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Detox Symptoms and The Healing Crisis!

Did you know that through iridology, you can see your entire health journey laid out before you? You can see which areas of your body you will experience detox symptoms and a healing crisis! You can also see when and where this healing is occurring in real time! Every snapshot of an iris records a moment in time that reveals the state of health in your body, in each organ, gland, tissue and system!

The Truth About Detox Symptoms:

I have seen a lot of people come to me with fear surrounding detox symptoms. Perhaps this is you too? It is human nature to fear the unknown. This fear though often comes from a lack of understanding or experience. But fear not! Every person that has detoxed and healed from their health issues will tell you that going through detox symptoms was a pivotal moment on their healing journey. After each detox symptoms or a healing crisis, guess what happens? Your body is cleaner and stronger than before! Organs always experience more strength, vitality and regeneration as a result of cleansing obstructions, mucus, and acids from within. Glands always experience a heightened level of function! Systems also achieve more energy and flow throughout the entire body! Detox symptoms are not be be feared, but to be welcomed! With each detox symptom you experience, your body is closer to the health you want to achieve!

The Three Processes of Healing:

To bring a state of healing to the body, especially in healing chronic conditions through detoxification, old, hardened mucus membranes must be rehydrated with raw foods and fruits. When these membranes become properly hydrated again, mucus or catarrh starts to remove toxicity and wastes that were once trapped in the chronically dehydrated and weakened areas of the body. This is the beginning of a true healing crisis. To the untrained eye, this can look like a disease returning to the body or a disease becoming worse, but this is far from true. Many people believe that they have caught a cold, a flu, or a virus when they are in fact just experiencing a detox symptom. This particular type of healing crisis is occurring because the body has now reached a strong enough state of hydration and alkalinity to carry out its healing process. The first step towards healing is hydration. The second step towards healing is removal of wastes. The third step of healing is regeneration – the natural process by the body when it is allowed to go through the first two processes. 1. Hydration 2. Elimination 3. Regeneration!

Healing Lines:

This healing process can actually be seen in iridology. When I examine my clients’ eyes in our follow ups together, I make note of any weakened areas that have gotten stronger since the beginning of their detox program. There is one sign of healing that I look out for that tells me if a healing crisis is coming soon for a client. Healing lines or white lines that appear in dark, chronically weak areas in the eyes, show signs of the body improving the health of the tissue! Healing lines however, only appear when the body has reached a strong enough state of vitality to begin tissue repair after the hydration and removal of wastes from said weakened area.

A once dark and chronically weak area in the iris can start changing quickly with healing lines closing the hole in between its fibers. These healing lines come from the depths of the darkness of a lacuna, propping up the weakness and transforming it into strong new tissue with clear vitality seen. This level of healing and regeneration is often accomplished with a successful detox program comprising of specific herbs, formulas, fruits, lifestyle upgrades, and detox tools that are tailored to a person’s weaknesses.

The Healing Crisis: Fever and Tissue Inflammation

Fever and tissue inflammation often appear during a healing crisis because this is the response of a strong immune system to move the body forward in its healing processes. Fevers eliminate all foreign and mutated matter such as cancer cells, toxicity, viruses, bacteria, and mucus. Tissue inflammation brings an influx of immune cells that work to clean and support the site of healing in the body. It is not recommended to stop these detox symptoms during a true healing crisis. An effective healing crisis will last about 2-3 days. If a healing crisis occurs for longer, then it is best to slow down your detox or work with an experienced detox specialist for proper guidance. A healing crisis that is held for too long in the body can weaken or enervate the body. This usually occurs when detox is done improperly. This is why it is so important to work with a detox specialist that will create an effective herbal protocol to assist the body in removing wastes and strengthening its organs, glands, and tissues. Without the help of an herbal protocol, I have seen many people waste years trying to detox on their own, unsuccessfully. It takes an immense amount of knowledge and experience in the field of detoxification, herbs, iridology, and study of disease and the human body in order to heal from many chronic diseases. I have been able to successfully take the toughest cases out of these pitfalls and bring them into complete healing and regeneration of their health issues.

An Example of a Detox Symptom:

When I look at someone's iris and point out their weaknesses during our Master Your Health consultation together, not only am I pointing out the areas that we will be working on healing during their detox journey, I also point out that these areas are in fact areas that they will be experiencing detox symptoms in. This once again shows how iridology is an amazing tool to use in order to build an accurate healing protocol that is specific to the person, but also lets us know where they can expect to feel symptoms, that way, when they do, they do not have to feel any fear around it. I will give you an example. Let us say someone’s iris shows that they have a right leg weakness as seen in their eyes. I let them know that at some point during their detox, they will experience a short-term detox symptom in this area. This may look like temporary fatigue in the leg, or some light detox pain in the leg. This light detox pain feels different from regular pain one would experience. A detox pain often feels like a pulling pain as the lymph system pulls out acids from the tissues.

This temporary detox pain is pain with a purpose. This detox pain is the feeling of the literal action of the body removing cellular acidosis from deep within the leg tissue to be detoxed out of the body through the kidneys and colon. This pain usually will feel like a slight tugging pain, which feels completely different from a pain of a chronic condition getting worse (this is the normal pain experienced when eating a standard acidic diet and not detoxing). This detox symptom can last anywhere from a few minutes to 2-3 days at most! When you experience a detox symptom, the best course of action to take is not to panic, but to give yourself time to rest, relax, continue hydrating your body with alkalizing fresh fruit juices, utilize detox tools such as castor oil packs or herbal poultices, to help the area in its healing action, and place special care in supporting your channels of elimination (your kidneys and colon) with detox tools. After experiencing a detox symptom such as this, rejoice! Your body has gotten cleaner, stronger, and has taken many steps away from illness instead of walking towards it. This is how regeneration occurs. This is how diseases are healed. This is how future diseases are prevented.

This is how I teach my clients how to heal themselves. I teach them all about their body, the detox journey, what it will take to heal, and how to take their power back in working with the body towards true healing and vitality instead of against it.

If you are currently struggling with chronic health issues and have tried everything else to heal on your own, then it is time to detox! As a detox specialist, I see what your healing protocol should look like through the signs your body exhibits with your symptoms, your health history, your genetic family history, and the signs your eyes reveal through iridology. Analyzing your case is imperative in building the correct detox protocol to heal all the areas that need the most support on your healing journey. If you would like to work with me one-on-one in the healing of your health issues, go to: to book an appointment!

Until Next Time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.


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