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How to Detox Mucoid Plaque!

Over the years people have been eating too much of the wrong foods. Foods like starches, grains, wheats, meats, proteins and the oh-so addicting mucus-forming foods (dairy products), have overtaken the majority of what your average human consumes on a daily and even meal to meal basis. Many people are completely and blissfully unaware of how much they are inflicting damage to their colon every time they consume these foods that appear harmless. Through many years of working with clients on healing their countless health issues and diseases, I strongly believe, as all the true natural healers before me, that one can most often find the cause of disease in the colon.

The colon is a very sensitive organ. It comes into direct contact with every food, drink, and medication we may consume. It is made of mucosa (or tissue that produces mucus). Mucosa is tissue that is reactive and protective. The mucosa, in an attempt to protect the Gi Tract from the acidic foods mentioned above, forms a layer of thick rubbery mucus called mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is found in almost every colon. With working with clients, I have seen it come out of about 80 percent of people that have done serious work on cleaning out and healing their colon. Not everyone will have mucoid plaque as many factors are at play at whether someone forms mucoid plaque - genetics, what their diet consists of (especially when they were younger), what their Constitution is, what health the tissue of their colon is, and if they are dealing with any health issues or diseases of the bowels. You may be wondering, exactly what effect does this mucoid plaque have in our bodies? Why would we want to detox mucoid plaque out for our health and exactly how can we do so? This will be our topic of discussion for today.

As mentioned earlier, mucoid plaque forms from the mucosa of the body in response to the consumption of acidic foods like wheat, gluten, meat proteins, dairy, grains and starches. Acidic foods, and acids in general, destroy the integrity of the tissue of the body - causing organ and gland breakdown and eventual failure. The body is very intelligent and does its best in every moment to keep you alive. Mucus is one of the stellar ways it does this. Indeed, some mucus formation in the body is necessary and okay - but only to a certain extent. The problem becomes when people continuously eat these foods that cause mucus production - and do no diet change to truly detox this thick heavy mucus out. You see, Mucoid plaque is a double-edged sword because on the one hand, it was formed by the body as a protective layer against acidic foods, but overtime this mucus suffocates the cells of the Gi Tract, causing tissue death and decay, diverticulum (bowel pockets), prolapsing of the colon, malabsorption (excessive skinniness and nutritional deficiencies), and parasites. This causes the body to starve because this thick mucus in the intestines blocks the body's ability to absorb the full nutrition from the foods you eat. The removal of this mucus is absolutely necessary to restore the function and health of the Gi Tract - and the entire body!

Many people that have had an interest in natural health may have come across the term "mucoid plaque" at one time or another. It is often associated with claims of what comes out of the body after a colonic. Many have however tried to debunk its existence by saying that mucoid plaque cannot be seen in the colon when someone is performing a colonoscopy. Many have different opinions on the topic of mucoid plaque - but I have noticed that people with these opinions stated above have not had any personal experience with mucoid plaque. This is because mucoid plaque is only finally released from the body when someone has undergone deep detoxification. People that have experienced this deep healing and cleansing process with the correct diet and herbs to dislodge this hardened mucus from the colon, are still far few in between. It is unfortunate because this should be common knowledge as we are seeing the continued destruction and genetic weakening of the colon with each generation. One thing is for sure though, once someone experiences their first mucoid plaque release - seeing this weird rubbery substance come out of them - in the shape of their bowels, one cannot deny that it is real and it is a huge cause of many diseases.

"The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true Autointoxication on a physiological level."

Another way that mucoid plaque has a negative affect on the body becomes clear when we see that the Gi Tract is a reflexive organ (blog post coming soon!) In fact, when you were growing as an embryo in your mother's uterus, the bowels were the first tissue that formed! From this initial Gastrointestinal Tissue sprung forth all the organs and glands of your body. Therefore, a life-time connection remains between the colon and every other part of the body for that being. We can see this in play when looking at the colon through symptoms a person expresses and analyzing the colon through iridology. If there are obstructions in certain parts of your colon – like the transverse colon for example, this toxicity is directly fed into the head and brain area of the body. Upon analyzing someone's eyes through iridology, I often see that those with congested transverse colons develop dark lesions emanating from the pupil and into the prospective brain area. This is one of the most common iris signs and colon issues facing people today.

These lesions are often seen going through the glands in the brain (upper portion of iris) like the pituitary gland (the master gland of the body) and the pineal gland (known as the gland of rest and the seat of the soul). Having lesions in these areas can lead to problems like insomnia, hormone issues, reproductive issues, skin pigmentation problems, pain disorders and more. These lesions (radii solaris) going up to the brain are toxic tunnels, that feed toxicity from the colon directly to the brain. A great example of this in play is when someone suffers from brain fog, depression or headaches when they are constipated. If these lesions get extremely deep, they may even be picked up by CT scans (although not always depending on the level of degeneration of the tissue). Luckily, through examining the eyes and symptoms of the person that is ill, one can see what areas are weak and causing the body health issues. Matters of the colon are a real issue and one that absolutely must be worked on in a healing protocol. The body is connected as a whole and it cannot heal any other way. All weaknesses and areas of deep toxicity must be addressed in order for the body to truly reverse health issues. For those with health issues such as these, it is strongly recommended to work with an experienced detox specialist that will piece every part of the puzzle together and can guide you in your complete healing. Through a Health assessment, analyzing of the eyes through iridology, seeing what genetic weaknesses one is facing/areas of toxicity/and complete health history, a healing protocol specific to the individual is created that will heal their health issues.

In order to heal the body, truly heal the body, one must not neglect the GI Tract. It is the trunk of the tree. All the organs like the Liver and Gallbladder and the Pancreas are but branches of this main tree (the colon). Common symptoms associated with toxicity of the Gi Tract are: backaches, insomnia, depression, headaches, constipation, abdominal gas, hemorrhoids, menstrual pain, abdominal gas, skin problems, chronic fatigue, Asthma, Arthritis, and so on. As you can see, having major toxicity (mucoid plaque) in the colon can lead to an entire host of health problems. To heal issues, one must heal the corresponding organs, and one must first start by cleaning the Gi Tract of lymphatic wastes, only then the Liver/Gallbladder and Pancreas can be fully clean of obstruction and acidosis. The same goes for congestion in the Head and Brain or any health issues in the upper portions of the body. To allow the lymphatic system to drain mucus and acids, the Colon must be fully detoxed. The colon is one of the main channels of elimination of the body, next to the kidneys that allow for filtration of the lymphatic system. Most people carry an extra 30 pounds of old fecal matter, mucus, parasites, and acids within their Gi tract, completely unaware that this is the cause of many of their health issues. Not only are these obstructions caked directly on top of the walls of the colon, but they are also within the colon wall. Colonics cannot reach the lymphatic stagnation within these walls, as water does not have the penetrative and astringent power to pull mucus and wastes from within the walls. It is the acidosis, obstructions and toxicity within the walls that creates the environment that destroys the colon. This then manifests into health issues like chronic constipation and diarrhea as well as inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. It is of upmost importance to know how to clean the bowels of these obstructions in order to truly regain complete health and vitality to the body. A raw food diet high in fruits is the only diet powerful enough to move the lymphatic system and detox mucus and acids out of the colon. However, we as a society have dug ourselves into a very deep hole. I cannot tell you how many prolapsed and chronically toxic colons I come across daily in the people that come to me for healing. Our poor diet and genetics have led us to destroying our intestines. It is rare to come across a perfectly healthy bowel. For this reason, the use of the herbs is essential in removing mucoid plaque out of the body and rebuilding the tissue of the colon.

The most effective herbal formula at removing mucoid plaque from the colon is what I recommend to my clients. This is not a formula that is found in a health food store. Due to its healing power and true detoxification effects, it must be taken with the proper knowledge and detox guidance in order to remove mucoid plaque from the body. It is an herbal formula that contains powerful yet gentle healing herbs, that when used in conjunction with the correct diet, begins to detox and heal the colon. Among the list of herbs in this blend are psyllium husk, Cascara Sagrada, plantain leaf, and slippery elm. It however takes a synergistic formula of several herbs targeted to detoxing and cleaning the colon in order to heal it. One simply does not see deep cleansing and regeneration of tissue by only taking one herb. The herbal formulas sold in stores today cannot be compared to those that are available to detox specialists that really know how to heal the body from the depths of the worst diseases. I have helped many clients eliminate bucket loads of mucoid plaque to the point of the disappearance of their health issues entirely. Herbs are the natural powerful medicines that are the true healers of the human body and they must be used with intelligence and respect. What your herbal protocol should look like depends entirely on what organ, gland and system weaknesses you are facing. Having a detox specialist look at your entire case will help you to determine this.

Herbs are essential to the healing process of the Gi Tract, no matter what the health issue. Through the correct diet and herbs, we are able to remove all the mucus causing the destruction and suffocation of tissue, cells and organs. Seeing mucus in your stools is a sign of great detoxification during your health journey. You should strive to see this mucus and mucoid plaque come out in your stools, in the bucket loads consistently. Many times, mucoid plaque appears in long ropes coming out of the bowels, often in the shape of the intestines. Many people are shocked the first time they have this plaque come out of them (much like when people detox and remove parasites), but they immediately feel lighter and clearer in their body and mind.

The removal of this plaque changes you as a person – it opens your eyes to all the junk you have consumed in your lifetime - with the evidence coming right out of you. This is often enough to change one's eating habits for the better. For when you start to remove all the mucus and congestion out of the body, you are more reluctant to put it back in through poor food choices. If you have not removed these obstructions yet, you must accomplish this in order to heal the body. This can only be done through true detoxification!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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