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How to Detox Neurotoxins!

In today’s world, we are constantly being bombarded with neurotoxins and poisons that exist in our environment. Things like vaccinations, pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, pollution, and petrochemicals are all around us - sadly they are often unavoidable. It has become so bad that in order for someone to stay away from them – they would have to actively be aware of their harmful effects and choose natural alternatives to steer clear at least somewhat! I have come across many people that have been exposed to these neurotoxins and are suffering the worst health issues from it. I cannot tell you how many people I have worked with that have gotten severe health issues after getting vaccinations for instance. So many of us have been vaccinated numerous times when we were younger. In the world we live in, neurotoxins are hard to escape from if you are living within society and complying by society’s rules. Thankfully there is a way to detox these neurotoxins out and avoid exposure as much as possible! Knowledge is power! Types of neurotoxins include vaccinations, pesticides and herbicides, plastic, gasoline, petrochemicals and more! In the world of toxins, there are three different types: Excitoxins, Neurotoxins and Hemotoxins. Today I will cover neurotoxins specifically. Neurotoxins pose a real threat to many people that suffer from adrenal weakness and nerve weakness. Neurotoxins have the power to completely shut down the nervous system and all of its processes in these types of people. It is quite sad that not many people know about true detoxification to address these toxins. Unfortunately, we are seeing more of the younger generations today being born with genetically weakened glands and nervous systems. In these individuals, exposure to these neurotoxins can be debilitating - causing many health issues - putting a hault to their life - and there have been cases where neurotoxins have even caused deaths. Awareness needs to spread about this now. Today I wanted to shed light on the effects of neurotoxins in the body and how one can begin to detox them out in order to heal from various debilitating health issues.

Symptoms of Neurological Weakness

To better understand the effects of neurotoxins, let's take a look at the basic functions of the nervous system. The nervous system is comprised of the Central and Autonomic Nervous System. The Autonomic nervous system is extremely weak in many people – especially in the younger generations of today. This nervous system is made up of the sympathetic (fight or flight response) and the parasympathetic system (rest and digest). These two systems are always working to maintain normal internal functions in the body. These systems are responsible for turning on or off different processes in the organs and glands. In those with weakened nervous systems – we see basic body functions being impaired. Functions like pupil dilation, heart rate, mucus production, bronchial muscle contraction, peristalsis in the stomach, motility of the intestines, functions of the adrenal glands, urine secretion, glucose conversion and more are impaired. In healthy individuals, these are all processes one does not have to consciously think about in order for them to occur - the body just does them automatically. Very often do we see the nervous system and all its basic processes being impaired due to the presence of neurotoxins and their suppression of nerve impulses. Neurotoxins are something to consider in each person that has gland weaknesses and neurological issues. It is something I consider in every case that comes to me with severe neurological weaknesses. Many signs can point to neurological weakness – in a person's symptoms they feel to certain signs seen in the iris. Those that are neurologically weak often have the following symptoms: trouble taking a deep breath (breathing is controlled by the autonomic nervous system), neurological fatigue and weakness, multiple sensitivities to light, temperature, sounds, smells and allergens, low or swinging blood pressure, fainting, dizziness and nausea/vomiting, heart palpitations, brain fog, behavioral changes, systemic inflammation and more! These people often suffer the most because so many of the autonomic responses of the body (the responses keeping you alive that you don't have to normally think about) just stop working correctly because nerve impulses are impaired. Many of these people with neurotoxins will have it show up in their blood work if their lymph system is severely congested. The lymphatic system is connected to the blood system and it’s main job is to clean the blood of toxins and wastes. Those with severe chronic illnesses very often have blood work showing mold, heavy metals, viral loads, aluminum, lead, and mercury. The solution is not to take medications to attack these things - this will always lead to an entire host of other health issues causing a lot of pain and suffering. True detoxification is the answer. If you clean the internal terrain of the body, the entire lymph system will be free flowing and contact with any neurotoxins will result in them entering and leaving the body - not lingering around causing havoc!

Signs of Neurological Weakness in an Iris

In my experience through working with many people, the tall tale sign of nerve system weakness are nerve rings in an eye. Nerve rings look similar to age rings on the trunk of a tree. The more nerve rings a person has, the more severe their nerve weakness. Nerve rings always point to adrenal gland weakness. Those with nerve rings are easily prone to stress – even on a day to day basis and are often not very emotionally strong. People with many nerve rings often suffer with anxiety issues, shyness, fatigue, digestive issues, constipation, brain fog and phobias. The iris is mapped out to show the health of every gland, system and organ in the body. Whatever section in the iris you find these nerve rings laying on, then it can be noted that there is a weakened nerve flow to that specific organ or gland. The body has three different flows that sustain the processes of all organs – lymph flow, blood flow and nerve flow. In neurological types susceptible to neurotoxicity, we often see a very congested lymphatic system (lymph flow). In some people – congestion is so great and has been a long-term issue that it can turn a true blue eye to be more of a hazel color or brown. Like a row of dominos toppling over, a congested lymph system leads to acidosis and inflammation – which leads to a physical suppression of the nerves in the body – thus weakening nerve flow. This is another sign of lymph congestion and stagnation. In those with tight shoulders, pain in the neck and back, and numb extremities – this is what we see occurring in the body. Sadly, many people with neurotoxins also have high levels of sulfur in their bodies due to long term antibiotic use (seen as yellow or orange in the iris in areas of sulfur accumulation - most notably the colon and lymph nodes). This sulfur is high suppressive of the lymphatic system and destroys the body’s natural ability to detox. People that have been taking antibiotics and medications for years are suffering the most now since their body’s struggle to clean themselves through the lymph system. There is hope though - With complete healing and detoxification of the body comes the changing of the iris to reflect the health gained within the body - this yellow and orange sulfur can come out! Chronic and degenerative areas of the eyes become lighter and lymph congestion is cleared – revealing the true eye color underneath! Another sign of neurological weakness is pupil dilation. When pupils are dilated consistently and remain dilated even when exposed to light, this suggest enervation and weakness of the brain or nervous system (autonomic and central nervous system). The parasympathetic system – part of the autonomic nervous system – is in the back of the head and can affect pupil size. These are all signs I look out for when pinpointing the true cause of someone’s health issues and creating the perfect healing protocol for them to reverse the cause of all of their health issues once and for all!

A Well Known Neurological Case

The fact then stands - Neurotoxins suppress the endocrine glands. You cannot give neurotoxicity to someone with already genetically weak adrenal glands and autonomic nervous system. Michael Jackson’s health issues and his cause of death is the perfect example of a neurological case. Unfortunately, none of his doctors even thought about his level of deep neuro weakness before giving him Propofol (a powerful anesthetic agent) used to sedate or maintain anesthesia during surgery. This is why those with this weakness can die from being put to sleep during surgeries. Michael Jackson was a highly creative person. What I have seen is that those that are creative people are usually very weak adrenal people (creativity comes from these glands). The trials he went through put him in a state of extreme emotional stress and he started to fall apart from there. This further weakened his nervous system. He even went to court in pajamas due to extreme fatigue. But due to being a performer and perfectionist, he would often push his body to its physical limits – further causing damage to his adrenal glands. His lack of sleep also greatly shut down his nervous system and didn't allow for nightly repairs that the body does to the brain and nerves. When administered Propofol for 60 nights in a row for his insomnia, his body didn't stand a chance. So very often I have seen many cases of brain and nerve weakness and they usually always have radii solaris in their eyes (toxic tunnels – lesions emanating from the gi tract and up into the brain). Very often these people have highly congested bowels with mucoid plaque and trouble with constipation which causes extreme brain fog and forgetfulness as well and in some cases - malabsorption and trouble gaining weight! These radii solaris lesions also go through areas in the top portion of the iris (the brain) and lay over the pineal gland and pituitary. Michael Jackson had both of these gland weaknesses due to his vitiligo (pituitary gland weakness) and insomnia (pineal gland weakness). This is a case where you can see how the body is truly completely connected to itself and how one must take a holistic approach with detoxification. In order to heal these deep gland and system weaknesses one must have their entire case assessed by a detox specialist that will create the right diet and herbal protocol for the complete healing of the body.

Neurotoxins To Stay Away From

Those with neurological weakness need to take care of staying away from pesticides and herbicides – especially when the body gets sensitive during certain stages of detoxification. This means buying most produce organic – particularly all greens and all fruits with thin skins organic. All non-organic produce must be thoroughly washed with fruit-veggie washes. I have known of people with severe adrenal weakness and nerve weakness have trouble breathing or have gotten panic attacks shortly after consuming a non-organic salad that wasn’t washed from a restaurant! This is how serious neurotoxins are to the health of the human body.

Those with neurological weaknesses must also be careful when undergoing any type of surgery as well. Many have a new set of health issues or diseases gained after undergoing surgery. This is due to the fact that during surgery anesthesia is administered. Anesthesia is a neurotoxin that likes to settle in the nervous system and brain and can shut it down completely. I do not recommend anesthesia to be put to sleep in any cases - if it can be helped! There is always a risk of not waking up, especially if the nervous system and adrenals are extremely weak.

Neurologically weak people must stay away from vaccinations. Children born with neurological weaknesses that are then exposed to multiple vaccinations can sadly develop health issues like Autism, seizures, ADD/ADHD, Diabetes type 1, or even die from exposure to these neurotoxins. This is because neurotoxins shut down the glands and the entire nervous system of the body. Replacing chemical products (that contain heavy metals and preservatives) with natural alternatives is recommended to reduce exposure to toxins. One should replace items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos, make-up, to the most clean and natural possible!

It is important to stay away from neurotoxins as much as possible, but one must also detox the present neurotoxins in their body that have accumulated through many years of life. The correct diet and herbs are a must to clean these toxins out. I must stress that although green juices can be excellent to buffer the effects of these toxins and detox them somewhat, they do not hold the strongest astringent power like fruits do to remove them from the body. People will eventually plateau in their detox with the consumption of green juices and the focus must then be shifted to the most powerful lymph-busting fruits! - Grapes, Citrus, Berries and Melons!

How to Heal From Neurotoxicity and Nerve System Weakness

A diet addressing the lymphatic system (the body's sewer system) and achieving kidney filtration, will be one of the main ways to detox these neurotoxins out. Specific herbal formulas, depending on one’s weaknesses, will be absolutely necessary in conjunction with a healing raw diet, in order to reach deep into the cells to pull on deep-seated toxins. Toxicity is always found in people with a stagnant and highly congested lymph system. It is through the lymphatic system that people will find their remedy. All the channels of elimination must be opened in order to detox all toxicity, acids and obstructions that are suppressing the nerves and glands of the body. The kidneys, skin, colon and lungs must all be open to expectoration to release toxins, congestion, acidosis and all forms of obstruction. It is only in a clean and alkaline medium that the body can begin to repair tissue and create new neuropathways to heal the nervous system.

Not everyone has extreme neurotoxicity that is weakening their nervous system - but many people do. Some people may have weakened nervous systems and glands due to high levels of constant stress over the years, a physical or emotional trauma that caused their nerves to shut down, or some they may have inherited genetically weak glands from their parents. With these different causes, the approach to healing neurological cases will be different depending on the person and what the cause of their nervous system weakness is. Each person's diet and herbal protocol will look different. Detoxification is not a one size fits all modality. The body is very complex, as are people and their pasts. This is why it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgable detox specialist like myself when healing your health issues. One must leave no stone unturned when healing the body. Through an entire health assessment of a person's symptoms, health history, life style, genetic family history and analysis of their eyes through iridology, a detox specialist can pinpoint the exact causes of all health issues and direct you in the best approach on how to heal them completely! This is what it takes to heal the body - even in the toughest of cases!

You do not have to stay at the mercy of neurotoxins or toxicity of any kind in your body. With the right knowledge and knowing the exact cause of your health issues, you can finally heal your body through detoxification!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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