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The Different Levels of Detoxification!

Detoxification is an art.

Detoxification is a science.

Detoxification is ultimately a game!

Will you win the game and succeed in healing your body?

If you plan on winning, then keep on reading. Here's what you need to know!

This Pyramid is what one needs to focus on to achieve high levels of healing. The fruit diet is the original diet of the homo sapiens. Returning back to this fruit diet allows the body to get back to its natural state of health and vitality!

There is no doubt that raw foods are the healthiest foods on the planet for humans, but did you know that different raw foods cleanse you differently than others? For example, a jar of watermelon juice will cleanse you more than a jar of green juice will!

Below, we have a pyramid of the different levels of detoxification. These levels are based on the digestive energy it takes the body to break down the foods at each level. The human body is a self-healing machine. In order for us to tap into its self-healing power, we must keep its digestion as light as possible so as to not rob the body of its energy. The concept is simple: the more one conserves digestive energy, the more energy the body will have to heal and repair itself.

You will notice that the higher you go up on the pyramid, the easier the digestion on the body is compared to the level below it. For example, fruit juice takes little to no energy for the body to digest, whereas a fruit smoothie (below the fruit juice level on the pyramid) does take the body some energy to process (because of the fiber). This becomes very evident when fasting the body. If you go on a fruit juice fast one week, and then go on a smoothie fast the next week, you will notice how different your body feels on the two types of fast. With the juice fast, you will see that your body will come across stronger detox symptoms like headaches, cold and flu symptoms, aches and pains, fevers, heavy mucus elimination, change in bowel movements, etc. With the fruit smoothie fast you will no doubt also experience these types of detox symptoms, but they will not be as strong. Test this out for yourself and see the difference between juices and smoothies! Drinking fresh fruit juices is an amazing way to heal the body!

Fruits or Greens? Which is more cleansing and why? I talk about this topic in this video: SHOWDOWN: FRUITS VS GREENS! Which food group is healthiest?

However, keep in mind that one must transition through all these different levels slowly when cleansing the body and rebuilding the body back to health. For instance, if it is your first time going on a juice fast, do a few days of eating fruits in their whole form first to prepare the body for the fast. It is important to allow time to transition between these phases of detox to detox the body comfortably, otherwise, the body may purge toxins too quickly and it will be very uncomfortable for you. After a few months of working yourself between these levels, you will notice it gets easier! This is because the body has done a lot of cleaning out at this point, and its ability to absorb nutrition and energy from your food is greater than when you started the detox program. Cleansing the body helps all of its processes run better and smoother since obstructions (mucus, acids, toxins, fungus, parasites, mucoid plaque) are being cleared away!

What you can take from this article is this: Simplicity is key when it comes to healing your body. Keep your diet as simple as possible, and your body will heal much faster!

* Note: If one is coming from a standard cooked diet, it is recommended to start off slowly when switching your diet. A good way to do this is to have fruit in the morning, a salad for lunch, and a vegan-cooked meal for dinner for a week or two, then go on an all-raw diet. Depending on what one is wanting to heal their body from (ex: cancer, chronic pain), one may not have the time to slowly transition. In these serious cases, it is strongly recommended that the individual go on an all-fruit diet of mostly grapes to aggressively cleanse the body.

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

- Ailin Duran D.S.

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