Spiritrawpical Healing Team

Certified Detox Specialists and Iridologists

Ailin Duran

Ailin Duran is the founder and creator of Spiritrawpical Healing. She is a Certified Detox Specialist and Clinical Iridologist who has spent the last 14 years intensively studying the human body, diseases, natural healing, raw foods and alternative medicine. Ailin has been practicing detoxification, iridology, and herbalism for over 8 years now. 


Ailin originally wanted to help people by becoming a medical doctor. Being a pre-med student with an honor’s scholarship, she quickly realized how flawed the medical system was when in 2011 she herself was diangosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, endometriosis and many other health issues. These symptoms left her bedridden and in full body pain for quite sometime. Healing all her health issues through detoxification, her drive was ignited to learn as much as she possibly could to help others heal as she did. 


Ailin has spent the past several years guiding hundreds of clients from all ages, situations, and walks of life out of their health issues, pain, suffering and sickness to finally living their lives pain-free and without fear. 


“When light is finally shined on the detox truth, those with open minds, hearts and spirits can access the inner strength they have had all along to truly and fully heal themselves!”

-Ailin Duran 

Gabriel Madera

Gabriel has been into detoxification for over a decade and throughout his career on the Spiritrawpical Healing team, his compassion and dedication to healing has grown. Gabriel has a vast understanding of the process of detoxification and is able to convey the detox message in a relatable way to all. He strives daily to aid as many as he can. Those who connect with him appreciate his positive demeanor and uplifting presence!

"I do my very best to maintain a balance of courtesy and knowledge when communicating with everyone. We are all heart-centered people doing our best to heal the world!"

-Gabriel Madera