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How To Heal Your Lungs!

Today I want to talk to you all about lung conditions and how to heal from them! I see so many suffering from this when they simply do not have to. Some people aren’t even aware that they have lung congestion that is causing many of their other health issues. I have been seeing lung conditions everywhere popping up as a reoccurring theme lately - in my clients I’ve been working with, in people messaging me for help with this health issue, in family members and so on. It’s continuously coming up, so I’m taking this as a sign from the universe to write a post on it to hopefully shed some much-needed light on this health problem that so many have. The following diseases: Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Sinus Issues, and Sleep Apnea all point to the same problem - lung congestion. The lungs are one of those organs in the body that are extremely sensitive. Just like the heart, if anyone has lung issues, it is no laughing matter. Quick action must be taken or death is a possibility. The reality most people do not realize is that congestion is one of the main causes of most diseases. The build-up of mucus from a life-time of dairy products, refined sugars, and glutinous breads and starches produce the most amount of mucus in the body. Not able to escape due to a dehydrating, acidic diet, this mucus that builds up causing a whole host of unpleasant health issues. Everything from not being able to breathe deeply, getting sharp chest pains and burning fire sensations when breathing, rapid heart-rate, fatigue, anxiety, cold hands and feet, trouble expectorating when coughing, and fevers are all common symptoms associated with having lung congestion. Congestive issues are found everywhere in the body nowadays: in the skin, in the gi tract, in the male and female reproductive system and so on, but today we will focus on the issues found in the respiratory system and the complications that come with having congestion in this area of the body. Little do people know that when you find congestion in this area of the body, the surrounding areas are up for grabs too - the thyroid and heart are often weak in people with lung congestion. When we learn why diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD, and such come about, we can then empower ourselves with the knowledge on how to fix them once and for all. No one has to die at the mercy of “diseases”, nor should anyone fear them. Each decision that you make every day has the power to heal the body of disease or further contribute to its destruction. It is my hope that those suffering from chronic lung congestion or any lung conditions come across this information and knowledge that I am about to share so that they can finally start healing themselves. I know how scary being ill can be. I know the debilitating toll it can take on your life. I’ve been there and I’ve come out on the other side completely healed. If you would do anything to heal your health issues and get your life back, then you have come across this post for a reason. <3

A huge struggle that many people with lung and congestive issues have is being dependent on steroids and inhalers. There was a story going around of an 8-year-old child that died of an asthma attack after hurricane Harvey when he couldn’t get treatment in time. Cases like these is why it is so important for all of us to become healthy and release our dependency on pharmaceutical drugs to keep us pain free or alive and breathing. Imagine being in that scenario where you didn’t have access to your meds and it was a matter of life or death. For many it is a saddening reality. Heart-breaking cases like these can be avoided when people take the time to deeply cleanse their body through detoxification and heal all their health issues. Healing by clearing out the congestion and strengthening of the adrenal glands and nervous system with the correct raw diet and healing herbs could have saved this child and so many countless others. This is why I am so passionate about what I do. I am a healer. I am here to empower others with the knowledge they need to heal any of their health issues. No one has to suffer or be moments away from death due to ill health. It is a scary experience not being able to breathe, and one that we all often take for granted. Those with lung issues like asthma sadly experience this everyday - but they don’t have to! Let’s look at what the true cause of all these lung congestive diseases and how to finally heal from them! No fear here! “When light is finally shined on the detox truth, those with open minds, hearts and spirits can find the inner power they have had all along to truly and fully heal themselves!”

Let’s start by looking at the respiratory system to better understand the human body. The lungs are the stars of the respiratory system but they are also connected to many other regions of the body. These include the nasal cavity (pharynx), the voice area (larynx), and the trachea (wind pipe); it is increasingly common to find a lot of mucus build up in these areas in today’s society. Most people ignore the signs like having sore throats, losing their voice, having head congestion, feeling pressure in their head, ear pain, coughing, swelling in neck, headaches, acne, and such - but these are cries of the body for the detox it desperately needs to start cleaning itself out before more serious health issues develop. The lungs themselves are made up of lobes, lobules, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, and a plural sac covering them. It is the role of the lungs to bring in air (our primary source of food), and to exhale toxic gases to be eliminated. We breathe in vital elements including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon into our body to be used as catalysts and fuels. The lungs also play a major component in our health as they are one of the main channels of elimination - the other three being the kidneys, colon, and skin. It is important to note that the by-products (carbon dioxide and other gases) of these key elements mentioned before, act as a filter for all the toxins you inhale day to day - Toxins like chemicals, dust, etc. Ultimately, these toxins are eliminated through the lymphatic and vascular system through the capillaries and are also expectorated by coughing and spitting of the mucus that trapped these toxins. You can start to see how the lungs is vital to our well-being and it is so unfortunate because they are so often neglected when it comes to our health! It is a good idea to do a good deep cleansing of the lungs if you haven’t already, especially for those that suffer from any type of congestion. There are years of toxic build up and congestion impairing our respiratory system from functioning to its full capacity. Just think - it is because of our lungs that we can breathe in oxygen - the most vital element of the body that if we did not receive, we would die in a matter of minutes.

So, what exactly is lung congestion and what causes it? Lung congestion develops overtime from eating dairy products, protein foods and gluten/wheat products. These foods are extremely harmful towards the human body. The natural response of the body is to produce mucus to protect itself from these harmful “foods” - if they can even be called that. However, through so many years of all this mucus build up, the body then begins to run into some major health problems. Opening up the channels of elimination (the skin, kidneys, lungs, and colon) and cleaning the body out is the key to healing from any type of congestive issue - especially lung congestion! The only way to start opening up the channels of elimination is by the removal of the most harmful foods (proteins, cooked foods, fats, all animal products, heavy starches like rice and breads) and to start consuming the foods that are designed to clean this mucus out! Those foods are high hydrating, high alkaline, high astringent, expectorating fruits like oranges, limes, all citrus, grapes, raw fruit juice, berries, apples, melons and more! Strong herbal formulas are also needed to loosen the deep layers of mucus within the body. Mucus build up is a serious health problem. Mucus has the power to create hard impactions in the body that suffocate the cells and tissues. You wouldn’t believe how many of my clients have gotten out green, brown and even black mucus while on their detox program. We all have these unsightly obstructions hidden away deep in the tissues of our bodies - slowly deteriorating our cells. The longer these obstructions stay in the body, the more likely it is to develop degenerative issues like cancer, in this case lung cancer. The darker the mucus that comes out during detox, the more serious the health issues the person has. Individuals that have a hard time coughing up mucus and/or only see clear mucus but still have a serious congestion issue, they have to work extra hard to see this dark mucus come out. Some people struggle to get congestion out. They cough and cough but the mucus refuses to come out. This is a sign of major dehydration and acidosis. When the body is dehydrated, mucus hardens and solidifies. This is when using astringent and hydrating fruits like citrus fruits and grapes, and herbs like mullein, fenugreek and pleurisy root to loosen up the mucus becomes an absolute must! No remedy is ever found in antibiotics and steroids that shove the cause of health issues deeper into the body. When you are detoxing, you want to see this darker hardened mucus come out eventually - because rest assured, it is in there! This is one of the main goals of detoxification - to see the expectoration of unsightly toxins and obstructions finally leave the body. There is a scale that one can use to see just how deep of a layer your body is reaching with its cleansing during detoxification. Clear mucus is surface level detox. Most people get this clear mucus out immediately during their detox - and in fact, it is the immediate mucus response the body has to things like allergens and less than ideal foods. This is called the acute stage of disease. Clear mucus is the first to leave the body when staring a detox healing program. Eating fruits like grapes or oranges in the morning, or even stronger: raw grape juice or raw fresh orange juice, can loosen up mucus from the body immediately. Yellow mucus is a layer below the clear mucus. It is mucus that has been trapped in the body for a longer time than the clear one. It is the subacute stage of disease. Green or brown mucus is that next level down - the chronic level. This is the stage of disease most people have all over their bodies but don’t even know it. This can easily be seen through iridology: the analysis of the irises that show the true health of the body. Black mucus is the last level and is involved in degenerative areas of the body. Just as the health of the tissues can be measure in these four stages: acute, subacute, chronic and degenerative, so can the color of the mucus one expels. It is this very green/brown and black mucus that we see come out of individuals that have illnesses like COPDS and cancers when they finally start to detox. This mucus has been stuck in the body the longest and indicates deep damage. In order for us to start healing any deterioration and tissue damage in the body, we must eliminate all toxicity and obstructions. A new healthy body cannot be built on a shaky ground. The body has to be clean and obstruction free first before it starts to regenerate and heal itself. The clearing of this mucus always occurs when you are truly healing the body of disease.

As you will see, the entire human body is connected from head to toe. There are so many factors that affect one another - if one area of the body is down, it can have many causes, but all causes can be traced back to three things: acidosis, mucus and obstructions, and genetic weaknesses. All of these things are corrected with a detoxification healing diet and herbal protocol. Not one detox protocol will look exactly like the other because it depends entirely on what areas of the body are down within the person. We all have our specific combination of weaknesses and symptoms displayed by our bodies and our health histories look different as well. Through the years of helping people reverse their health issues I have noticed a few common symptoms in those that suffer from lung conditions. Fatigue is one of the most symptoms. This is either a neurological problem or a lack of oxygen problem caused by stagnation, malabsorption, lymph congestion in the lungs causing breathing issues. A lot of times, the lungs are so packed with lymph that the thyroid has to kick the heart rate up enough to move blood faster through the body so you can keep oxygen moving through the body. This leads to tachycardia (fast heart rate) because one is not oxygenating the cells properly. Without oxygen, we die. This is a necessary response of the body to keep it alive. All this can be connected to a nervous system problem now with what everyone having adrenal weakness in this society. The nervous system and adrenals are involved in every process that requires movement in the body - of muscles and the movement of the nervous system. This is controlled by the adrenal neurotransmitters. When the adrenal glands are down, so is the nervous system. Genetically speaking, so many of us have been passed down chronic adrenal glands. This is most common with people from the age of 35 and under. This can be seen with the scary low blood pressure numbers out there. Anything below 120 systolic is low blood pressure. I see people with the low 100 and 90’s range of blood pressure - and yes, even 80’s! Neurotoxins are a prevalent health threat to everyone. Some chemists believe there are as many as 2,000 neurotoxins that exist in today’s society. Neurotoxins are things like pesticides and herbicides. This is why it is so important to purchase organic produce that has not been sprayed and turned into a heavily laden chemical product. Neurotoxins cause the autonomic nervous system to shut down. This certainly can be a possibility for people that have trouble breathing. I personally experienced this back when I was ill many years ago before I detoxed my body; I had trouble taking a deep breath and suffered from chest pains and fast heart rate all the time. This is because I was really weak neurologically. You can tell someone is neurologically weak when they have these set of symptoms as well as having signs like nerve rings and chronic adrenal tissue shown in iridology. This is what I consistently see in the people that come to me for help. It is a great problem in today’s world among the younger generation. As you can see, with all lung diseases like asthma and COPD, not only does the person have extreme mucus congestive problems and scar tissue in the body, but they also have an adrenal and neurological connection to the lungs. Here is glimpse of what can happen with someone with severe nervous system weakness. Someone with neurological weakness can eat something as small a non-organic salad from a restaurant that has pesticides on it and all of a sudden have trouble breathing. These types of people also tend to have many allergies to things like dogs, cats, pet dander, dust, drug medications, food allergies, chemicals, fragrances, the sun, and more. Sinus issues are also very common as well as anxiety since the adrenal glands are simply shot at this point. Feeling cold all the time and having cold hands and feet is also something I hear people say all the time. This of course, points to thyroid issues and it’s no surprise since the throat is connected to the respiratory system and gets congested all the time thus weakening the function of the thyroid gland. Thankfully, a detoxification and regeneration protocol will reverse all these issues and heals the person right up! The entire body is connected so people with lung conditions can have a whole host of body toxicity and weakness that they are not even aware of are connected to each other!

This is why is important to work with a detox specialist that will map out your entire body and every area that must be addressed in order to heal from your disease and health issues. Every part of the body that is toxic and weak must be detoxed and regenerated in order to reverse a specific disease condition.

Let’s shine the spotlight on what acids and mucus does in the body when it comes to certain lung conditions. COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is like asthma but it extends all throughout the lungs (both the airways - Bronchioles and the air sacs - alveoli - in the lungs.) It is in these air sacs that the gas exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen take place. Acids and mucus damage these air ways and air sacs to the point where they lose their elasticity or the walls deteriorate. COPD is an umbrella term used to describe either emphysema or bronchitis. Asthma is where the bronchi (airways) become congested, spasm and swell, and filled with mucus thus making it difficult for the person to breathe. Over the years as the congestion in the lungs becomes more hardened and impacted and the lungs are overflowing with acids, then we can see cystic fibrosis. The heavy scarring of the lungs occurs when the lungs are burning from acidic chemistry. In this acidic environment even things like masses, cancers, and tumors can pop up. These are things as a society we fear because we do not understand what causes them and therefore do not understand how to heal them. The backing up of the lymph system and the acids trapped within the body due to poor and incorrect diet is the cause of all this. It always comes back to the lymph system and weak kidneys and adrenals tied to the lymph system. Once the kidneys lose their filtration abilities of removing these acids and obstructions, the body starts to go down in health. It is sad because we are seeing these advanced cases even more with younger adults, teens and even children. A detox protocol cleaning out the body through the lymph system is the only way to heal from this. A Healing Crisis is so important to achieve in these people. The removal of mucus is going to be the only way to heal. Afterwards, one will notice the disappearing of their symptoms all together. With detox you will notice it will become easier to breathe, smell, hear upon removal of these acids and mucus. All systems will be cleaned anew and rebuilt strong. This is what true healing is all about!

Although healing lung conditions is a large topic to cover with detoxification, I do feel it is necessary to speak on this last subject in this post, and that is that so many people with lung issues have become dependent on using inhalers. Inhalers are bronchial dilators used by those that have trouble breathing. However, inhalers have been proven to be carcinogenic - meaning they are cancer causing. Inhalers are major suppressants of the lymph system in the lungs. This means that they lock mucus and congestion interstitially (around the cells) in the lungs. Many people have been using inhalers for decades since they were young, and so it is no surprise when they come to me with major lymphatic stagnation issues. Suppressing of the lymph system is so often the cause of so many diseases. People with lymphatic problems have loads of symptoms that express this. Unfortunately, the use of inhalers is the route that most people follow and the reason why they never heal their health problems and settle for using medications. They just don’t know any better because they were just following doctor’s orders. Years later though, they are met with even worse symptoms and degenerative life-threatening diseases because they never addressed the cause of their health issues. Like every other disease, the act of suppressing symptoms seems to be the only method the medical industry has to deal with diseases. They do not know the true cause of diseases, nor do they have an understanding of the lymph system and its crucial role it plays in the health of the body, so their answer is always the suppressing of symptoms to hush them up. This is the only way the medical system knows how to treat asthma and lung issues. Detoxification is the only method to truly heal the body. Rather than using inhalers and suppressants that only contribute to further destruction of the human body, a better way is using herbs. Herbs cleanse, expectorate, relax the nervous system, rebuild the human body while helping to alleviate and actually reverse symptoms because they are addressing the cause of the problem. This is the beauty of nature and god. Chemicals cannot compare in their healing power. While you are detoxing, you may still need to use your inhaler or meds while you heal yourself from this, and that’s okay. It takes a bit of time for your body to clean itself out and require inhalers less and less. Titrating off of chemical dependencies like these is what a skilled detox specialist can help you do. The best formula that can help you come off of an inhaler is the herbal anti-spasmodic formula. The herbs found in the anti-spasmodic formula for example are phenomenal because they relax the body and allow for easy expectoration in the lungs. Herbs like Mullein leaf, Pleurisy root, and Fenugreek seed softens and dissolves hardened masses of accumulated mucus and soothes the mucosa of inflammation. Coughing up mucus is what you want to experience during your detox journey. You know you are on the right path to healing your body when mucus starts to come out of every opening! This will be especially true in those with lung conditions - mucus will come out through the throat. You must spit this out every time you feel it coming up. With every coughing up and spitting of mucus, you are getting rid of your disease. As the expression goes, better out than in! People with lung conditions will definitely want to also include either the 3 Lung Tea formula or the lungs tincture tonic. The 3 Lung Tea is a powerful tea that can either be drank or used as a herbal inhalant. The Lungs 2 tincture formula is also very powerful to start opening up the bronchi and lungs to decongest. When taking these formulas, one will most definitely go through some cold and flu like symptoms - possibly even bronchitis or pneumonia like symptoms. This is not a time to freak out though - this is what you want to see to ensure that the body is doing everything it can to eliminate the problem - congestion! Doctors like to suppress these things because they do not understand them and they think it means sickness. Nothing can be further from the truth! It is the suppression and treatment of these symptoms that cause people to die from lung issues. I see it all the time! Suppression and stagnation itself is death! Elimination of this mucus is what you want to see in order to heal. The sad truth is that people rarely die from pneumonia but rather they die from the medical complications and the treatments of it - further suffocating the person with mucus. Remember, what you don’t eliminate you accumulate within the body. Detox is all about elimination - eliminating what is making you sick and tired and damaging your tissues and organs. That thing is predominantly mucus and acids in every single person.

The living raw fruits and herbs are the true path to healing and regeneration from all diseases. Empower yourself with this information, work with a knowledgeable detox specialist that will help you work out of all your diseases, and free yourself of all the pain, congestion, stagnation, stiffness, anxieties that are keeping you from living life on your terms! Life is meant to be lived and expressed freely without any suffering in the physical body.

Being in a truly healthy body does not compare to anything else. The beauty with this way of healing is that everyone finds their remedy this way. When all the doctors, treatments, supplements you have tried over the years have failed you, detoxification will open its doors and will heal you completely from head to toe. It is what your body has been waiting for this entire time.

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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