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How To Heal Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation is not something that is talked about enough, yet it is surprisingly very common among a lot of people in the U.S. It is one of those taboo subjects that people often find gross but let’s face it, it is essential for one to be regularly eliminating their bowels for good health. If the colon is toxic, the entire body becomes toxic and all other systems start to fall from there.

Chronic constipation is one of the worst things you can experience in this life. As someone who has suffered from severe constipation issues ever since I was a baby, I know it's a terrible burden on one’s health. I actually remember being 8 years old and my parents having to take me to the hospital one night because I just couldn’t poop! Later on in life, I continued to silently struggle with this health issue. I remember my grandma would give me prunes and prune juice as a kid, and it helped, but only for so long. When I reached early adulthood, it was quite common to find laxative teas and aloe vera juice (irritating purgatives) in my shopping cart. While I was running around going to school and working, I didn’t give my constipation issue much thought - I guess I thought it was something that everyone just got, and some people had it worse than others. I didn’t know what was causing it, so I just continued with my use of laxatives and accepting the fact that I felt horrible, sluggish, depressed, bloated, and in pain most of the time.

At my absolute worst, I was 20 years old - in so much pain from not being able to use the bathroom no matter what laxative I tried that I had to go to the hospital again. One day, I remember being randomly struck with sharp colon pains that stopped me in my tracks. Ironically I had just finished and stepped out of my appointment with the gynecologist in hopes of finding the cause for my uterus pains minutes before (in those days, I was in and out of many different doctors offices trying to find out what was causing my health issues) My boyfriend had to help me slowly walk the many blocks to the emergency room because it felt like a knife was cutting my insides. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, on some level the reality had set in for me - I had become dependent on laxatives and they had lost their effect entirely. In the emergency room I explained to the doctors that I believed I had some sort of blockage because I could feel my stool sitting right at the end of my colon but I was unable to push it out. They ended up prescribing me this chemical concoction in a huge gallon that I was to drink every 10 minutes for 3 straight hours until the entire solution was gone. The liquid smelled and tasted of Elmer’s glue. Did it purge my body? That it did, but at what cost? After those few days, I was constipated yet again. It hurt me to find out that the prescription I had taken was commonly given to the elderly and me - only being a mere 20 years of age, already had severe health problems. I tried traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, gluten-free, getting colonics and many more things, and all results were always short-lived and I ended up feeling even worse. All my health issues were putting such a strain on my physical body, my mental health, my relationships with my lover, friends, and family, and my aspirations and goals in life. All these areas of my life suffered greatly for many years because my body just physically couldn’t keep up.

It wasn’t until I learned about detoxification and finally found out the exact reason why I had been constipated for most of my life that I was able to finally heal it! When I found out how to achieve true health and exactly what to do to fix each one of my health issues, it was like the heavens had opened up. I didn’t know what it felt like to have truly empty bowels up until that point. My years of depression lifted, my severe brain fog went away, my skin got clearer overnight, I was no longer at the mercy of surprise excruciating migraines, and my tummy was finally flat! Through my diet change and finding out what the exact causes of my colon issues were, I set off with my healing protocol, and boy did it make a world of a difference.

So what did I learn? Well, in my years of studying this, I can say that all constipation is caused by these few things. If we think about what the diet of the majority of the population is, we can safely say that it is one in which people consume meat, dairy, and white flour products in almost every single meal. Diet has a direct effect on the health of our colon. As the food we ingest passes through our gi tract, it leaves behind metabolic wastes. It is important to note that if the foods we are consuming are not hydrating, fibrous, and alkalizing in nature, then we start to see the bowels suffer with mucus build-up, sluggish elimination time, and eventually in those with genetically weak colons we begin to see severe colon illnesses like Crohn's, ibs, ibd, colitis, bowel obstruction, polyps, and colon cancer. These are the last stages of tissue degeneration in the colon. These diseases do not just appear by surprise; they are created through years of toxicity, acidity, and the body holding onto wastes.

Meat and dairy products are the worst foods for the colon. The fact is that these foods contain little to no hydrating properties and absolutely no fiber to help with moving things along. Not only that, the most common food combination that can be found on people’s plates today is eating meat with a starch - like bread, rice or potatoes. These two types of foods (protein and starches) do not mix well whatsoever in the body. If there is any food combining no no that I urge you all to stay away from, it would be combining proteins with starches on your plate. Now, while I do have genetically weak bowels (from my grandma), what made my constipation much worse as I grew older was drinking milk every single day about 3 times a day up until the age of 17. I would drink warm milk in the morning and evening given to me by my mother and of course drink milk during school lunch. Looking back at my milk consumption now, it dawned on me that as a child and teenager, I had found emotional comfort in drinking milk because I was lacking in real emotional connections in my life with my relationships (family and friends). What most people do not know is that cow’s milk actually contains a protein called casein that is highly addictive. It is the reason people find giving up cheese to be one of the most difficult things in changing their diet - even harder to give up than meat. What you need to know: Milk contains morphine-like substances known as casomorphins, which act just like opiates in the body as they enter the bloodstream. Just minutes after you consume dairy, the casein protein begins to break down and releases casomorphins, which attach to opiate receptors in the brain and cause severe addictions to dairy products. The reason cow’s milk contains morphine is for the survival of the baby calf. This substance is in the milk to make the baby cow come back to its mother for milk to grow very large in its first few months of life. Cow’s milk is unfit for human consumption. In fact, all mammalian milk is not recommended to be consumed by humans because we all lose the enzymes to digest milk after the age of 2. The bowels take the most abuse from acidic, toxic, and mucus forming foods out of any other area in the body. This is the reason why it is virtually impossible to find a completely healthy colon in anyone alive today. Looking at countless clients irises with iridology, I can tell you that the colon is the number one issue most people are facing as a cause to a majority of their health problems.

Now that we learned in what way the actual colon starts to break down and become toxic, there are other issues that should be considered if someone is having trouble going to the bathroom. One major possibility is having a weak pituitary gland. Looking at the map of the iris through iridology, we can see that the pituitary gland sits right above the transverse colon. If someone has a dark heavy lesion emanating from the gi tract and going up to the brain to the pituitary area, then we can almost be certain that their adrenal glands are also being affected. Weak adrenal glands then equate to low blood pressure problems which translates to the adrenal glands not producing the neurotransmitters necessary for peristalsis. Peristalsis is by definition the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine, creating wavelike movements that push the contents of the colon forward. This was the case for me and for so many others. In order to correct this issue, the weak glands must be addressed with specific formulas to cleanse, strengthen and rebuild them. The lymphatic system must always be addressed as well. The lymphatic system is the network that spans the entire body like the circulatory system that help rid the body of toxins, cellular wastes, and mucus. It is common to find lymph stagnation in the colon walls themselves and this overflowing of acidity causes damage to surrounding organs and tissues in that area. This is why it is quite common for people with bowel problems to also have ovarian cysts, tumors near the reproductive organs, lower back pains, failing kidneys, and many other health problems. You can see how the body is truly connected - everything is tied together and when one system goes down, many follow in its tracks.

Fruits are the lymph pullers in the body and are the ultimate healers. In chronic individuals (most of the population) one must also include the herbs to move the lymphatic system and heal the tissues and glands. The herbs one needs to take depends entirely on the specific symptoms a person is showing and what genetic weaknesses they show in their irises. One must have both the correct diet, correct transition, and the correct herbs in order to heal from anything. This is why it is important to work with a skilled and experienced detox specialist that has helped people out of these issues.

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When it comes to the herbs, the best herbal formula that I took to save my colon and that has saved many of my clients is the GI Broom. I can’t say enough good things about it. Working at Wholefoods supermarket in the supplement department for many years, I had tried all the “best” natural formulas and colon cleanses out there, but none of them ever delivered results. The gi broom was a game changer. It actually cleaned all the buckets of mucoid plaque (ropes of hard mucus) that had been forming inside of my colon from the meats, dairy, and white flour products I had consumed for years. Almost everyone has this mucoid plaque inside their colon. When you are deeply detoxing the right way, with the correct diet and protocol, you will see this mucus plaque come out. This mucoid plaque blocks the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat and this plaque also causes tissue death in the colon by blocking cell respiration since it is so thick. The body cannot be truly healthy and disease free if the colon isn’t deeply detoxed. The gi broom formula cleaned me out in a way my body so desperately needed. The toxicity was killing my body, mind, and soul. When I saw all the obstructions that were making me sick finally leave my body, it was life-changing!

Another amazing tool to help constipation that is often overlooked is getting a simple toilet stool. It personally changed my life when I bought one. They are cheap and can be found in many stores. Once I started using one, I was amazed by how well it worked. Such a simple change made a world of a difference. All life is in perfect balance on this planet. We are meant to eat fruit and our poop is meant to fertilize the soil creating fruit trees with the seed we poop out. This is how nature was originally designed. With the invention of toilets and indoor plumbing (although very convenient and sanitary for us today), it was inevitably was one of the causes of our chronic constipation condition in this society. If you were to squat in nature and poop, this position naturally relaxes your colon. However, when you go to the toilet and sit down to do your business, the way that one is seated in this position is actually not conducive to allowing proper elimination to take place. A toilet stool also known as a squatty potty that you can place your feet on while you do number 2 will make elimination much easier because it mimics the squatting position that you were naturally meant to do in nature to eliminate waste.

It is my hope that this post finds the people that are suffering and need to hear this information. If I can change one life today, it would have all been worth it. When you help one human being, you help all of humanity. There are so many people suffering in the world with constipation today. Many of you may know people suffering from it right now. I can tell you that it is the cause of so many health issues, even things like depression and anxiety can sometimes be caused by constipation and having a weak colon. When I was sick, I wasn’t living, I was merely existing because I was trapped in a sick body. Now, it is my mission to spread this life-saving knowledge to everyone that needs it and desperately looking to heal their body once and for all. I’ve been there. I was helpless and many times I almost gave up. Thank goodness I didn’t because today I am here, completely healed sharing this information with you. This is a very sick world we live in today, and it is up to us to become healthy in our bodies again so that our children have a fighting chance at living pain-free lives and enjoying their time on this planet. Raw foods, fruits, fasting, and herbs are the true healers of suffering and pain.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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