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Why Fruits Are The Top Healers for Your Body!

Fruits are the original foods for the human species. Take a look at all the animals in nature. All animals in nature eat their foods raw and have energy and vitality. Humans are the only animals on the planet that cook their foods (essentially destroying them), and then wonder why disease comes of them.

If we take a look at the biology of all species on the planet, we will find that we look most like the primates, who's diet consist of mainly fruits. Wouldn't it make sense that humans are meant to eat fruits as well? We do not have sharp teeth like lions and cats to be carnivores, nor do we have multiple stomachs like cows to digest grass like herbivores. So do we look like the omnivores: birds and dogs? No we do not. A raw diet of mainly fruits, with some vegetables, nuts and seeds is our original diet, and it is also the diet that will bring the body back to balance and health.

Reason 1: Hydration

Fruits are the most hydrating foods available on this planet. Looking for hydration? Look no further than fruits! Unlike water that is simply just wet and void of healing flavanoids, fruits contain plenty of water with flavor and nutrients. Fruit juices permeate the cells in your body to clean and hydrate them. Fruits make your cells very happy. If your cells are healthy, then so are you!

Reason 2: Cleansing

Fruits contain astringent properties, meaning they pull out toxins, mucus, chemicals, acids from deep within the bodies tissues and organs, and encourage the body to eliminate these things. These acidic obstructions are what cause our tissues to deteriorate overtime, and ultimately cause our bodies to fail with diseases.

Reason 3: Alkalizing

Fruits are highly alkalizing to the body! Your body is always seeking to maintain an alkaline/acid balance. When one falls over to the acid side, disease overtakes the body. The Number one cause of disease is acidosis. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment.Alkalizing the body is vital to tissue regeneration because it is anti-inflammatory. It allows for proper cellular respiration and for disbursement of nutrients throughout the body.

Reason 4: Fuel For Cells

Fruits contain simple sugars, which is the proper source of fuel for the cells in your body. The cells of your body use glucose or fructose with oxygen to achieve cellular energy known as ATP. Without ATP, a cell will weaken and become attacked, mainly by parasites or bonded with a virus, or antigen. Weakened and diseased individuals have become so through many years of consuming the wrong sources of fuel. In doing so, their cells lose vitality, hydration, and energy. This causes the cell to weaken and die.

Understand that sugar and oxygen are the number one needs of your body to live. Fructose is the highest electrical sugar in nature. Fructose enters the cells through diffusion, which saves energy for the body and cells! People that lack energy find energy in fruits when switching their diet. On the other side, complex sugars and starches like grains, potatoes, pastas, beans, and vegetables, rob your body of vital energy and elevate blood sugar levels. For this reason, the best diet for diabetics is actually an all fruit diet. This is why it is imperative to base your diet around fruit when healing your body.

Reason 4: Easy on Digestion

Fruits are among the easiest things to digest! It takes the body. It takes about 20-40 minutes for fruit to digest, depending on the type of fruit. Watermelon digests the quickest at 15-20 minutes, oranges and grapes take 30 minutes, apples take 40 minutes, which is why it is best to eat melons alone and not to mix with other fruits or any other food. Starchy vegetables like yams, corn, squash, and artichoke take an hour to digest.

Grains like rice take 90 minutes to digest and soy beans take 2 hours. Nuts can take up to 3 hours to digest. Dairy products like cheese take 3-4 hours of digestion. Animal meats can take up to 5 hours to digest! The foods that take longest to digest are void of hydrating properties, fiber, and cleansing factors. They are also complex in their structures; high in protein and fats that take the body a lot of energy to break down into simple and usable compounds of amino acids and fatty acids. However, in the process of breaking down animal proteins and complex carbohydrates, the body is inundated with toxic metabolic by-products such as ammonia, uric acid, phosphoric acid, nitrates, sulfuric acid, and many many more. Keep in mind that these digestion times are the best case scenarios for individuals with good digestion, so people with slower digestion still consuming animal products can have rotting flesh in their colons for weeks, months, and years at a time. You can see why fruits are the top healing foods for humans, because it takes our bodies so little energy to digest them and the body can use the rest of its energy for repair and healing!

Reason 5: Pure Energy

The electromagnetic energy of fruits supersedes all other foods. Fruits are best eaten raw! When fruits are cooked, the electromagnetic energy is dramatically lowered. When heat is applied to fruit, it changes its molecular structure and the electrons are altered. Heat destroys the enzymes in food, which act as catalysts. The more energy your cells have, the healthier your body is. The less energy your cells have, the closer to destruction it comes.

Electromagnetic energy is rated in units of angstroms. The higher the quantity of angstroms a food gives off, the higher the energy of the food.

Energy of Foods

Fresh raw fruits - 8,000 to 10,000 angstroms Vegetables (fresh, raw) - 8,000 to 9,000 angstroms Milk (fresh, raw) - 8,500 angstroms Vegetables (cooked) - 4,000 to 6,500 angstroms Milk (pasteurized) - 2,000 angstroms Cheese - 1,800 angstroms Refined white flour - 1,500 angstroms Cooked meats - 0 angstroms

Body Frequencies Human (average) - 6,500 angstroms Cancer Patients (generally) - 4,875 angstroms

In order to detoxify, heal and regenerate the body, we must raise the electromagnetic energy of the system as a whole. Eating fruits that are high in energy will raise the potential of the body to create new cells!

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