and obstructions in the body - like protein foods and isolated supplements.

Reading an iris is important work that should be respected and held in high regard as one of the best tools we all have in reversing health issues. This is why it is important to work with an experienced detox specialist that has had years of experience in using iridology to help their clients heal from various health conditions.

Iridology Observations

Knowing what your true eye color is can also give you a good indication of how long it will take your body to detox and heal. Knowing how blue and brown irises are read, it is safe to say that the darker an iris color is – when compared to its true iris color – the longer it will take for that iris to change in color and for the body to return to its maximum state of wellness and complete regeneration.

Now, this is not to say that an iris has to change completely in order for a person to no longer feel their disease conditions. I have seen many people do great work in their detox and heal their major disease symptoms in a miraculous time frame. Moving of the lymphatic system and getting the glands to function again will usually help many strong constitution people start feeling amazing again and this doesn't have to equal to dark signs like radii solaris or chronic lymph congestion completely disappearing in an iris right away. I do find that some changes in certain areas of the iris are required though.

The true magic of a changing iris with detoxification using fruits, herbs and fasting shows us the clearing of obstructive toxins in the body and the rebuilding and healing of new tissue. With dedication and detox guidance, I have helped many of my clients achieve changes in their irises!

Iris Color Changes Through a Detox Protocol

Witnessing the changing of your iris color can be exciting and I often find that it helps motivate many people to keep pushing forward in detoxification – whether they notice their eye color changing to blue or a clearer lighter brown or noticing the red capillaries in the sclera finally disappearing as they clear more acids and inflammation out of the body!

A good rule of thumb to track the changes in your eyes is to take updated detailed iris photos (with consistent lighting and settings) every 3 – 6 months during your detox to see how much you have achieved in clearing obstructions and healing the tissues of your organs and glands! The fastest time I have seen irises change significantly was in 3 months in someone with a strong constitution.

That being said, changing of iris color is achieved through a deep detoxification protocol with the right diet and herbs, and consistency with raw foods and fasting. A person set in seeing their greatest health achieved in this lifetime must have a strong focus on health and healing with raw vegan foods. This is the best chance one has in healing the body in today's society. Detoxification using iridology as a tool is the most powerful healing path one can walk on. It is the path of true cellular regeneration!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

- Ailin Duran D.S.

To Work with me one-on-one on your healing journey, visit our Services page!

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