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The VIP Package (3 Months)

The 3 Month VIP Detox Package includes:


- An Expedited Initial Zoom Consultation - Skip the line and have your consultation sooner! We will connect all the puzzle pieces of what is really causing you your health issues and how to finally heal them! All your detox questions will be answered!


- 6 Detox Follow-Up Consultations to keep you on track during your detox journey (1 Call every 2 weeks).


- 3 Months of Email Support

Detox Support when you need it to help you navigate your healing journey!


- An Iridology Analysis - pointing out all the weaknesses in your body (organs, glands, and systems) that must be addressed in order to heal! We will go over your iridology analysis during our initial call together!


- A 12 Week Herbal Protocol - A Complete Herbal protocol that will work on healing all your organ and gland weaknesses from head to toe!


- A Detox Diet Plan - specific to healing your health issues and where you currently are on your healing journey! Includes everything you need to be successful during your detox: recipes for healing of your body’s weaknesses!


- Detox Tools - to assist you in deep detoxification and to navigate detox symptoms on your healing journey.


- All Diet and Herbal protocol updates during our follow up calls!

The VIP Package (3 Months)

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