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How Raw Foods Heal

The Body Ebook

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The How Raw Foods Heal the Body Ebook uncovers the truth on why fruits and raw foods are the number one healers of all chronic and degenerative illnesses that befall all humans and how we can use nature’s tools to completely heal all our health issues and restore vitality once again.


The How Raw Foods Heal The Body Ebook contains 47 pages of:


  • The Specific Healing Properties of Fruits and How they work to heal the body. 

  • The exact science behind the 3 Causes of all Diseases and how to reverse them!

  • The Channels of Elimination - including what signs you must see during your healing journey to ensure that you are making progress!

  • What foods are the most detrimental to the body that you should avoid in order to heal.

  • Why the Medical Establishment does not have your best interest at heart and how to break free from the sick and on medications/pills cycle. 

  • Why other diets and modalities fail to heal the body and actually cause cellular damage over time (Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Medical Medium Diet, Gerson Diet, Ayurvedic Diet).

  • The common detox symptoms from eating fruits and raw foods that you will experience and how to expertly navigate them and avoid unnecessary ones.

  • The science behind Fruit and Blood Sugar Issues.

  • A personal look into the knowledge and experiences I have gained during my own healing journey and how it can help you heal too!

This book offers support to those that:


  • Are brand new to detoxification with the raw food diet.

  • Have questions/doubts if the raw food and fruit diet is right for you.

  • Need inspiration if you have fallen off the raw food healing diet.

The How Raw Foods Heal the Body Ebook will teach you how to start healing your body today! You will notice your symptoms clearing up as you change your diet to hydrating, alkaline, and astringent foods, and will be on your way towards healing! 

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